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Difference Between Anime And Cartoon | 4 Reasons Why Anime Is Not A Cartoon

Animes are beloved by us most of us. Animes have been around for a long time and the love for anime seems to be growing along with time. Fueled with amazing storylines, magnificent visuals, and a variety of options to choose from, anime is sure hell-of-a-drug once you get addicted to it. There are a lot of factors that make animes unique and different in their league. 

Much different than its counterparts, anime has revolutionized the animation world since it has come on. One of the few factors that work in favor of animes is that they are faster and much less expensive to create. Animes have less amount of movement in comparison to western-generated animation. Instead, it uses its supposable disadvantages of limited movement to its advantage. For instance, animes focus rather on panning, angle shots, and zooming techniques that show a vast difference between animes and western animation. So let us explore the intricacies of animes and cartoons and how they are different from each other.

Intricacies of Anime And Cartoon

There has a boost in the popularity of animes over the last few years. The intricacies of emotions and actions are portrayed in animes in a vastly different way. Big eyes, exaggerated expressions, tales of revenge, intricate storylines, and many more are dealt with in a way different than normal, or compared to animes other counterparts in the entertainment and art industry. Animes are mostly created in Asia, Japan to be more precise. The Japanese definition and the American definition of anime are vastly different. Japan considers all forms of animated creation as ‘anime’ whereas the west prefers the distinct style of Japanese animation and others as ‘anime’. 

Animes are often considered childish or for a better word, juvenile by critics and a portion of the general public. Animes have been called equivalent to cartoons. There have been instances where animes have been equated with being an adult cartoon. While the premises of this criticism regarding animes have often been a form of mockery or insult, what can not be overlooked is that a significant portion of the general public is unaware of animes. This ignorance has led to the anime being compared to cartoons so let us take a step and learn more about the difference between the two. 

List Of 4 Differences Between The Cartoon and The Anime.

There are numerous differences in the essence of anime and cartoons. Let us illustrate few of the major ones.

examples of anime vs cartoon

1. Core Origin Difference

One of the few most mentionable differences between anime and cartoons is its core origin. Cartoons have a deeper and more ancient history. The first cartoon has man knows dates back to the 15th century and originated in Europe. Cartoons were first made to poke fun at the monarchy, its international relation, and often in attempts to make the royals seem more approachable to the general public. It is a grave misconception that cartoons are made for kids while the history of cartoons shows us that cartoons were first made for adults by adults. 

2. History Of Animes & Cartoons

Now, bring in the comparison of animes to cartoons, what can not be denied is that animes are relatively recent. Originating from Japan, the trend of anime began in the 20th century and soon spread across the globe. What can not be overlooked is that Japanese artists were first influenced by Walt Disney’s production of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and decide to replicate the same, adding in their own twist to make it more relatable to the general Japanese population to understand. As already mentioned, all forms of animation in Japan are called anime, and the first form of anime to gain popularity in Japan was mangas. Mangas are similar to comic books, only with Japanese sways and style of creation. 

3. Sketching Of Characters

difference between anime and cartoon you did not know

Moreover, the sketching of the characters in cartoons and animes has a vast noticeable difference. Animes often draw the human body’s depiction much closer to reality than cartoons. Cartoons often exaggerated features for different humouristic reasons. Besides, cartoons are created with the basic notion of bringing laughter and joy to the viewers. The same is not for anime as it deals with a different subject, much like real movies; the only difference is that in animes emotions are portrayed by animated characters. For instance, animes do not always have a happy ending and often explore horror, psychological thriller, and dark comedy genres. 

4. Difference In Genres

Before watching an anime, details, and reviews about the same should be read in beforehand. As previously mentioned, animes are unlike cartoons. At times animes take gruesome and disturbing turns that may be sensitive for some viewers. Topics such as age-gap, incest, and complex moral decision-making are at times portrayed in a very raw pres[erctive, without substantiating whether it is wrong or not. 

If you are new to the anime world and are interested to watch sensible animes, Studio Ghilbi creations are one of the best choices to go for. Other animes that are famous for their storyline and action that you can watch freely are Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Haikyuu, and more. 

Is Pokémon An Anime Or Cartoon?

Who does not know the name of the world-famous animation series and games based on Pokémon? Pokémon has a famous legacy of popular animated series which came to be loved by all. Popular all around the globe, the franchise of Pokémon was first created in 1995. The Pokémon series portrays a digital universe where a few friends roam around the world and collect Pokémons, which are animals that take different shapes, sizes, and have powers. These Pokémons are then fought in tournaments later in the series.

Now a bone of contention that often arises among people upon the discussion of Pokémon is, whether it is a cartoon or an amine? Misconception should be erased from minds to the true nature of Pokémon. Pokémon is in fact an anime. The facts and details related to Pokémon such as being created in Japan and draws its characteristics from regular animes, also that it portrays its human characters much closer to reality points to Pokémon being an anime. Pokémon is much closer to being an anime than being a cartoon. Other animes similar to Pokémon you can watch are Dragon BallZ and Naruto.

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