Please pay an amount you are comfortable with; an amount you believe is the fair price for the content you have consumed to date.

FAQs about the payments:

Do you provide 80G certificate?

As explained above, we are a private limited company and we are not seeking donations, hence there is no 80G certificate i.e. your contributions are not tax-deductible. The entire process is like going through a ‘bypass-able paywall’ for accessing our content. Your contribution is booked as revenues in our accounts and we pay GST for that.

Do you provide invoices?

Our payment partners (Paytm or any UPI) would send you invoices on our behalf as soon as a successful payment is made. The same is recorded on our end too. If for some reason you need an invoice in a different format, say a GST compliant invoice with more details, please reach out to us via email at [email protected].

Do you provide refunds?

No. We are asking you to pay for content already consumed, so there are no refunds or cancellations applicable on one-time payments.

Would you return my money if I no longer support you?

We are sorry to have disappointed you, and we’d encourage you to write to us so that we see your point of view. However, we can’t return your earlier payment as those were in lieu of work already done by us at the time you made the payment. We ask people to make a payment only if they are happy with our past work.

I want to make regular contributions. Do you have subscription or membership plans?

Thank you for considering us worthy of your regular patronage. Right now, we don’t have subscription or membership plans.

I want to make a direct payment. What are your bank account details?

We will update our bank details soon here.

Is there any other way to offer monetary support to you? Do you accept cash?

The ways and modes of payments mentioned on this page are the only official ways through which we accept payments. Please don’t pay anyone in cash claiming to represent us or don’t transfer money online to any UPI ID or bank account advertised anywhere else on the internet as belonging to CountShout or its holding company.

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