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10 Kitchen Gadgets For College Students & Bachelors in 2022

Living alone or with a roommate in a hostel can be a very difficult task. Especially when it comes to preparing food. As a hostel student, you have a lot of pressure and work of studies and other household work. So to make life easier for students living away from their families we compiled a list of kitchen gadgets making life a tad bit easier. Here is the list of important kitchen appliances for bachelors and students make your work easier and faster.

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is a device designed to cook rice automatically. It is an automatic appliance for the kitchen that boils and steams the rice. It is a very useful appliance for College students and bachelors. By the use of this gadget, they can make their food without doing anything. Whether you are busy or do not know how to cook rice this is the perfect gadget to use for preparing rice. 

Roti Maker

Roti Maker is one of the best kitchen appliances. Not everyone is good at cooking and making roti is always a tough task for many. College students generally eat junk food which is really unhealthy for them. It is hard to make roti because students do not have much time to make tasty rotis. But with the help of this appliance, anyone can easily make roti with this automatic roti maker. 


A Blender is a very useful kitchen appliance that is used for Mixing, pureeing, blending different food items. This is a very helpful device in cooking. This device helps in mixing and blending items faster and efficiently. It is very easy to use and one of the best gadgets for college students. 


A Grinder is a Venice that is designed to the grinder and crushes different food items automatically. Through this device, you need not crush food items which is a very hard and time taking process. With this device, college students and bachelors can work and make dishes easily. 

Juicer & Mixer

An amazing device that helps college students and bachelors to make different drink items like, fruits juices, vegetable juices and different types of shakes easily and efficiently. Juicer and mixer help you to provide fresh juices within a few minutes. 

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is an amazing device you can use for different purposes. A microwave oven is an electronic device that can bake, heat and cook different food items. You can bake a cake, cook dishes and even reheat your food easily. College students can easily use this appliance to cook and reheat the food so that they can eat hot food.

Electric Kettle

There are many benefits of  Electric Kettle for College Students and Bachelors. College students have less time to invest in cooking with the help of Electric Kettle. They can boil and heat milk and water faster and efficiently. They can make tea, coffee and boil water easily without wasting much time. 

Vegetable & Fruits Cropper

Pre-cooking work is always time-consuming and College students don’t like to waste time in cutting or chopping vegetables. With the help of Vegetables and Fruits croppers, they can crop vegetables in just a few seconds. The best part of cropper is it is very easy to use and less time-consuming. 


The toaster is a very useful kitchen appliance for College students and Bachelors. You can make your toast, grill and make many easy dishes with the use of a toaster. The Toaster is very easy to use and it is designed to toast and crip the bread slip by radiant heating. Anyone can make their toasts in just a few minutes. 

Automatic Yoghurt Maker

Most of the Colleges students and bachelors do not know how to make curd and Yoghurt. We all know how healthy curd is for us. But it is too difficult to prepare fresh curd daily and packaged yoghurt is not really healthy. But now by the use of Automatic yoghurt maker you can make fresh curd and yoghurt easily. 

May these gadgets help the Hostel Students in cooking and preparing fresh food faster and in an easier way. 

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