11 Best (How-to) Ways to Annoy a Jealous Person in 2024

We all have someone in our lives who is jealous of us. No matter how well you treat them, they end up being jealous of you. Jealousy is a negative trait that leads to the ruining of relationships. Besides, it brings forth negativity in our lives. You also have someone who is jealous of you, don’t you? No matter how much you try to make things right, a person is always jealous. I am pretty sure you are irritated by that. Do you want to irritate that jealous person? We have got you covered. Here we have gathered the best ways to annoy jealous people. Keep scrolling.

1) Doing what they are jealous of

Let’s start with a simple thing. There are many times where people get jealous of basic things. Make them more jealous. For example, students get jealous of each other because of their differences in marks, and it ruins friendships. But here is what you do to annoy that person who is jealous of your marks: study and practise even harder and get as many marks as possible. There is nothing you can do to stop making the other person jealous, but what you can do is be better. Similarly, whatever the other person is jealous of, do that in a far better way, don’t distract yourself. This will annoy the hell out of that person.

2) Play practical jokes

Here is one of the best things you can do to annoy a person. Just play silly and harmless pranks. Here are a few:

  • Take a rubber snake and throw it in front of them. Trust me, you will be able to see them scared as hell and jumping all around the place.
  • If the person who is jealous of you lives nearby, just go in front of their door and knock a few times, then hide. Make sure they don’t see you. Do it a few more times.
  • Fill an envelope with glitter and drop it in his or her mailbox. Write ‘urgent’ on top of the envelope and just hide. See the person open the envelope and get covered in glitter.

3) Act like they are unknown

One of the best things you can do to annoy a person who is jealous of you is acting as if you don’t know the person. When you are gathered in a group and that jealous person is present, pretend like you don’t know them at all, and that he or she is a complete stranger to you.

4) Be friends with their friends

If you want to annoy a jealous person, go ahead, and interact with all of his or her best friends. Get to know them and try to be as close as possible. Do this and you will see that specific person burning out of jealousy. Try this to annoy your roommate.

5) Be friends

Here is a very unlikely thing you can do. Be friends with the person who is jealous of you. Talk to him or her more than you usually do and boast about all the things the person is jealous of. He or she will be so annoyed. Keep his or her expressions on track and, trust me, you will start to enjoy them. Here are a few other things that you can do to annoy your friend.

6) Just flaunt your way out

Find out what that person is jealous of and flaunt it as much as possible. For instance, if your neighbour is jealous of your brand-new car, park the car in his or her parking spot when he or she is not around. When asked, say that you did not notice it and made a mistake. This will get on his or her nerves.

7) Show all the attitude you have stored throughout the years

The least you can do to annoy a jealous person is by getting an attitude towards him or her. Not that attitude is a good trait, but jealousy isn’t as well. This will definitely annoy the person. Do not forget to be down to earth and be normal with people who are good to you.

8) Sabotage them in a group

If a person, who belongs to the same friends’ group as you do, is jealous of you, here is a way of sabotaging them. invite over the friends’ group and intentionally exclude the person who is jealous of you. Later, do not forget to post a group selfie on your social media handles.

9) Crop that person out of an image and post it

Do you have a picture with a person who is jealous of you? If yes, then here is your cue. Take that picture and crop that jealous person out and then post it on all your social media handles. He or she will be so annoyed when he or she sees it. This is one of the funniest and harmless things you can do to make that person even more jealous. I think this trick will work if you want to annoy your brother or annoy your sister.

10) Sabotage his or her image on social media with a comment

If you have a person in your life who is very jealous of you, start sabotaging comments. Get yourself an anonymous account and comment weird and irritating things in the comment section of that person’s posts. You can also ask someone else to do it.

11) Give out his or her phone number

Many times, you have seen people from different organisations asking for your number. After giving the number, all they do is make a telemarketer call you, or in short, irritate you. When these organizations ask for your phone number, give them the number of that person, who is envious of you. He or she will be so irritated after getting all these spam calls. And try these tricks if you are looking for ideas to annoy your neighbour.

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