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Best 10 Low Maintenance Pets For College Students

Pets are our best friends. They do not talk but they do listen. At times, pets act as a primary source of support and comfort. Their actions amuse us, make us laugh after a stressful day, and fascinate us at the same time. Like, have you never been awestruck with how much adorable cats are and the stunts they do around the house without hurting themselves? From cats on shelves to turtles teaching you patience and inner peace, there are several small pets that you can introduce as an addition to your family. These pets not only require comparably must less-hustle in their care, but they also continue to love and support you in your life. So let us see some of these animals that you can adopt during your college life;

List Of Top 10 Best Small Pets That Require Low Maintenance You Can Adopt During College Life.

1. Goldfish

A goldfish is a small and popular pet that you must have seen often in real life and movies. Goldfish are also intelligent and can recognize faces. As Paul Rudd said, 

“I think there’s something great and generic about goldfish. They’re everybody’s first pet.”

They are fascinating pets to have at your house, and moreover, goldfish are cold-water fish so you do not need to heat up their fish-bowl or keep the room-temperature for their survival. Clean your goldfish tank once a month, twice if needed. As for feeding your goldfish, give them enough quantity of good quality goldfish. 

2. Turtles

The most common turtle that you’d find in the market is an aquatic turtle. Aquatic turtles are pretty low-maintenance, they only need a vacuum aquarium to survive. As for temperature, keep the room the turtle is living in around 22 to 25 celsius to avoid any accidents/discomfort to the turtle. Also, when it comes to petting a turtle or holding a turtle close to look at them, remember to lift them by the midsection, not by the legs. Keep your hands clean before and after coming in contact with a turtle. We recommend not getting your face or fingers too close to a turtle’s mouth as they are known to bite, though seldom. 

3. Parrots

Parrots are excellent companions. With a proper diet, a cage where they can experience the days and nights pass by, and a good loving home, a parrot can live happily as your pet for their lifetime. Keeping the cage clean is crucial to your parrot’s health and care. Also, your parrot needs help bathing. You can either hang the cage of the bird inside your bathroom, under the shower while you are showering, or you can hand their cage right by the window, pour water gently from a mug, and let the bird dry its feathers in the sun. Parrots generally eat seeds, nuts, fruit, and vegetables, all of which will be readily available at all times in your home.

4. Rabbits

One of the most popular and low-maintenance house pets is rabbits. There are somethings that you need to know about rabbits to take care of them. Such as a rabbit’s diet does not consist of a lot of variety other than grass hay and green food such as kale, parsley, celery, and more. Keep grass hay and water available to a rabbit in their pet house all the time. Vegetables and fruits such as carrots, mango, peach, and more can be once-in-week treats too. Do not feed them high-starchy and fatty food such as chocolate, peas, oats, etc. 

5. Guinea pigs

First things first, guinea pigs are extremely low maintenance and extremely adorable to look at. One sight of a guinea pig chewing on its small haystack inside your cage and your day is done. Speaking of haystacks, you will need hay, lots of it as guinea pigs love to eat them. Apart from hay, they also like to eat fruits such as papaya, banana, salad such as kale and zucchini. The best way to get them to eat their fruits and vegetables is to mix them with their servings of hay. Keeping the cage/home of the guinea pig clean and pet them, guinea pigs love to cuddle. Did you also know guinea pigs are adorable selfie partners too? 

6. Hamsters

Pet hamsters are the definition of cuteness. Place the pet house of the hamsters in a quiet yet familial place in the house and they will soon become a member of the family. Hamster has emotions similar to those felt by humans when they are settling in at a strange new place, anxiousness, and fear. To help them get over their anxiety, place light cloth over your hamster habitat for a few days. Also, wait a few days for them to get used to you, your family, and your house before picking them up and petting them. As for their diet, they can eat a variety of foods. From carrots, broccoli to pears, and berries, a hamster will eat them all. Make sure these servings are fresh. Clean their pet house daily to keep them fresh and hygienic. 

7. Pugs

Is there anything more adorable than a pug? Pugs are a beloved breed of dogs that were/are favored by famous people like Napoleon, Rob Zombie, and more. Pugs are low-maintenance in every way, and whatever necessary care to provide for them, they return it right back to you in the form of cuddles, kisses, and beloved affection for you. Pugs are fairly intelligent dogs that are quick learners and a small trip to the park goes a long way for their health and fitness. Pugs do not tend to bark as much as other dogs and they nap a lot ( so no nuisance). Did we also mention that they love to play games and are keen to learn to play tricks?

8. British Shorthair cats

Cats are known to be self-caring and masters of their own, especially British Shorthair Cats. There are the perfect low-maintenance pets that do not need a lot of care or attention. All they need from you for their care is that you must remember to feed them regularly (high-quality food for their better well-being) and leaving them alone to roam around the house. Cats do not like to bossed around so rather than an ordinary house pet, a cat will be taking up the post of a housemate whose teeth and litter you have to clean regularly. A small price to play, considering cats also make awesome playmates. 

9. Canary

A canary is a beautiful bird that is a sight to sore eyes and ears. Their beauty enthralls us while their chirping leaves us captivated. Getting a canary requires fairly low maintenance. A wide-enough cage for them to fly inside, wooden perches inside and regular feeding of water and seed mixture are the bare necessities for the survival of a canary. Make sure the place where you keep a canary is clean, and always within room temperature. Do not let the grave mistake of Ulysses S. Grant’s second inauguration that resulted in the death of hundreds of canaries due to freezing weather happen to your precious canary pet. 

10. Sea Monkeys

Sea monkeys are low maintenance pets that are unique in their appearance and make awesome house pets. Sea monkeys are a hybrid breed of brine shrimp that require an aquarium as a habitat. As for the aquarium, you can either buy one from the market or make it yourself. Initially, after the eggs of sea monkeys hatch, keep feeding these sea monkeys five days a week until algae develop. With the growth of algae, your feeding responsibility must lessen as the sea monkeys can now depend on the algae for nutrition. Maintain the tank properly by keeping it clean and warm. Do not change the water often, only do it when the water looks translucent and smells foul. 

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