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20 Ways to Annoy Telemarketers And Phone Scammers

We’ve all received unsolicited calls from telemarketers. When you’re waiting for someone else’s call and then get a telemarketing call, it’s quite inconvenient. Could they be any more annoying? They simply call you and try to sell you random items or ask for details, and they refuse to let you put the phone down. Are you really done with a telemarketer? Do you want to irritate them? We’ve got you taken care of. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 methods to annoy telemarketers. Go ahead and read it to take your revenge.

Tell them you have lost all your money

If a telemarketer calls regarding a loan, simply tell them that you have just filed for bankruptcy, and it would be great if they could lend you some money.

Show interest to whatever they say

Whenever you know a telemarketer has called you, after they don’t, just say that you are super interested in their scheme (pretend like you are interested and ask many questions). This will waste lots of their time.

Turn on the TV while talking

If you are home and a telemarketer calls you, turn on your TV at full volume and tell the caller you cannot hear anything. 

Don’t agree with anything

When they call and you really want to irritate them, just keep saying no to everything. Continue to reply no even if they aren’t asking you any questions and are simply talking.

Put the phone on hold

Whenever a telemarketer calls you, tell them to hold for a minute because someone is on the door and when they do, simply put the phone on your table and get back to whatever you were doing.

Show all your emotions

Next time when a telemarketer calls you, just start crying and say something like your gf/bf broke up with you or your pet died and try to hold on to the call as long as possible. This will waste lots of his or her time, and he or she will be super annoyed.

Act like you don’t know the language

Whenever a telemarketer calls you and speaks in English, just say “don’t know English language” or some absurd sentence which will make the caller think you don’t speak English and continue to irritate them with lots of grammatical errors.

Ask for a vacancy at the organisation

Next time, when a telemarketer calls, ask where they work and that you want to apply for a job in their company.

Check their spelling skills

When a telemarketer calls and mentions their name, ask how their name is spelt, then how their company name is spelled, and so on. Keep asking spelling questions until the caller gets frustrated and hangs up.

Speak in a completely different language

When a telemarketer calls, no matter what language they speak in, you start speaking in another language even if you know the language they are speaking and do not hang up.

Perform a song for them

Next time a telemarketer calls, without saying anything, start singing a song and continue singing until the caller is irritated and hangs up the call.

Propose marriage to the caller

If a telemarketer calls, wait until the end of the call and then just ask, “Will you marry me?”

Let your kid do the talking

If you have a little kid who can talk, you are sorted. When a telemarketer calls you next time, tell him or her that he or she needs to talk to your representative about the matter and hand your phone to your little one and let him or her do the talking.

You ask the questions

When a telemarketer calls, you ask the question instead of allowing the salesperson to do so. Ask the caller if he or she is satisfied with their current position at the organisation; if not, you may help them find a better job or change their position, pay, or other details.

Ask them if they are interested to buy things

If a telemarketer calls, wait until the caller has finished speaking before telling him or her that you have established a bakery and it is not doing well, and asking if he or she wants to buy something. Believe me when I say that the caller will go crazy.

Share your thoughts and speak you mind

Next time a telemarketer calls and asks, “How are you doing?”, instead of saying good, just say, “Thank God, someone asked me. It seems nowadays that nobody cares about me… “

Pretend to be a child

When a telemarketer calls you, pretend to be a little child and say that no one is at home except grandpa who has recently called the ambulance. Trust me, the caller will freak out.

Ask for a date

Next time, when a telemarketer calls you and after he or she is done talking, ask the caller for a date. Tell him or her that you will meet him or her ‘xyz’ place at “XX: XX” time. The caller will be so irritated (might even get scared), trust me.

Ask for another phone number

When a telemarketer calls, tell the caller that you are busy at the moment and ask for his or her phone number. When the caller refuses, ask for a home number, and when he or she says that you are supposed to call the home number, tell the caller, “Now you know what it feels like”.

Use the bathroom while talking

If a telemarketer calls, tell the person that you need to use the washroom. Now, go to the washroom, put the phone down, and start making weird noises. The caller will be very disgusted and freaked out.

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