10 Best TAYLOR SWIFT Songs Which Make a Girl Go Crazy!

Taylor Swift, one of the best singers and songwriters in history, makes songs and creates stories that most of us can relate to. She is best known for her cheesy love and badass feminist lyrics. All the songs she writes are mostly inspired from her personal experiences, which makes her songwriting very honest and relatable to all of us.

Taylor swift has 9 studio albums which won her 10 Grammys, 9 Academy of country music awards, 24 American music awards, 23 Billboard music awards and many more!!!

She has songs for every type of person. Some of her songs are therapeutic, some are revolutionary, some are educating, some are heartbreaking and some will make us fall in love.

Here are the top 10 Taylor swift songs that will make us all go crazy and make us appreciate her as a lyrical genius and an incredible singer.

10) STYLE (1989)

Style is an upbeat sad love song that makes the sad part of heartbreak, memorable and remarkable. Taylor confirmed the song was about Harry Styles in her 2014 interview with Rolling Stone. It has a beautiful inner meaning of finding one’s true self through experience.  It is taken from her fifth studio album, 1989.

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Even though she had bigger hits on this album, this song stands out to be very special because it is full of style. A huge amount of teenagers can relate to this song as it talks about how a relationship can be fragile and tentative and yet somehow meaningful.


Dear John is a heartbreak song that shows the most vulnerable side of Taylor, where she loved an older man who took her love for granted and never gave her the love she deserved. She admitted that this song took her the longest to write. This song still makes many of us cry and remains one of the saddest songs.

But this is not a song where she just feels sad about the heartbreak and pain, but how she got herself out of that mess and put herself first. She writes about how she took his matches (symbolizing emotional manipulation) before fire could catch her. This strong message is what keeps this song alive even after 11 years!


You Belong with Me is a teenage love song, where a girl loves a guy, but that guy is with someone else, who doesn’t deserve his love. The girl who loves the guy is very shy and an introvert who never plans on confessing but eventually the guy finds out because he realizes that the girl he’s with is not treating him right. It is a very catchy song which millions love.


You need to calm down is one of her latest hits from the album lover. This song brings up many important topics like equality, LGBTQ+ rights and feminism. She also ended her feud with pop star Katy Perry featuring her in this music video. Along with her Ryan Reynolds , Ellen deGeneres, Adam Lambert and Hayley Kiyoko.

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6) BLANK SPACE (1989)

Blank space is a very interesting upbeat song, which Taylor wrote to portray a character that the media has created about her, a woman who can’t be in a stable relationship. The music video of this song was shot in Oheka Castle. She wrote this song from the perspective of the media who treated her like a serial dater, who only wrote songs about her ex-boyfriends for getting emotional revenge. But, she is much more than that!!

5) SHAKE IT OFF (1989)

Shake it off is one of the catchiest songs in history. This song is about not giving attention to haters who hate on her for no apparent reason. Shake it off means get back up and keep trying. This song helped many to shake off all the negativity that comes their way and embrace themselves.


The Man is a song that screams feminism and equality. Taylor, in this song, brings up how a man and woman are understood differently for the exact same gestures and actions. She once told in an interview that it is so unfair how different vocabulary is used for men and women in different places. For example, if a man does something it’s strategic and if a woman does the same thing it’s calculated. She even called out Scooter Braun in this song about how Big Machine was allegedly holding her master recordings hostage. This song is definitely a favorite for all the swifties.

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Look what you made me do is the most legendary Taylor Swift song. This is the song where she snapped at Kanye west for how he pushed her off the limits to call him out. The dark side of herself that she revealed makes this song so special.


The title track of her 7th studio album lover is the kind of song that fills up your stomach with millions of butterflies. This song is a very romantic song she wrote and sang for the man she loves. This is probably one of the cheesiest love lyrics ever.


“All too well” is the best Taylor Swift song!!

This song is full of emotion and nostalgia. She talks about a past love interest of hers and how she remembers every single second of it all too well. She relives those memories they made through this song. This song is a lyrical genius and nostalgic which hits close to home to many. The beautiful lyrics of this song really paint a picture of how beautiful her love story was.

Haters and lovers can all agree that Swift has set the bar for musicians of our world. There are many other Taylor Swift songs that are very beautifully written and sung. But the above mentioned one is top 10 for many.

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