5 Best Mini Refrigerators for Bachelors or Students

Students or bachelors who stay far from their family and cannot cook food everyday, for them the mini refrigerators can be a life saving component. These are better for storing minimum food. Being small you can easily maintain them and their electricity requirements are so least that it does not compel you to spend beyond your capacity. 

So, if you have decided to get a mini refrigerator then let yourself get familiar with some of the key elements mentioned below.

Price: For a student or a bachelor product affordability comes first. Choosing a mini refrigerator with a higher price is not a great idea, as you are using it for temporary needs. So, choose a product that is affordable to you.

Size: When you stay alone, you need to accommodate all your essentials in one place. So, the refrigerator should also be small in size to get fitted into a compact space.

Chiller or No Chiller: There are two options available, such as the chiller ones and the ones without a chiller. When you do not have a chiller, you get more space for storing normal food. And when you have a chiller, you get to use a minimum amount of ice.

Energy Consumption: A small fridge should not use much energy as one does not expect to pay extra when the usage is minimal. 

Capacity: For Refrigerators, Capacity is measured in liters. For a bachelor or student, up to 50 liters will be sufficient.

Warranty: Warranty brings better durability to your product. So, to get a quality product, warranty is much needed.

Brand: There are very few reputed brands that produce mini refrigerators. So, do not choose randomly. For better after sales support, you must select a product from a well known brand.

Customer Ratings: Check customer ratings of the product you are choosing to know the quality and performance.

Overall Quality: For overall quality you need to check the product build quality, cooling capacity, and the other features mentioned here.

The list given below will be about some mini refrigerators and their specifications.

Top 5 Affordable & Low Maintenance Mini Refrigerators for Bachelors or Students in India 2021

AmazonBasics 43L mini refrigerator

As per the need of a single person, the capacity of 43 liters is enough. But if you want a separate vegetarian refrigerator for any particular member of your home, then also it will be sufficient. For cooling retention, the refrigerator has cyclopentane foaming agent. With 1 year product warranty and 5 years compressor warranty you can enjoy tension free usage. A small ice tray is also there along with a dairy rack, drip tray, removable shelves and adjustable thermostat.

Godrej 30L mini refrigerator

Like the other refrigerators, it does not have a mini freezer, and for this reason you don’t have to bother about defrosting this product. It is good for only food storages and chilled beverages, not for frozen items. The compressor produces low noise, so, for a small room, this refrigerator will be a peaceful one. An additional benefit that you can avail is that it will be operated with your home inverter in power cuts.

Haier 53L mini refrigerator

53 liters is a sufficient capacity for every bachelor. And the lower energy consumption makes it more desirable. The spill proof toughened glass shelves make this refrigerator durable enough. It has a quick cool feature and a bigger ice box than usual. The thicker insulation is better for cooling retention and with the stabilizer free operation you can use it without a stabilizer in high voltage fluctuations.

Hisense 44L mini refrigerator

For better accommodation of food and bottles, the interior design is a bit different with this refrigerator. The design lets you easily organise your food items and also keep water bottles up to 2 liters. A small chiller zone gives more space in the fridge section and the small door shelves let you store food cans and containers like that of drinks, peanut butter, jam and so on. The freezer is sufficient for minimal ice requirements.

Croma 50L mini refrigerator

With a controllable thermostat you have the access to operate the temperature of the refrigerator according to your needs. This also helps you to save energy when the cooling need is less. It has a PCM finish outer body that gives the refrigerator a glossy and rust free finish. The lock feature keeps your food safe from attacks of your roommates. The capacity of 50 liters is suitable for the daily food storage of a single person.

The products in the list are scrutinized properly to give you every feature’s update so that you can get detailed knowledge about them and compare each of them. Also before selecting the products we try to see whether they have all the features that make a good product. Therefore, we hope you will find this list useful.

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