Top 10 Qualities of a Good, Caring & Supportive Friend

Every relation in this world begins with the pious relationship of ‘Friendship.’ Friendship is the firm pillar of understanding and trust which no one could break, not even in the most tormenting situations in life. They are the ones who stay along during times when no one finds you easy to understand or accept.

No.1 quality of a good friend is “he/she should be there when you need it. There is a very popular quote that suits this “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” But there are certain other character traits that must be shared to form the bonds of good and true Friendship. 

We make a true friend by chance, not by choice. Most of us make friendship as we make our daily rounds; we encounter people we like and, when the feeling is mutual, Friendship develops. It is not possible to find a friend with 100 qualities because no person is perfect. If we are looking for 100 qualities in a friend, then it is our stupidity.

Based on human nature and the most valued attributes one nurtures with emotions and love, we concluded 10 promised qualities of a friend.

Top 10 Traits Of A Good Friend

Understanding in Friendship

We go through many phases in life. The situations and surroundings are never obedient or sincere to the plans in our life. The best part of the worst situation is the person who stands beside us, forgetting the various rituals and customs life follows.

The whose only concern revolves around our mental peace, the reason why they understand us the best. They have the innate power to read our mind, which is observed often that they already know what we might say or ask even before we say or had a deep thought about the subject – it’s often related to the word telepathy.

Honesty in Friendship

Among the most common traits, honesty is the one real feature present in all. Best friends are the ones who always stay true to us and also speak the truth about the various subjects we are dealing with in life. The best people in our lives are the ones who always talk about the truth to us, even when the truth is bitter.

Their intentions are never manipulative; they never hide things and pull curtains to create a short happy period for us. Most of us in life do love the one who pleases us with their sugar-coated words. We love the feeling, but we don’t judge their actual intentions.

But the one who praises us at our best helps us realize when we are wrong, even when the words are painful, which we don’t want to listen to, but they, in turn, save us from the most devastating situations. This only our best friend can do!

Loyalty & Trust

In every relationship, loyalty and trust go hand in hand. Best friends are the ones whom you can express and speak about everything without being judged or having that fear in mind that your secrets are not safe. We genuinely love to depend on and get attached to them because of their qualities that build comfort for us.

The best person in life supports us with enormous space to express our dreams, desires, fears, confessions freely, and many other things in life. They love us no matter what we think and are the best ones to enjoy the most fun things that happened in life, from diarrhea to going on a date with a crush. That makes one feel that we are never alone in any bad situation in life; our best friend is always protecting us behind our back.

Quality of Accepting

Their nature is like they always accept us the way we are; they don’t ask us to change our look or attire. For them, our choices are as important as their perspectives and preferences. They know what makes us happy, which nourishes the ever-growing bond.

Humor, Fun, and Adventure

These are the most lovely attributes of the kindest person in life – ‘Best friend’ who paints our life with colors of joyful memories and happy moments to cherish throughout life. Without this person, there would have no midnight doorbells on our birthdays, no festivals would have been so exciting, and even the family trips would have been so incomplete. Childhood is the most adorable part of life. A best friend is the most compatible human being life gifts a person, and one should always make the kind soul happy and content.

Respectful in Friendship

That one friend who makes the most fun of you is the one who loves and respects you the most. Every relation must have a mutual and cordial bond of respect. This brings maturity to deal with the situation as both perspectives and points of view are equally thought about. This, in turn, results in the fast process of decision making and settlement of complicated matters.

Caring Quality

Caring Friendship itself is a relation of emotions and attachment where being caring is a natural phenomenon. It grows more with age as the situations bring those challenges where life craves a support system. The ones with their best friends need not have to worry, as they will never make them feel emotionally drained and alone. Apart from family, if an individual gets care from another person, it reduces depression, mental stress, and anxiety.

Listens to You

These days there are very few ones who would sit beside you and listen to your problems. To get a person who listens to you is a blessing; if you have got such an extraordinary individual in life, never let him or her go.

I remember certain days in school, I was in Class X, and before my board exams, I did terrible in my pre-test. I was terrified to share this problem with my parents, and there were all evil thoughts in my mind, but it was my best friend who gave me the courage to fight the situation and come out of it. This is a very small matter, but in life, many good and bad things happen, but one alone can’t deal with it; we all need someone to share our problems with.


A best friend is undoubtedly that person in every person’s life who is sympathetic and generous in all ways. This person feels most for you and can go beyond limits to protect from people and situations.

Never Judge

Our best friend never judges us. They always encourage us to experiment with something new in life, be it a career, relation, or anything. They never discourage our ideas and thoughts and always motivate us with positive attitudes and optimistic beliefs.

How to be real or True friend

“Always be mindful of the kindness and not the fault of others.”


Do you ever think What Real friends mean? True friends don’t always mean that people with you laugh and cry.

I have close friends that I can count on fingers. Yes, you heard it right!! Friends with whom I can talk anytime for my sake, peace and time pass. They are present most of the time when I need them. When they are happy and high, I celebrate with them. When they fall, I pull my hands up them. My life is richer because of my friends.

Isn’t it looking fabulous and mesmerizing? Yes, it will but it’s not that much easy, it hasn’t all been an easy ride. For example, one of my friends is my roommate. It was my first day inside the hostel and for the first time, I was going to live far from my parents for my Graduation. He was coming out of the class when I first met him. When my parents dropped by in Hostel, he was the first to call me upstairs in another guy’s room (as we did not know each other and everyone was new there). Four people were standing on the balcony and laughing out loud. We interacted with each other and came to know that He is my roommate from now on. I used to sit alone in the room and never talk much with my roommate. Then many friends started coming for chit chat, then we became friends. Time passed and we came to know about each other very much and the 1st-year result came and I got a backlog and I got depressed. Then a turning point came where he lifted me and said I’ll help you to clear your exam (I fell, he lifted me). This became the turning point where we attached our bed and started sharing our things and got closer. There were bad days when we fought a lot but you know what kept us together, the understanding and some compromises from both sides.

Guess what? Graduation has been completed. It’s been 4 years and I’m still having him by my side.

What is the secret of attracting new friends?

It’s not always that what we do is what attracts friends, it’s how we think. Changing our mindset towards each other is what attracts new friends.

I have listed down some key points to attract new friends:

  • Actively listen to them
  • Go out the way to help when they need you
  • Release grudges asap
  • Make their rough days better
  • Know their interests

Poem by Galway Kinnell:

…sometimes it is necessary
To reteach a thing its loveliness,
To put a hand on its brow
Of the flower
And retell it in words and touch
it is lovely
until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing

This poem shows us what it means to be a good friend. We need to get back to our friends in love, in words and intimate.

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