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21 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbours Legally in 2024

Mostly, neighbours are friendly. They put forward a helping hand in need and can prove to be very good friends. But, yes, there is always a but, there are also neighbours that make your blood boil. They make noise all the time, do not mow their lawns, seem to throw utensils all the time, and walk too loudly. There are also neighbours who let their pets go free to poop in front of your door. Are you really tired of your neighbour? Worry less because we have got your back. We have gathered 21 legal and harmless ways to annoy and get revenge on a bad neighbor. Go ahead and read it. It’s payback time.

Turn up the music to its highest volume and enjoy!

Late at night, turn up the music on your speaker. And if you have a karaoke machine, it will do wonders. Sing songs aloud on your karaoke machine.

Let your dog bark all day

If you have a dog, then here is an idea. Let your dog bark as loudly as he or she can. Your neighbours will be so annoyed and disturbed.

Park your car in their parking spot

Park your car in your neighbour’s parking spot and watch them get super annoyed. When they ask, just tell them that you got confused and made a mistake.

Mow your lawn early in the morning

If you have a lawn, mow your lawn early in the morning. The noise will annoy the hell out of your irritating neighbours, trust me.

Order a pizza at their address

Here is a prank you can play on them. Order a few boxes of pizza at their house address (do not pay for them). They will be shocked and will obviously refuse to pay for it. If they don’t take it, just take it for yourself, because no one wants to waste food (except your irritating neighbour).

Take your pet in front of their door and let it do its work.

If you have a pet, then you need to do this. Take your pet on a walk and let them do their job in front of the neighbour’s door. Their house will stink, and while going out they might as well step on it.

Ring the doorbell multiple times

This is a very fun prank you can play on them. Kids do this a lot. Ring their doorbell and hide. When they open the door, they will be so confused. Don’t do this more than 2 or 3 times, otherwise they will know it’s you.

Walk very fast and thrash your feet on the floor to make noise

If your neighbour lives downstairs, all you need to do to annoy them is make very loud noises while walking. Stomp your feet hard on the ground.

Bang that ceiling with a mop

And if your neighbour lives upstairs, here is what you can do. Take a mop with a big handle and just bang the ceiling with it. When asked, just say you were cleaning your house.

Play football in your room

If your annoying neighbour lives underneath your apartment, buy a football and bounce it continuously on the ground, and when asked, just say you were practising for a friendly match you are participating in.

Make the ants attack their place

Here is one of the funniest pranks you can play on your annoying neighbours. Place a trail of sugar in front of your neighbour’s door and let the ants appreciate it.

Steal flowers from their garden

If you want flowers to decorate your house or to gift your significant other, pluck as many flowers as you can from their garden and make sure they don’t find who it was.

Throw a very loud party

no matter where your neighbour’ house is (upstairs, downstairs, beside), throw a bash party and do not forget to make noise. Trust me, they will be so freaking annoyed.

Steal their newspaper

Here is the most epic and ideal way to really annoy your neighbours. Just steal their newspaper every day, even if you don’t want to read it.

Put some petroleum jelly on the doorknob

The funniest thing you can do is put some petroleum jelly on your neighbour’s doorknob. Your neighbour will get inside the house with quite an unpleasant surprise. Not only will it be greasy and sticky, but it will also be hard to open the door.

Borrow stuff from your neighbours continuously

If you want to annoy your neighbour, knock on their doors at weird hours and ask if you can borrow some coffee, salt, sugar, etc.

Dirty their lawn

If you want to annoy your neighbours, blow leaves from your lawn onto theirs, or pick up all the trash from your lawn and throw it over to theirs (make sure you do this when they are not at home).

Be the peeping-tom

Place a telescope by your window and make sure your neighbours see it. They will think you are peeping inside their house, and they will be very irritated.

Put some rubber snakes on their lawn

This prank might be a tad bit dangerous, but you can still go for it. Place a rubber snake on their lawn and wait till they see it and record their reaction. This will be funny as hell.

Use the SMELL weapon by cooking something awful

If you see your neighbour’s windows are open, then cook something and make sure it smells very, very bad. They will go mad over the smell, trust me.

Sign up your neighbours for junk mail

Sign up your annoying neighbour for junk mail with their name and address. Relax and watch them freak out because of their overflowing mailbox.

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