Top 10 Best Cafés in Hyderabad For Photoshoot & Breakfast

Cafés have seen a healthy rise in popularity over the past decade. Young adults and many business professionals choose to relax in a cosy café over going to the cinemas. Even teenagers have started making some cafés their ‘adda’/ hangout spot.

‘So what makes these cafés so appealing?’ you may ask. It’s not just the coffee or the food that brings back people, the ambience of the café also plays a big factor in attracting people. So today we bring you a list of 10 must-visit peaceful instagrammable cafés in Hyderabad.

Honourable mentions; Starbucks and Café Coffee day. Even though they are incredibly popular and are consistent in their quality, both the outlets are huge multinational giants, which makes it harsh for the great local Cafés to compete with them.


Located in Jubilee Hills Concu is an amazing bakery Café. The cakes and snacks are highly rated by many on various review sites. The European vibe the bakery gives will stick in your mind forever. The burgers and pasta at this place are to die for. The menu is moderately priced but considering what they offered, it is definitely worth it.

Chit Chat Chai

Well, we’re kinda cheating a bit here but Chit Chat Chai also serves Coffee so it is technically a Café. The place is known for its availability of a huge variety of Tea. Apart from Tea, the place has some amazing food options that will surely make your mouth water. Located in Jubilee Hills this chai place offers great ambience and a menu that will embarrass even restaurants.

Autumn Leaf Cafe

One of the most pleasant-looking  Cafés in Hyderabad, the Autumn Leaf Cafe is a garden cafe where you can enjoy amazing food with peace and quiet of nature.  The menu offers various cuisines you can enjoy with a cup of coffee. Next time you want a peaceful date, just take your date to this place and I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

The Roastery Coffee House

The Roastery Coffee House is a bungalow turned coffee shop. The ambience of this place is great, it goes for a chill vibe which it pulls off effectively. I’d say this is perfect for a date night with someone you like, the peacefulness of the place will give you a great chance of getting to know each other better, and the great quality food that you’ll get will surely amplify your experience.

Coffee Cup

This is a great and affordable place for you to hang out with your friends. Located in Sainikpuri Secunderabad, this is a fun place with lot6 of food options that will cater all of your friends’ food cravings. The food is great and the place is always buzzing. The next time you and your friends need a place to chill, be sure to check this out.

Chai Kahani

Chai Kahani is a great place to relax. The touch of nature and Indian undertone in the ambience of the place makes it a must-visit cafe. The cafe has different branches in Hyderabad, all of them amazing at what they do. The Ginger tea there is very famous and is highly rated. Next time you have a late-night Chai craving be sure to check this place out.

Karachi Cafe

The Karachi Cafe in Gachibowli is very popular. The place is worth visiting just for the rustic ambience. It is an absolutely gorgeous place to sit down and have a cup of coffee. The Italian food on the menu there is delicious and you’ll never get enough of the pasta there. The food and the visuals just make it an overall wonderful cafe experience.

Cafe Graffiti

One of the most lively and buzzing cafes on the list Cafe graffiti is a great place for you to hang out with your friends. You can go there for small parties or just to have a great time. The Extra Thick Milkshakes and Burgers there will leave you asking for more. And the prices here are reasonable and every rupee you’ll spend here is worth it.

The Gallery Cafe

Another Really pretty cafe on this list, The Gallery Cafe is a place that is suitable for almost any kind of meeting; it is great if you just want to have fun with your friends, a nice meal with your work colleagues or just have a fun time with that special someone in your life. The food here is great and the prices are affordable.

Beyond Coffee

Beyond coffee is a wonderful place with both indoor and outdoor dining available; you can choose to experience the calm aesthetic on the inside or just spend some time outside with a gentle breeze hitting you. The European food on the menu is yummy and it’s a great place to visit with family.

Final thoughts:

After everything gets settled down in Hyderabad be sure to check out these places. We know that you and your friend might still love your regular hangout spot more than these cafes, but I’m sure after visiting these cafes you’ll have a difficult time making your mind up about where to go. Have fun!

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