Who are India’s 10 Friendly and 5 Enemy Countries (2024)?

Our motherland, Bharat, that is, India is widely celebrated as a land rich in culture and heritage. Its diverse cultural tapestry is woven with a myriad of traditions, languages, art forms, and historical landmarks. India has been the cradle of ancient civilizations, giving birth to religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The country boasts a wealth of architectural marvels, including the iconic ancient temples, and vibrant palaces. The arts flourish through classical dance forms, music, and a flourishing film industry. India’s festivals, marked by colorful celebrations and rituals, showcase the cultural vibrancy that defines the nation. The country’s cultural richness is not only a source of pride for its people but also a testament to the diversity and resilience that characterize India’s heritage.

India is an advocate of non-violence, peace, and sustainable friendly relationship with all countries. India promotes the ideology of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ (the whole world is but one family). Thus, along with this ideology, India comes out to give all possible help to many countries in situations like a crisis, emergency war conditions and so on. In return, India gets the same response and help from those countries.

Due to globalization, countries can’t be completely self-reliant for goods, technologies, and other resources. Somehow, every country is interdependent for their interest. In this context, I remember the very famous statement of Henry A. Kissinger, former United States secretary of state: “There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests”.

India is surrounded by 2 hostile countries, Pakistan and China. To protest India’s interest, India always tries to keep the stronger friendly alliances either bilateral or non-bilateral. In this article, we are going to talk about the friendly countries of India that are always ready to help in the time of need. Whenever India falls into any problems, these friendly counties are always extend a helping-hand to India at the international and regional level in all possible ways.

Top 10 Countries that Have Friendly Relations with India

1. Bhutan

Bhutan is the only Asian nation who did not join China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) till now. This step of  Bhutan reflects his strong friendly support to India. Both countries share a harmonious relationship not only on the border but also in between governments. Every country has their own interests and priorities list. But this country has always served as a positive alliance to India. 

2. Israel

Apart from a bilateral alliance, India and Israel share a great bond and they are like true buddies. Whenever  our country needs any kind of help, Israel is always there for India. India and Israel both face a common threat; i.e., the threat of terrorism. There are various terrorist groups from neighboring countries which pose a threat to both these countries. These commonalities are the factors leading to the formation of alliance of these two countries.

3. France

India and France are getting closer to each other in the past few years. By using veto, France defends India at UNSC against China’s procedural games. France helps India in military tech weapons just like Rafale and consistently helps in economic and commercial trade. Presently, in such a critical situation of pandemic France sends medical assistance to help India to combat the covid-19. Also If you follow current affairs India’s current External Affairs Minister, Dr. S Jaishankar, has recently compared India–France relations to a brotherly bond, just as Lakshman was to Ram in the Ramayana scripture.

4. USA

The United States of America and India have conveyed the same interests in fostering global security, strength, and economic accomplishment through business, investment, and connectivity. The United States supports India’s emergence as a prominent global power and important partner in efforts to assure that the Indo-Pacific is an area of peace growing accomplishment. Currently India is getting medical help from the USA to fight the covid-19 pandemic.

5. Japan

Japan plays an important role in developing India’s infrastructural projects such as in the construction of metro, new industrial buildings and railways with help of their updated technologies. Economically, this country has given many loans for development projects to India. Even Japan is one of the countries who has major foreign direct investment in India. Both countries stand together in support against China.

6. Australia

India and Australia are active members of QUAD group with a shared objective to ensure and support a “free, open and prosperous” Indo-Pacific region. This is one of the countries to support India in various matters against China. Australia also extended their support to India in the race for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. 

7. Brazil

India and Brazil want to get permanent membership of the United Nations Security Councils and support each other in this subject. Both countries consider developing countries to be part of the UN Security Council, as the underlying philosophy of the two countries. By supporting each other both countries raised the matters related to the improvement in international trade and development, environmental issues, etc. in the United Nations security council. 

8. UK

After independence, India and Britain improved their alliance in political and economic spheres. Both are active members of international organizations such as the World Trade organization, Asian development banks and the commonwealth of Nations. Even the UK continuously endorses India in such pandemic situations of covid-19 with medical assistance.

9. Russia

Russia supports India on political issues like abolition of article 370 and many other issues also. Russia has invoked all military assistance that was earlier provided to China and has assured that Moscow will continue to supply military assistance to India.

10. Nepal

Nepal and India share a deep-rooted and historically significant friendship, marked by cultural, historical, and geographical ties. The open border, extensive people-to-people connections, and shared traditions contribute to a strong bond between the two nations. India has been a crucial ally for Nepal in various aspects, including economic assistance, trade, and security cooperation. Both countries collaborate on regional issues and work together in organizations like SAARC. Despite occasional challenges, the overall relationship reflects a spirit of camaraderie, mutual respect, and a commitment to fostering regional stability and development.

All these countries always express strong support to India in every possible way. Apart from these 10 countries, India also gets support from other countries such as Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Saudi Arabia and Canada almost every time. Still there is a long list of countries, due to clashes in their interest they weren’t able to get their place within top 10 India’s friendly country.

Top 5 Countries that Have Enemy Relations with India

  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Canada
  • Turkey
  • Bangladesh

If still you are confused this may help you understand better. Kindly check.

  • India’s Brothers and Sisters
    • Nepal (Brother)
    • Bhutan (Sister)
  • All Weather Friends
    • Russia
    • Israel
    • France (new member in the list)
  • Friends for Benefits (with India)
    • United States of America
    • European Union
    • Middle East
  • Friends of Compulsion (no other option)
    • China (trading benefits for China, Asia Stabilization)
    • Afghanistan (to counter Pakistan)
  • Good Friends
    • Japan
  • Complex relationship
    • Latin American countries (not much clarity on relations)
    • Canada (complex relationship, Khalistan issue)
  • Confusing relationship
    • Maldives
  • Just Friends (nothing more or less)
    • Bangladesh
    • Sri Lanka
    • South Korea
    • African Union
    • ASEAN countries
    • Australia
    • Central Asian countries
    • Caribbean Islands
  • Not So Good Friends
    • Turkey
  • Enemy
    • Pakistan (4 wars, terrorist attacks etc)
    • China (3 wars)
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