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Top 21 Funny Best Prank Call Ideas For Friends (2022)

The most annoying thing is to be on the receiving prank call. There are a lot of good pranks that you can play on your friends that consist of practical jokes, hoaxes and silly tricks that can create great laughs among others while the others can bring about a blushing face on your friend whom you’ve pranked!

The execution is the most important key to any prank and when it comes to prank calls, it becomes all the more important. Prank calls aren’t so easy as it seems. You need to be in your character and have to be convincing at the same time so that you can entrap your scapegoat easily.

When you are super bored and don’t know what to do, prank calls are an easy way to pass your time and have fun as well. Prank calls help in boosting your mood too!

Note: You should always remember that you shouldn’t hurt your friends while prank calling them. Prank calls to emergency services or elderly people are off limits.

If you want to prank call your friends the next time and are looking for options, you can look into this list that we have put together just for you. We have enlisted a list of some interesting and hilarious prank calls that you can try out on your friends which will have you and your friends laughing and crying at the same time. These are some of the most hilarious pranks that you can try out on your friends. Be it April Fool’s Day, or any other normal day.

List of 21 Hilarious Pranks That You Can Play on Your Friends

1. Tell Them that They Have Won Lottery Tickets

This prank might make your friend mad at you for some time. So, in this case, you have to proceed with a little caution. Choose the friends you want to call and then disguise your voice so that they cannot recognize your voice. Tell them that they have won the lottery worth ten lakh rupees but before that, they have to answer a question. Ask them the question “how does a cow moo when they have grass in its mouth?” When they answer it finally, tell them that they have answered it wrong. Let them know about your prank whenever you choose to and have a good laugh together!

2. Tell Them That They Had Called Your Before

This is one of the simpler pranks that you can try out. For this, you just have to call your friend and when they ask that why you’ve called them act confused and tell them that it is them who have called and not you. You were just calling in response to their previous call. Confuse them and see how long the call goes on before they catch your prank!

3. Tell them That It’s Been So Long That They’ve Called You

Manage to find a random number that is not yours along with the name of the owner of the number. It can be of a friend’s or your partner in crime. Call on a friend’s number and start off by saying that it has been so long that you’ve talked again. Ask them how they are doing and about their wellbeing. When they ask who is calling them, don’t answer them and keep on with your questions. Tell them that you got to catch up with them since it has been long that you’ve seen each other. When they start asking questions give them elaborate details about how you two know each other and get them to play along. 

4. Pretend That You’re the Principal

Find a college or school friend of yours and manage to get hold of a number that your friend doesn’t know of. It can be either one of your family member’s or of another friend of yours. Call them in a disguising voice and pretend to be the Principal of your friend’s school or college. When they start getting a bit scared, let them know that it’s just a prank!

5. Tell them that You Have Their Wallet

Call your friend and tell them that you have their wallet. They will both be in shock and will be confused at the same time. Make up a good story to convince them about how you managed to save their purse which was lying on the road anonymously. They will ultimately com to know about your little prank and afterwards you can have a good laugh together!

6. Play their Favorite Song on a Loop Over Phone

Call your friend from an unknown number and play their favorite song on a loop without talking to them. They wouldn’t be able to hang up since it’s their favorite song and they would be super confused at the same time. Reveal your identity after some time.

7. Fake Crush Prank Call

Be it April Fool’s or you just want to prank a friend for fun, this prank is a winner. You just have to simply call your friend and enact his/her crush’s voice. There are various phone apps that can help in changing your voice completely while on the phone! Then tell them to meet at the park in the evening. When they will reach the park, leave a picture of yours on the bench and let them discover their prankster!

8. Say That You Are Watching Them

This is a bit risky. You should choose a close friend for this prank since there’s a high chance that they would be willing to beat you up after this. Call them from a random number and in a very casual voice tell them that they are being watched. If they do not take your seriously, drop in one or two details about them that only you know and confuse them. Let them know at the end of the day and have a good laugh!

9. Pretend to Be a Radio Jockey and Find Their Secret Affair

Call up a friend and pretend to be a radio jockey of a famous radio station. Then ask them to dedicate a song to their loved one. Then ask for their lover’s name. If you manage to get the name then you have successfully pranked your friend. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to pull their legs afterwards!

10. Fake Your Identity to be a Mobile Operator

Call up a friend and tell them that you are calling from the mobile operating company. Tell them that they are calling for a regular checkup to check if their phones are working properly. Ask them to repeat whatever you say so that you can check the functionality of their phone. Make them say funny phrases like “there’s a donkey in my room” or “Throwing eggs on one’s head is fun”. In the end you can make them say “I am an idiot to fall for this prank”.

11. Confirm booking From the Amazon

Pretend to be the executive of amazon and that you are calling to confirm their booking. Tell them that their booking has been done a few hours before and in total it is adding up to twenty thousand rupees. Your friend would be absolutely flustered when they would hear about this huge order and would ask to cancel the order. Tell them that it cannot be done and they have to pay the full amount. When they are absolutely bewildered, tell them about your prank and see how embarrassed they get for falling for your prank!

12. Tie their laces together

Sneak under their seats when they are not looking and quietly tie the laces of their shoes together. When they will try to walk…well you know what’s going to happen next!

13. Change their ringtones to a cat’s mew

Whenever you get a chance, take hold of their phones and change the ringtone to a cat’s meow ringtone. So, whenever their phone rings, they will start searching for the ‘cat’. You can let them know about your prank and can have a great laugh afterwards! 

14. Text them with a ‘typing’ dots gif

Over text or WhatsApp, send them a gif of the ‘typing’ dots gif. They are going to wait for your text that is actually never going to arrive! Let them know about the prank whenever!

15. Send them a fake mail

Send them a fake mail saying that they have won the lottery or that they have been chosen as a winner for an online contest! (Of course, they didn’t)

16. The classic salt in sugar shaker prank

This prank never gets old. For this, you just have to put salt in the place of the sugar shaker and then whenever they’ll try to take some sugar for his/her tea….well you already know what happens next!

17. Put tape on the bottom of their computer mouse

You would just have to put some tape on the sensor of the computer mouse rendering it completely useless temporarily. You can also tape a picture of yours under the mouse so that when they turn the mouse, they’d know who the prankster was!

18. Put a fake lizard in their bag

This is one of the easiest pranks. You just have to buy a fake rubber lizard (or a fake cockroach if they are scared of cockroaches) and put them in their bag. See their reaction (and probably record it on your phone) when they open their bag!

19. Fake clay cookies

You don’t have to be over artsy on this. You just have to make some cookie shaped clay cookies and paint them brown; you can also add some black dots for better appearance. Tell your friend that they are chocolate chip cookies. They’ll definitely know that they are pranked when they would go to take a bite from those cookies!

20. Hide in their car and scare them

When they have parked their car outside to buy something, you can sneak in their car and hide until they return and give them a good scare! (Though, don’t break in their cars for this prank. You might end up in jail instead)

21. A little ‘calling’ prank

You have to first get hold of their phone somehow. While pretending to look at the pictures on his/her phone you can change your name on his/her contacts to something funny or by a different name. And when you will call him/her you can easily confuse him/her and there your prank is done!

There are a lot of ways in which you can prank your friends. Prank doesn’t always need to be destructive or mean. Always make sure not to hurt anybody in any way and voila! Sometimes even small jokes create big problems.

Well, These were some of the most hilarious prank ideas that you can play on your friends without any damage caused. Make sure that you have low-effort good script story and plan your character well. You’re good to go!

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