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7 Websites to Watch Korean Dramas Online With English Subtitles

Korean Dramas have been a source of entertainment and pleasure for the majority of us for the last few years. Especially since the pandemic started, our watched Korean Drama stack keeps on increasing. But there are a few problems that people may face who are new to the Korean Drama scene. Many of us are interested in watching suspense-filled, thrilling, and romantic Korean Dramas but we do not understand the language. English subtitles come in as our global saviors but, again a problem arises, where can we watch K-Dramas with English subtitles. So let us show you list of best websites where you can watch Korean Dramas with English subtitles and you won’t have advertisements bothering you.


Want to watch varieties of Korean dramas and movies in one place, for free, and with English subtitles? Though the place sounds too good to be true, it exists and the place’s name is KissAsian. It gives you access to watch numerous amount of Korean Dramas available on its site to your heart’s content, along with much-needed English subtitles. Moreover, you can gain recommendations and reviews about the Korean drama and characters from the Disqus place on the website where a free open chat service goes on. It is recommended to turn on your ad-blocker to avoid any rare advertisements from popping up and ruining your mood. You can also see the New Drama, Top Day, and Most popular sections to gain recommendations about which Korean drama to watch next. 


Dramahood is a haven for all the good and latest Korean Dramas you will wish to watch with English Dramas. Moreover, this website is exclusive in its Kdrama content. In a way that it does not provide any other language shows or series. You watch your favorite and anticipated Korean dramas in high-resolution too, along with English subtitles. Furthermore, it will come to your notice that there’s an easily accessible download option too for the Kdramas you are watching. That means, you can download your choice of Korean Dramas with English subtitles from Dramahood, and you no longer have to suffer the unpredictability of streaming. 

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Kocowa is vastly popular within the Korean drama fandom for its content of Kdramas, complemented with English subtitles. It is a legal streaming service, so you no longer have to use a VPN to access it. Moreover, It provides you with high quality videos in 1080p, easy-to-read subtitles, and the latest variety of content. It is solely available for the North and South American audience for a paid subscription. Of course, there are a few remarkable Korean dramas that you can watch with English subtitles, just follow the TASTE24HR section.


One of the most popular websites among the global Korean drama watching community, Dramacool has an enormous amount of entertaining content in form of series and shows from various Asian countries. Perhaps most popular for its stock of Korean dramas, you can safely access it and watch your choice of Korean drama with English subtitles. Besides, This website is also popular for its fast updates of latest and popular content. imagine you have heard about a Kdrama show airing which has gotten recently popular; within a week or two, you will the same show available to watch on Dramacool along with high-quality English websites. Plus, no mood-dampening pop-up advertisements to ruin your viewing time of Korean dramas. 

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ViewAsian is a site exclusive to brilliant Asian content of drama and series to watch. ViewAsian also posses a commendable amount of Korean dramas you can watch for free with high-quality English subtitles. Equipped with advanced features, available for stream on multiple servers and free-download option available is what makes ViewAsian one of the most preferred websites to watch Korean dramas free with English subtitles. In case you are in the mood to watch long or short series on Korean dramas, the number of episodes available is mentioned clearly on the icons of dramas available on this website. Furthermore, It gives you access to Korean and Asian movies too, just in case you want to watch something other than Kdramas. 


Want to watch trending and popular Korean dramas to your heart’s content with English subtitles? Well, NewAsianTV is one site where your wish is fulfilled. Watch the Korean dramas that your friends have been talking about or the one you hear a lot of chatter on online on NewAsainTV. On NewAsianTV too, you can see many episodes are available to watch of a particular Korean drama series. Your Korean drama viewing experience is heightened on NewAsianTv with high-resolution imagery and high-quality subtitles. Moreover, NewAsianTV is free-to-access and pop-up advertisements free.


Everyone knows Netflix and its stock of remarkable foreign entertainment, now available to the global audience, thanks to Netflix. Well, speaking of foreign entertainment, did you know Netflix has a commendable amount of Korean Dramas that you can watch with English subtitles? That is true, It has brought a vast number of Korean Dramas to the global population and you watch famous KDramas like Crash Landing On You, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Sweet Home, and many more with English subtitles on. Netflix of course requires a paid subscription for access but if it is your first time trying Netflix, you can simply choose the one-month trial pack and see for yourself what Korean Dramas with English subtitles Netflix has to offer.

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Other mentionable websites where you can watch Korean dramas with English subtitles without any ads disturbing you are MX Player, Rakuten Viki, Dramanice, Hulu, OnDemandKorea, Tubi, DreamGo, MyAsianTV, Amazon, AsianCrush, and KBS World TV Channel on YouTube. Korean dramas are worth watching for their interesting storyline and they are totally bingeable for the global audience with English subtitles. You can also download some of these website free-apps on your Android or iOS and watch them anywhere on your phone. Korean dramas are addictive, popular worldwide, and a great source of foreign entertainment, in case you want some change from your regular dose of fun. You can also watch Kdramas to boost your Korean language skills. Soon enough you won’t need the complementary English subtitles, but let them stay until you perfect your Korean. Some of the most popular Korean dramas that you can watch with English subtitles on the above-mentioned websites are Flower of Evil, Hospital Playlist, Dr. Romantic 2, Hi Bye, Mama!, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Itaewon Class, and many more.

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