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18 Question-Answer Games to Play with Friends & Family

The best way to know someone is to ask questions. Question games are promptly used for revealing personal things about all the players. Question games or Situation games are quite helpful in knowing your friends. The purpose of these games lies in building bonds, engaging people, and sustaining relationships over time. But what might be those games, so don’t worry, we’re here for the rescue. We’re here to help you shortlist some of the best question games you can play with them and have a good time together.

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1. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is most played and popular among every teenager. In this game, we need to take a bottle and spin it. The person on the side of the cap has to choose Truth or Dare. If the person chooses truth, then others will ask a question, or if they choose dare, others need to give a dare. The game gives you a lot of scopes to set up your expectations from its outcomes. So, choose accordingly and wisely.

2. Tell me a secret

This is the best way to create a bond with friends. In the beginning, you feel a little nervous and scared to tell your secret to anyone, but when everyone reveals their secrets, you will feel comfortable and enjoy it a lot. This game is meant to reignite the old flames of your bond with maybe a kinky touch to it if you’re playing it with your partner. The game might also get a bit emotional if you’re emerging into much darker emotional secrets. In any way, you will see a lot of other things in the people you play with and understand them better.

3. Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike is a game wherein you need to select what you believe everyone else will choose; the more individuals who get the identical answer, the extra points those people will grab.

4. Would You Rather

This game is for those who can think up extreme or impossible situations. This is more interesting when you give two impossible situations to someone like “Would you rather eat raw egg or give ten slaps to yourself.” Questions can vary at any level according to your imagination. And also, this game could be a way to know how someone’s thoughts add up to make choices and priorities in life, entertainingly if you also include that the person has to explain why they chose what they had chosen.

5. This or That

Now, this game is more like “Would You Rather…”, with a slight difference in giving options between two objects or people and not situations. This is a perfect icebreaker game when you’re trying to build a new bond with someone. Questions can be as easy as “Cats or Dogs” or “Vacation or Staycation.” One can also ask you to choose between two of your best friends. The thing to note is that the players shouldn’t judge or hold grudges from the answers received. Because it is a highly objective game that can’t be reasoned with, so take it lightly and enjoy. 

6. Two Truths and One Lie

This is the best game to fool someone. As the name itself suggests, we need to say two truths and one lie; others have to choose which one is a lie. If they are wrong, you can give them any dare, but you need to do a dare if they are correct. Now, this is a bluffing game, but in the end, you might get to know the other people in a much better way, following with a great deal of fun and laughs. It gives a lovely way to open up about one’s personality.

7. 21 Questions

So the first game on our list is 21 Questions. This game is exciting and has lots of fun. If you think extremely specific, this is for you. In this game, one needs to think about something, and the other needs to find 21 questions or less. You can even divide two groups to play this game. 

8. Never Have I Ever

This is a pretty enjoyable game usually played at parties. In this game, one person needs to say, “Never have I ever ..” and something he has never done. The one who has done has to drink, and the one who has not done will not drink, like “Never I have ever fought with my parents.” As you will be playing online, then you people can keep a bottle of some soft drink or even water, to begin with.

9. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Let us guide you through this. In this game, a player proposes three names; they can either be movie stars, singers, even siblings, or other group members. No person who has to answer will label those three names with Kiss, Marry, or Kill. The three terms are not exactly supposed to be used by literal meanings, and a kiss signifies passion/love, Marry signifies commitment, and Kill means hatred. So the person categorizes those three names under these labels. It’s fun to know what people think about all those people in options.

10. Where Do You Stand

Another game similar to “Would You Rather..” and “This or That” is “Where Do You Stand.” Now, you must be thinking about what’s new and different in this one. Let us tell you that. Instead of choosing between two situations, objects, or people, this game particularly is meant to have options based on your opinions like, “Do you think free will exists?” or, “Should celebrities discuss politics in the media?” It is a highly opinion-based game that is perfect for discussing or debating different opinions in a group. But do remind yourself to trade lightly, everyone can have a varying opinion, and most of all, it’s just a game.

11. Icebreaker

The Icebreaker questions are meant to spark the discussion between group members to help them know each other better. Create a WhatsApp or any comfortable social media group and randomly put a question like, “What is the first best impression you consider to have from new people?” or “What’s that one brand that you’re obsessed with?” And the questions go on from each member. It is a perfect game to know about others and vice-versa. The heads of the group could best start the game to kick-off meetings on a lighter note. 

12. Fact or Fiction

One of the most light mood games, Fact or Fiction, is just about your wildest imagination. Someone gives a statement, and the others have to tell if that is true (fact) or just an imaginary make-believe (fiction) statement. Statements like, “I have a twin” or, “I’m well-versed in 5 languages. This could also be played with minor siblings and have a nice family time together.

13. Emoji Quiz

Now, who doesn’t use emojis these days? The name itself tells you that this game is related to emojis. This is a puzzle game where you can challenge your friends to solve the puzzle based on a series of emojis given to you. After some level, this will be harder, and then you can check your rank with your friends in the app. A puzzle could be a movie name or song or other phrases that could be used to guess significantly.

14. Story Starters

Story Starters is a get-to-know-you game that makes a fantastic ice breaker; however, it also can be amusing if everybody is already aware of each other. If you’ve got a big group, you’ll want to interrupt everyone into groups of 4-6 people. This game begins with the start of a tale and asks the primary visitor to hold the tale. The tale keeps going, transferring from one man or woman to another. The consequences are generally hilarious, and also, you don’t realize which turn the tales are going to take.

15. Just a Minute

This game is wherein a person is given a subject, and they have to speak approximately about it for one minute. This might also additionally appear to be a smooth component to do – till the subjects turn out to be challenging to understand; otherwise, you don’t recognize something about it! The factor is to sound such as you do recognize what you’re speaking approximately – which may be an entire lot of amusing for absolutely each person listening.

16. Psych!

Choose from numerous laugh classes where every participant has faux solutions to actual trivia questions. You need to pick out the most outrageous solution amongst all the faux ones.

17. Who Am I?

The “Who Am I” game is an amusing party game in which gamers attempt to guess what well-known character they’ve been assigned via asking yes or no questions. To play, acquire a set of pals and determine a class or theme.

18. Pictionary

This is the best game to skip the time. Pick a random topic like animal, fruit, country, and go through a name with the same category and draw on a white sheet. This will increase your vocabulary skills and creativity. We need to guess the word of the picture and combine the word so that it will create a new word. Continue the same until someone loses. As lame as it might sound to you, try it, and you’ll know how this is one of the most played light mood games. The game could also be played when sometimes you don’t have anything to talk to, but the urge of carrying on the conversation is too high. It might give you a nice push for it.

Playing question games with friends is self enlightening and a fantastic way to get to know each other more. You get to know a lot about each other on objective and subjective terms. You don’t even have to think about the questions in any of the games. There is a wide range of apps and websites for every game. Download, put up your preferences, join in on a Zoom call or video call, and go on playing until you get exhausted, and still, the fun won’t end. Have fun gaming sessions, enjoy!

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