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Top 10 Scary Prank Call Ideas For Your Enemies

Prank calls are always an easy way to pass you time and when it comes to your enemies, you can easily prank them by using just your phone and enjoy a little revenge time of your own!

But, you have to be extra careful because if you are not, you can get in trouble. Have a plan ready, and take extra precautions so that you don’t get caught! There are a lot of mobile apps available nowadays which helps you change your voice completely without you having to work hard. There are a variety of voice options available into which you can change your voice.

So, go on pranking your grumpy neighbor or your school bully or your annoying boss; basically any person you hate. But make sure that you do not hurt these people much or do anything ethically wrong. If you keep in mind about these pointers, you’re ready to go! We have made a list of such hilarious prank call ideas that you can try out on your enemies.

Repeat Everything they Say

In this one, you just have to call up that rival or enemy of yours from an anonymous number and whenever they say anything, just repeat everything they say. They would be super annoyed for sure!

Place an Order to Your Enemy’s Address

In this prank call, you have to call from an unknown number on your enemy’s number and ask them to verify a food order that they have made. When they say that they haven’t placed an order, verify their address and tell them that they have positively placed an order. Keep arguing till they are fed up!

Tell Them That You Are A Radio Jockey

Call from an anonymous number and tell your enemy that you are calling from a radio station and that you are a radio jockey. For this prank call you can also make the impression of the radio jockey they like. Then you can ask them to sing a song for you and that they are going live!

Pretend That You Are Their Crush

For this prank call, you have to get to know about your enemy’s crush’s name. you can then call from an anonymous number and pretend to be their crush by changing your voice through any voice changer app. Make them do anything that you wish to but don’t go too far!

Pretend to Be the Police

Again, for this prank call you have to call from an anonymous number and make use of the voice changer app. Because if you get caught, you can get into a lot of trouble! Call your enemy and pretend to be the police. Tell them that they have violated traffic rules and that he has to arrive at the police station as charges are pressed against him. Enjoy seeing your enemy get flustered!

Make A Ransom Call

Make a call to your enemy and tell them that a friend of theirs from school has been kidnapped. Tell them that you have to give them a ransom to save his/her friend. Scare the heck out of him/her and then let them know about your prank sometime later.

Call Your Grumpy Neighbor and Disturb Them

Call the Grumpy neighbor that you hate from an unknown number and tell them that they haven’t paid their taxes. When they counter question you, keep them confused and lead them with your prank till you can.

Pretend to Know All their Dark Secrets

Call your bully from school or any other fellow batchmate you hate and tell them that you know all their secrets. Pursue this prank till they actually end up telling a secret to you!

Pretend to Be a Ghost

Call from an unknown number and use a voice changing app. Set the default to a spooky voice. Call your enemy and pretend to be a spook ghost. With this prank call you can scare hell out of them!

Pretend to be From the Landline Company

Pretend to be calling from the landline company for some cleaning up business. Tell them that there is some issue and they should not touch their phone within twenty four hours or else they might get an electric shock!

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