33 WhatsApp Fun Games: Play with Friends, Family, and Couples in 2024

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your conversation becomes boring, and you don’t have anything to talk about while chatting with your friends, family, or your boyfriend or girlfriend on WhatsApp?

Not sure about you, but I always run out of things to say during late-night chats. Then the whole conversation becomes boring and silent for a while.

But I have a solution to turn such dull conversations into fun, exciting, crazy, spicy, and entertaining ones. This can also strengthen your relationships with your friends, family, or partner. So, you must give them a try.

There are already some great games that we played in our childhood, such as ‘Number Games,’ ‘Truth or Dare,’ ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill,’ ‘Situations Game,’ and ‘Would You Rather Question Game,’ etc. All we are going to do is use WhatsApp features like text messages, photo-video sharing options, WhatsApp stories, voice notes, voice calls, video calls, etc., to play games on WhatsApp with your loved ones. So, whether you want to play games via chat or video call, we’ve got you covered.

P.S. You can play these WhatsApp games in English, Hindi, or any other language like Telugu and Tamil. To make your work easier, we have added some image templates with answers that you can also copy and paste.

Fun Games Ideas to Play on WhatsApp:

From text games to question and answer games, group activities, challenge games, and video call games, here is a list of fun WhatsApp games.

In this post:

  1. WhatsApp game ideas to play with a friend when bored

1) Guess The Character

This is a perfect WhatsApp game for movie buffs. Think of a character in your mind and give each other clues. If your friend or partner guesses it correctly, they get one point. If they cannot guess, they will have to perform a dare. Then, they will also give you some clues based on which you will have to guess the web series or movie character.

2) Dumb Charades

I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t like “Dumb Charades.” This game is usually played at social gatherings, parties, and picnics. This time, you will play it on the video-calling app with your loved ones. You have to mimic a movie’s name or dialogue, and the opposing group guesses the movie or dialogue.

3) Rapid Fire Game

There are two ways you can play this WhatsApp question-and-answer game. First, make a list of questions that you want to ask and shoot your questions to your friend who is your opponent in the game. The second way of playing this WhatsApp question-and-answer game is to message random words or names of things, objects, or places, and the other person has to tell you the first thing that comes to their mind upon reading it. This may sound like an easy game, but don’t take it lightly. Have you ever heard of the “Koffee with Karan” show? If not, google the controversies related to this show and watch it.

4) Know Me Better

How to make a WhatsApp group chat more fun? Try this icebreaker game called “Know Me Better.” I guarantee you, “Know Me Better” is one of the best games to play on WhatsApp with your friends or family. Talk about the past, childhood memories, and unforgettable moments. What are the good qualities of a best friend?

5) WhatsApp Story Status Challenge Game

WhatsApp stories are more than just sharing memories and wishing birthdays; they can also be used to play games. The WhatsApp Story Challenge is a trending game where you post tricky questions on your status. If someone views and replies with the wrong answer, they have to post the same challenge on their status. It’s a popular chain message game.

6) Emoji Translation Challenge or Emoji Guessing

Emojis are like a millennial language, adding emotions to plain text. In the Emoji Translation Challenge, you send emojis, and the other person decodes their meaning, such as movie names or celebrity names. It’s a tricky and trending WhatsApp game, also known as Emotional-Atyachaar in India.

7) Truth or Dare Game

If you want to uncover deepest secrets or have some fun, try the famous Truth or Dare game on WhatsApp. Take turns asking each other truth or dare questions, revealing secrets or engaging in entertaining dares. It’s a great way to get to know someone better or flirt with your crush.

8) Send a Video Challenge

Videos can convey emotions that text cannot. Play games with your friends on WhatsApp by sending videos. For example, challenge your friends to mimic a famous actor or perform a funny task. This video challenge brings laughter and instant joy.

9) Roleplay

Acting out roles with your partner can be a fun and exciting activity. Whether it’s something playful or more intimate, roleplaying adds a new dimension to your interactions. You can choose characters like Shrek and Fiona or simply explore different scenarios together.

10) Name, Place, Animal, Thing

This mind-boosting game requires speed and improves vocabulary. Starting with a letter, participants have to quickly come up with a name, place, animal, and thing that begins with that letter. It can be played through messaging or video calls, challenging each other’s knowledge and speed. Adapted from the classic game we played in school, it’s a nostalgic and engaging WhatsApp game.

11) Memory Games

You can also test the strength of your relationship by asking each other questions about each other. We’d just like to put out a disclaimer that if your partner doesn’t remember something, it doesn’t mean they don’t care; they may simply have a bad memory.

Some questions you can ask:

  • When was our first date?
  • When was our first kiss?
  • Where did we first meet?
  • What is the name of my first pet?

12) 20 Questions

20 Questions is a classic game that you can play virtually using WhatsApp. It’s based on the old TV game show “20Q.” Play this game with two players in a direct message or multiplayer in a WhatsApp group. The goal is to guess a place, person, or thing by asking only 20 yes-or-no questions. If the guessers can’t guess within 20 questions, they lose. If they guess correctly, they win.

13) Dance Party on Video Call

Dance Party is a fun activity you can enjoy with colleagues and family. To have a dance party on a video call, you can use props and decorate your backgrounds. Choose your favorite rock or hip-hop song and start dancing. It’s a great way to have a fun and interactive experience with your loved ones.

14) Antakshari

Antakshari is a popular lyrical game played during Indian functions like marriages. It’s a great way to unite and create lasting memories. To start the game, someone has to say “Baithe Baithe Kya Kare, Karna Hai Kuch Kaam, Shuru Karo Antakshari, Leke Prabhu/Rabb (God) Ka Naam.” The first song must start with the last letter of the previous word. There is no language barrier to play Antakshari. Use voice call, video call, or the audio recording feature of WhatsApp to record yourself singing the songs.

15) Sher-o-Shayari

‘Sher-o-Shayari’ is a simple yet nerve-wracking game to play on WhatsApp group chat. It’s especially popular among Indians and can be entertaining over text. You have to text your friend a Shayari (poem) of your own, and they have to respond with a Shayari that rhymes with yours. You can even set a time limit to make it more exciting.

16) Meme Challenge

Memes have become a popular form of communication, and you can play meme-based games with your friends on WhatsApp. Simply pick a viral scene or dialogue and create a meme that fits the current situation. The Meme Challenge is a recommended WhatsApp game for friends.

17) Kiss Marry Kill

Play the Kiss Marry Kill game with your friends on WhatsApp. Choose three people, such as mutual friends or celebrities, and have your opponents decide whom they would kiss, marry, or kill. Make it interesting by using confusing names or favorite actors/actresses.

18) Rock, Paper, Scissors

Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your family and friends on video calls. Enjoy this classic game and add fun punishments like dancing, changing profile pictures, or sharing something as a WhatsApp story. It’s a cool virtual game to play with friends.

19) What Would You Do (WWYD)

Challenge your friends on WhatsApp with the game “What Would You Do.” Present random situations and ask them how they would react if they were in that scenario. Test their imagination and enjoy their creative answers.

20) I Spy

Engage in the exciting game of “I Spy” on WhatsApp. Test your concentration and presence of mind by finding missing objects or identifying elements in a given picture. Share the game as a WhatsApp story challenge and see how your contacts respond.

21) Unscramble

Unscramble is a word game to play on WhatsApp. Send your friend a word with its letters scrambled and have them unscramble it. If they guess the word correctly, they score a point. It’s a fun way to challenge your friends’ word-solving skills.

22) What If…

Play the “What If…” game on WhatsApp. Present imaginary situations to your partner and ask them what they would do in that scenario. Laugh together at the absurdity and awkwardness of the situations.

23) Would You Rather

Play “Would You Rather” in a group chat on WhatsApp. Present your friends with two options and ask them to choose which one they would rather pick. Discover shared interests and have fun with the choices.

24) Confession Game

Play the Confession Game on WhatsApp with a trustworthy friend. Take turns revealing secrets about yourselves, starting with simple ones and gradually sharing deeper and darker secrets.

25) Tambola 

Enjoy the game of Tambola on WhatsApp. Generate tambola cards online and have a designated tambola master call out the numbers using a random number generator. Have fun playing this popular game during festivals and family gatherings.

26) Changing Profile Picture

The profile picture is a crucial aspect of our WhatsApp accounts as it leaves a lasting impression. Imagine the reaction of your friends when they see your DP missing! Alternatively, you can set a specific profile picture and have your friend guess your mood. This makes for a fun and enjoyable game. How to secure your WhatsApp account?

27) Changing ‘About’ Section

The ‘About’ section in WhatsApp is meant for writing something about yourself. However, it’s often used for thought-provoking quotes or emojis. Another creative way to use it is by adding commonly used words by your friends or partner and irritating them. You can also challenge other friends to guess the person based on the words you add to your ‘About’ section.

28) Fill In The Blanks

‘Fill In The Blanks’ is a simple yet fun WhatsApp question and answer game to play with friends. It helps you get to know each other better and enjoy when your friends complete your sentences. Just send a list of incomplete sentences with gaps represented by underscores, like this: “My favorite sport is ____.” The other participants fill in the blanks and complete the sentences.

29) General Knowledge

General Knowledge is a fun game and a personal favorite pastime. You can ask mathematical or logical questions to test intelligence and thinking capabilities, enhancing critical thinking skills. Playing this game in a group with two different teams adds excitement. If your friend takes time to reply, here’s a trick to catch cheaters: they might be searching for the answers online.

30) Math Dare

Math Dare is a mind game to play with friends on WhatsApp. It challenges your calculation skills and keeps you engaged. Start by giving simple math problems to each other and gradually increase the difficulty level.

31) Riddles

Riddles are entertaining mind games to play with friends on WhatsApp. Exchange mind-twisting questions that are challenging to decipher but seem easy once answered. The person who solves the most riddles within a specified time limit wins. It’s a fun and challenging WhatsApp game.

32) Virtual Movie Trivia

Movie Trivia is a simple quiz game based on your knowledge of movies. Ask each other questions related to movies, such as the director, music director, or the actor who played a specific character. It sparks a competitive spirit and provides great entertainment.

33) Puzzles

Puzzles are engaging games that capture everyone’s interest. Simply provide a puzzle to the group, and the first person to solve it earns points. Puzzles can range from finding differences in images to riddles.

WhatsApp Games to Play with Friends

We hope this list helps you have more fun with your partner, especially during times like these. Just remember that these games are meant to be played with an open mind.

WhatsApp allows you to add anyone to a group unless they have restricted group additions. So, you can save random numbers, create a group with your friend, and start adding those random numbers. The game works by assigning points whenever someone adds a number to the group. If someone leaves the group without sending a message, the person who added them loses points. Be cautious before trying this game. If you need help choosing a group name, here are some cool WhatsApp group name ideas for family, friends, and colleagues.

WhatsApp Games to Play with Family Members For Entertainment

During this lockdown period, we have had to limit our interactions with loved ones. Due to commitments like working from home and online classes, we might not be spending enough time with our family and having fun like before.

Today, we bring you some popular WhatsApp games to play with your family, to reconnect and have fun together. Give these games a try and let us know which ones you enjoyed the most. HAVE FUN!

WhatsApp Games for Couples: Games to Play with Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend with Examples

WhatsApp has become the ultimate app for couples to stay connected and have fun together. If you’re seeking some romantic, adventurous, or even naughty games to play with your partner, look no further. Get ready to ignite the spark and deepen your bond with these engaging fun game ideas.

How to Play Games on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the widely used messaging app available for both Android and iOS, making it the most preferred platform for many users. Its instant messaging, group messaging, and video calling features make it an excellent platform for playing games while lying in bed or traveling. We have thoroughly explored WhatsApp’s features to provide an answer to your question, “How to play games on WhatsApp?” We have discovered ten different ways to play games on WhatsApp with your friends, family, or loved ones. Follow along to try out these games and learn how to play on WhatsApp. You can utilize WhatsApp’s texting, voice calling, and video calling features to create your own unique gaming experiences.

1. Games via Text: Text messages don’t have to be boring. You can have fun while texting by playing games like Truth & Dare or Kiss Marry Kill. These question games can help strengthen your bond with the person you’re playing with. Additionally, if you have a group of friends, you can come up with your own game that can be played through WhatsApp texts.

Learn a trick to send a message on WhatsApp without typing or touching your phone screen.

2. Games on Video Calls: Video calls on WhatsApp remain one of the easiest and most accessible features. You can play games with your family over video calls. For example, you can ask your sibling to make faces or play a game of “reading faces,” where you have to guess their thoughts based on their expressions. Remember to prioritize your safety and privacy while engaging in online gaming.

Final Words:

I hope these games will help you break the ice and make conversations more interesting. These games are designed to strengthen your connection and add excitement to your relationship. So grab your phone, invite your partner, and let the fun begin!

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