Top 11 Qualities of a good sister

Do you have siblings? Do they consider you as a good sister? As annoying as siblings are, you still can’t stop loving them. Being a good sister does not require economical status or social status. All it needs are a few qualities. Not that humans can be perfect, but we have gathered 11 qualities which are the most essential ones for being a good sister, and these qualities will strengthen the bond with your sibling strongly. After all, siblings are the only family after our parents, and not only that, but they are also our best friends in times of need.

Sisters are supportive

A good sister should always support her brothers or sister. The sister should be the biggest supporter of their siblings’ goals and dreams. The sister should be the greatest cheerleader and should support the siblings through thick and thin. Always remember that, after your parents, your bro or sis needs your support the most. In some cases, they need support from you more than they do from their parents.

Sisters are active listeners

A good sister always listens to her siblings. Just like a best friend, a sister will always listen to siblings about their heartbreaks, stories, and crushes. We all need someone to listen to our rants about our day. Always make time for your siblings, hear them out and never pass judgment. A person never wants to be judged by someone who he or she loves. Never pretend to listen to your sibling.

Sisters are trustworthy

A good sister is always trustworthy. A sister should always make sure that her siblings trust her. If you want to be a better sis prove that you are trustworthy. Always keep their secrets safe and never betray them. remember to not reveal or discuss their things with other family members without their permission. Treat your siblings’ personal life like the way you want them to treat yours.

Sisters are honest

A good sister is always honest with her siblings. A good sister is never afraid of telling her siblings the truth and is always upfront. Your siblings need to know that you will correct them whenever they are wrong. Always make sure that you speak the truth, no matter how harsh it is. You are the only family member who can put your siblings in the right direction in terms of their personal matters.

Sisters never compete

A good sister never competes with their siblings. There are siblings who frequently sacrifice their own dreams in order for the other to succeed. Always make sure that your sister and brother do not see you as their rivals, and neither do you. Always be happy with their achievements, no matter how small they may be. Their success should be your success too. Never let anyone compare your siblings with you.

Sisters are forgiving

A good sister is always forgiving. Always make sure that your heart does not dwell on rage and anger. It will bring no good. If you are angry at your siblings, scold them, don’t talk to them for a while but always remember to forgive them. Do not hold grudges. Think about when you were their age and what you would have wanted if you had committed the same mistake. 

Sisters are caring

A sister always cares for her siblings. Sisters are known for their innocent and caring hearts. Always make sure that you are there when your sister or brother falls sick. Take care of them in times of need and let them know that even if the world does not care, you do. A sister should never be bothered to sacrifice things to care for her siblings.

Sisters are patient and understanding

A good sister is always patient and understands her siblings. As a sister, you must be patient and try to understand your brother or sister to the best of your ability. Misunderstandings and arguments are sometimes unavoidable, but never forget to maintain your calm. Being calm will resolve issues easily. Understand them because not everyone in the world does and it must be hard for them.

Sisters are role models

A sister is always a good role model. Always make sure that the deeds you do inspire them. Everyone needs a role model to set their expectations in life. If you are the eldest, you most probably did not have one, but make sure that your siblings have you to look up to. Always be responsible so that your siblings grow up to be responsible adults as well.

Sisters are the second mother

A sister is always like a second mother. After your mother, you are the woman who will look after your siblings, teach them values, and make sure they grow up to be good human beings. Always put them in the right direction. It is the best quality of a sister to be a second mother to her siblings.

Sisters are loyal

A good sister is always loyal. As a sister, always make sure that you support your siblings. Never forget to stand by them in times of need. Don’t be just loyal when you guys agree but also when it is hard to get on the same terms. If they are wrong, support them in front of everyone and correct them when you are alone. If you disagree with your sibling, explain to your brother or sister your point of view and tell them that you are still there for them. Being loyal creates a safe space for siblings.

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