4 Best Automotive Sound Deadeners

There is nothing more peaceful than being in your car alone spending some good old time with your thoughts and your playlist. One might even call it a luxury. Now it’s easy to imagine how one might feel robbed of that luxury when the car you’re in is noisy! Especially when the noise is so deafening that you can’t even hear each other over the din!

Most of the noise that permeates the cabin of the car usually comes from the three principal sources;- first of all, you’ve got the mechanical parts of the car that are constantly in motion. Secondly, you’ve got the air outside that’s hurtling past your car. The third- most probable reason for a noisy car is tire misalignment. 

What can I Do to Overcome a Noisy Car?

Most of the problems related to a noisy car can easily be solved by a visit to the mechanic or by regularly servicing one’s car. But what if you are one of the select few car owners who are still bothered by the noise a seemingly perfect car makes?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are Sound Deadening Materials made especially for cars- to ensure a perfect silent ride for you. 

Soundproofing a car is a not an unheard of concept and today we are going to look into what it takes to perfectly soundproof a car and where you can find the goods to help you meet that goal. 

First of all a sound deadening material is any material that acts as a barrier against the resonance emitted by the sound and the person. In a car, to reduce sound in a cabin, the objective would be to reduce resonance against the different mechanics of the car and the driver or passenger of the car. 

The Material 

A lot of material has surfaced over the last decades that carries impossible claims of being vibration absorbent and sound deafening. Though tempting, it’s always important to do ones research before falling for these claims. 

You should look out for the density of the material along with the shape, size and the material of the good.

Where To Place The Sound Deadener

Let’s take a look at some of the best sound deafening materials that are available in the market for cars right now.

1. Dynamat Xtreme Self Adhesive Sound Deadener.

One of the largest names in the Automobile Sound Deadener business is the Dynamat. The Dynamat claims to eliminate all excess resonance and reduce noise within the car cabin. The Dynamat also claims that they reduce unwanted heat from the friction of the road into the car chassis.

Here are some of the features of the Dynamat-

  • Dynamat uses visco elastic qualities to convert noise into silent energy. 
  • Dynamat is also one of the very few companies that use ‘damping’ to restrain excess vibrations and channel them into non radiant thermal energy. 
  • Claims to be the only company to utilize VECTOR energy to help with the energy conversion. 

Of course we have to talk about some of the pros and cons of this particular product:-

The Pros include the fact that the Dynamat can be applied anywhere, from the roof of the car to the flooring to the door of the car, nothing is off limits. The Dynamat also claims to reduce up to 17 decibels of noise which is definitely more than what the average sound deadeners are openly claiming. 

The Cons will have to be their relatively high pricing, but honestly, can you put a price on quality? 

2. NOICO Car Sound Deadening Mat. 

NOICO is probably one other name that has popped up time and again when doing the research for soundproofing your car. And for good reason too, NOICO is less expensive than Dynamat and probably boast if not all then most of the qualities of a high end automotive sound deadener. 

The NOICO is an 80 millimeter automotive butyl and foil sound deadeners, this means that NOICO is probably the thickest Deadener mat in the market at such a low price. The product is self adhesive and multifunctional- the product can be used both on the ceiling and the floor. 

Some of the features of the NOICO 80 mil self adhesive insulation include;-

  • Butyl- which is the perfect noise deadening material.
  • The mat themselves are 1.5 thicker than the market average this means that the mats themselves are 1.5 times more efficient. 
  • The NOICO mats also have a special indicator to help the customer apply the product properly.

Now lets go over the pros and cons of the NOICO 80 mil Car Sound Deadening Material. 

Pros:- During the research and development phase of developing the product, they found out that keeping the material’s weight at 0.7 pounds per square feet is optimal for hashing out sound and resonance from the car cabin. So in accordance to the research parameters, NOICO decided to keep the material at that weight range. 

The NOICO 80 mil is also very user friendly, easy to customize and easy to install. 

Some of the cons of the NOICO 80 mil mat is the fact that it needs to be used in conjunction with special wheel alignment and a series of special closed cell foam to be a 100% effective. Both of these features can be availed from the NOICO service centers. 

3. Uxcell Car Sound deadening mat. 

The Uxcell Car Deadening Mats are multipurpose mats that are optimal in sound proofing the cabin of a car. The Uxcell Sound deadening mat also works as a thermal insulator. It works to keep the heat away during the summers. During the winters however, the Uxcell work to keep the interiors of a car toasty and warm.

If you ever face the problem of your car over heating because of the engine, Uxcell might be the answer to your solutions. The heavy rubber material also works as an efficient sound deadener. 

Some of the features of the Uxcell Car Mats are:-

  • The mat is moisture proof and spill proof. 
  • The mat doesn’t take in any damage from petrol or diesel spills. 
  • The mat is also self adhesive and can be used anywhere inside a car- from the ceiling to the floors.

Some of the pros and cons regarding this product are as follows;- 

PROS- the product is made from a thick rubber material which is a known dampener and is notoriously resistant to spills and stains.  

The 60 by 40 inch rubber mats ensures that you are getting a bang for your buck, while also not compromising on quality. 

CONS- the multipurpose use of the Butyl leaden product means that it can’t be a hundred percent in everything. The Uxcell Car Mat works decently well to deaden the cabin of the car while also working double time as a satisfactory thermal insulator. 

4. SOOMJ Heat Shield Car Sound deadener 

In this day and age, we are no stranger to the various accidents that can be caused by a car. A lot of the cars on the road these days are well over a decade old. With seniority of a car comes a whole host of problems. 

Older cars start developing flammable tendencies and overheating becomes a huge problem. This is also the case for cars in tropical climate. The best way to sound proof these kinds of vehicles is by opting for a material that’s flame retardant, has insulation against heat while also retaining dampening qualities for a cars resonance and excess vibrations. 

The SOOMJ Heat Shield and car deadener might be exactly what you need. The SOOMJ Sound deadener material has a thickness of 10 mm. 

The product is made from high quality flame retardant outing combined with a lightweight foam. 

Like a lot of the mats featured on our list today, the SOOMJ Car Mat also is self adhesive and works out great for any customized specifications. 

Now that we have had a look at some of the best Sound Deadeners in the market for automobiles- it is time to get a move on and start on your journey of sound proofing your car cabin. 

It is important to remember that though car deadener materials can eliminate much of the noise inside your car, it is also equally important to remember that complete soundproofing of a car can be attained only by regular maintenance and upkeep of one’s car. 

If you own a Diesel car, you could look into upgrading your engine into Hoodlined engines to eliminate upto 50% of the noise within your car cabin. 

It also goes without saying that choosing to skimp on materials can bring in a host of other problems. Ill fitted mats for example can suck in moisture and lead to chassis damage, or low quality deadener mats made from low grade rubber can start melting during the summers. 

The above mentioned brands cover a host of problem areas in the pursuit of soundproofing a car.

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