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19 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate

Roommates are one of our unchosen families. They are not only present physically but also emotionally. From eating breakfast to giving each other a pep talk at 3 AM, roommates are one of the best things. No matter how much time you spend with each other, you can’t get enough of it. But sometimes you also feel like annoying the hell out of your roommate, don’t you now? Are you wondering about ways to annoy your roommate? We have got you. Here we have gathered the 19 best ways you can annoy your roommate and make his or her life a living hell. Go ahead and read on.

Replace the alarm clock with yours

If you want to annoy your roommate, replace his or her alarm clock with yours. His or her schedule will be all messed up and he will be late.

Make food for just yourself

Make some breakfast, lunch, or dinner for yourself, and when your roommate is about to take some for himself or herself, throw it in the garbage bin. Then he or she will have to make some for himself or herself again.

Put some powder on the ceiling fan

When your roommate is away. Put some talcum powder on his or her ceiling fan. When he or she comes back home and turns on the fan, he or she will be completely covered in powder.

Apply nail polish to their soap

If you really, really want to annoy your roommate, here is what you can do. Paint your roommate’s soap with nail polish. When he or she is about to use it, he or she will definitely go nuts.

Say that your parents will come over for a week or two

Tell your roommate after a tiring day that your parents want to come up and stay for two weeks, and see him or her freak out.

Lock the door when he or she goes to the bathroom

When your roommate goes into the bathroom to take a shower, you remove her towel and lock the door. He or she will be super annoyed.

Go to Netflix and log out of all devices

If your roommate and you share the same Netflix account, log out of all devices and change the password. Wait and see him or her freak out.

Just call him or her from the next room

If you randomly want to talk to your roommate at any time and he or she is not there, instead of going to his or her room, just call him or her and ask if he or she can come to your room because you have something urgent to talk about, and when he or she does, just start talking about random things.

Follow them all around the house

Here is the most epic way you can try if you want to annoy your roommate: follow them all around the house, even into his or her bedroom. Trust me, he or she will be so annoyed.

Just moo whenever your roomie calls you by your name

Whenever your roommate calls you by your name, instead of replying, just moo. And do this every time. Trust me, he will be so freaking annoyed.

Wake him up early in the morning

If you, by any chance, get up at around 4 or 5 in the morning and your roommate is not an early riser, wake him or her up, grin and say, “good morning, sunshine”. He will go mad, trust me.

Talk to your imaginary friend when he or she is around

Whenever your roommate is around, just talk to yourself and whenever he or she asks, just tell him or her that you are talking to your imaginary friend. You will be able to see the disgust on his face.

Eat all his food

Whenever your roommate orders some food for himself or herself and stores it in the fridge, eat it all, and when asked, just say that you were hungry. Stealing food is extremely annoying. You will definitely see him or her freaking out.

Unplug the wires of electronics when he or she is using them

Next time your roommate is playing video games and you have an urge to annoy him, simply unplug the wires of the TV or any of the electronics he or she is using. He or she will go nuts.

Steal all your roommate’s clothes

Borrow your roommate’s clothes and never return them. Never. If she is a girl, borrow her costly makeup products and return them only when you have used all of them.

Dirty his/her room and disrupt your roomie’s peace

This is one of the best ways to annoy your roommate. If he or she has recently cleaned his or her room, what you can do is clean your room and collect all the dirt and throw it away in his or her room. He/she will have to clean once again.

Throw tissues all around his or her room

A very gross thing you can do to annoy your roommate is, act like you have bad flu and throw some tissues all around his or her room. Trust me, your roomie will be super grossed out.

Don’t wash dishes and keep them as is

Put all the unclean dishes in the sink and do not wash them. keep it for your roomie. Try this. Your roomie will be so annoyed.

Leave just a drop of milk for him or her

Use all the milk in the morning for your cereal and leave just a spoonful for him. When he or she asks, tell him that you did leave some milk for him. This will be super fun. (If possible, have a spare packet of milk. You don’t want him or her to be hungry, do you?)

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