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10 Games to Play with Students on Zoom App in 2022

As a teacher, finding ways to interact with your students can be quite difficult. Especially in this lockdown period, where the students are all cosy in their homes and many are reluctant to interact with you. Playing games on Zoom call might be a great way to get your student to interact, it will also help you with bonding with your students.

10 Fun games you can play on Zoom calls with your students:


Hangman is a classic word game played by many.  It’s very easy to play; the objective of the aim is to guess the word before the man is hung on the pole. You can make it more interesting by personalising the word to the students or you can just choose a word from your subject to make the learning experience more fun for your students.

Name Place Animal Things

This is a game most of us have played when we were kids. All you need to do is give out a random alphabet to your students and let them come up with a Name, Place, Animal and Thing starting with the given letter.  You can mark scores based on the uniqueness of the answers or give points to the student with the quickest solution.

Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades is a party game that is very famous all over India. The rules of the game are simple, the person has to act out a movie title given privately to them by the teacher and the rest of the class or the team they are assigned to. Maybe you can give it an educational twist by giving them an important word from your subject to help then learn better.

Bingo or Tambola

A popular game to play during festival gatherings, Tambola is a very fun way to bring out the competitive spirit of the students as all it requires for one to win is luck. You can tell your students to make tambola or bingo tickets for themselves and you can use a free random number generator with appropriate upper limits and use the numbers to play the game.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a very popular game among people. This time, you will play on video conferencing that sounds interesting. But you don’t have to take any bottle this time. You have to choose either truth or dare and other members give you tasks and you have to complete that task.

Word game

This one reminds you of your childhood days. You have to choose any of the categories like fruits, vegetables, animals and anything. The first person says the word like ”mango”, the second person says the word that begins with the last letter of the first word like ”orange”. This will go on like this. If you will not get any word at that moment, then you will be out of the game.

What if

In this game, you have to say ‘what if’ you go for a vacation and another person has to give an answer to this within 30 seconds. Definitely, this game makes you laugh a lot. It will add up more fun when you will play on video conferencing.

Guess the full form

This is a sort of brain game but you enjoy this game. The objective of this game is very simple, one person gives abbreviate words like’ FYI. The next person has to say a full form of that word. you use many such abbreviate words in your daily conversation. Not too tough to play, easy rules, and get to learn many new full forms.

Tell a story

Tell a story is an interesting game. You can play this game over the Jio meet app within a group. A person gives you some random words and you have to make a short story using those words within 30 seconds. Definitely, you will turn some funny stories.

Antakshari (the game of the ending letter)

Antakshari is a sort of singing competition. You might know this game. Rules are very simple, you have to form a group and divide the group into pairs or more that’s up to you. Each group picks a random letter like ‘A’ and sings a song on that letter. Next group will start to sing a song to pick the last sound of the previous song of the opposition group. Songs can’t repeat in this game. Usually, people don’t play that game over video conferencing but you can try that.

Final thoughts:

Hope this helps you interact with your students better and makes your zoom calls more fun. Stay Safe! And happy learning!

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