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24 Ways to Annoy Your Brother to Death

Having a brother is like having a constant best friend. Brothers protect us, care for us, and listen to us blabber all day. They are our partners in crime, and they are also the ones who save us from being in trouble. A brother is always there through thick and thin. But in the end, brothers are also the ones who annoy us the most in the world by continuously playing pranks on us. It is payback time. If you want to annoy the hell out of your brother, we have got you. Here we have gathered the 24 best ways to annoy a brother to death. Trust me, this is going to save your life. Read on.

Repeating everything he says or does

Everything your brother does and says should be repeated. Everything. Trust me, he is going to be so annoyed and so freaked out. You can finally take revenge.

Show his friends his embarrassing pictures

The most annoying and embarrassing thing you can do is showing his baby pictures to his friends and his significant other. Look out, he might just tear the album.

Cheat while playing games

Whenever you are playing board games or card games with your brother, cheat and then deny it. He is going to be so irritated. Trust me.

Hide all the essential things

Take a few things from your brother which he uses almost daily, for example, joysticks and toothbrushes, and hide them in absurd places. When he can’t find them, he’ll go insane.

Knock on the bathroom door continuously

Next time your brother uses the bathroom, knock on the door continuously. Trust me, he will be so annoyed and freaked.

Pour a glass of water on his face

Next time your brother is sleeping, and you are awake, get a glass of water and pour it on his face. Nothing is better than this.

Pull the chair when he is about to sit

This is very old, yet very fun. Whenever your brother is about to sit on a chair, pull it away and he will drop to the ground. This will be a lot of fun, trust me.

Paint his face with your makeup products

If you have a makeup collection, use it all to paint on your brother’s face. He will be so freaked when he sees himself in the mirror.

He put shaving foam on his palm

Here is what you can do: put some shaving foam or toothpaste on his palm while he is sleeping and tickle his face. WHACK! He would smash his hand in his face. This will be so much fun.

Steal all his food

Whenever your brother is serving himself a bowl of snacks, simply steal them and eat them all. This thing will get on his nerves.

Give out spoilers on a family movie night

Next time when you are having a family movie night and you have already watched the movie, whisper all the spoilers in your brother’s ears. I mean, no one likes spoilers.

Turn off the Wi-Fi when he is using it

Simply shut off the Wi-Fi when he is using it for playing games, texting his crush, or anything else. Beware, he might kill you.

Hand him the wrappers of the snacks you’re eating

Next time you are being cosy on the couch and having snacks, simply hand over all the wrappers from the food to your brother and ask him to throw it away. He will be so irritated.

Ruin all his assignments

Draw or write all over his assignment and when your brother asks, just tell him you could not find anything to write on.

Change passwords on OTT platforms

If you guys have a common Netflix account, change the password, and do not tell him. This will be very fun, trust me.

Go to his room continuously

When your brother is working or doing some assignment, go to his room continuously and ask him random and stupid questions. He will be very irritated, trust me.

Give him a hairdo

Cut a few bits of your brother’s hair while he is sleeping. After he wakes up, he will be freaked.

Interrupt him on his dates

Next time your brother is out on a date with his significant other, surprise them by visiting them in the middle of it and talk to his date continuously. (Do take permission from his date before doing this.)

Invade his personal space

Whenever his phone is unlocked and he is not there, take his phone and message someone something weird to embarrass your brother.

Dye his hair a strange colour

When your brother is sleeping, dye his hair a temporary colour. He might just disown you.

Sneeze in front of him without covering your face

Sneeze on your brother. As unhygienic as it is, it will be so much fun to see your brother be disgusted.

Lock him in the bathroom

Whenever your brother uses the bathroom, lock it from outside. Do not open for at least 10-15 minutes.

Sit in front of the TV while he is watching

Simply go and sit in front of the TV while your brother is watching it and do not budge.

Pretend like he is following you outside

Next time you go to a store with your brother, just shout in public, “Stop following me”. He will be so embarrassed and annoyed with you.

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