10 Basic Life Skills That Students Should be Taught in School but Aren’t

Education is not just about getting good grades and winning medals. Indian schools mostly focus on those curricular activities only. But academics alone wouldn’t help the children to learn the basic life skill sets that are required to be taught from the very beginning of their lives. Since, we all know that it is the kind of childhood and values taught in the early ages that make a Person and decide how he would act in the real world scenarios. So, before it’s too late, we should look into this matter ASAP.

With the growing online classes everywhere, it is more difficult for the children to learn even the basic life skills and right code of conduct. Though the schools cover most of the topics starting from the medieval ages to biology and geometry, they lack to provide the students with the basic knowledge which would ultimately leave them to struggle in the real world whether it be getting married or even getting a job. 

Here, we will talk about 10 such things apart from academics that students should be definitely taught in school from the very early ages but aren’t. 

10 Things that Children Should be Taught in School

How to Manage Their Own Money

The responsibility of handling money is definitely very important to learn from the early ages. We are not talking about the major finance or stocks, but the very basic procedure of opening bank accounts and handling that money carefully because of the fast digitization of everything possible around us. This skill would be of great value when they are elders as well. These should be taught in schools so that they don’t end up doing mistakes and making terrible life decisions.

Conversation Skills

This is one of the most important skills that is required in every aspect of life. Conversing with acquaintances, co-workers, friends, family members, spouses, neighbors, and others require certain norms and boundaries should be observed to give mutual respect and give and take; whether it be through telephone, text messages, mail or even face to face. 

About the Government and Citizen Rights

Though we are taught about our constitution in our civics chapters, the applications in our everyday lives are often missed or are not covered. It is important for students to be aware about the political leaders from the state to ward levels. It should be taught how each of the votes are important and how every vote counts and how it is our responsibility to choose the person we want to see as the leader. 

Concept of Consent

From the very early ages students and in fact all children should be made aware of the concept of consent. Consent is an important factor in life and every person respects the consent of the other person in every personal relationship. It should be made clear to the children that ‘yes’ means yes and ‘no’ means no. There is nothing in between these two extremes.

No Cussing

High school goers are often seen to use curse words by getting influenced by others; be it their seniors or any random passer-by or even their family members. They should in fact be made clear about their meaning of these cuss words and how most of them are disrespectful to women at large. They would thus be more aware of the language they use with and in presence of others. Teachers should make them understand by being friendly and by being supportive. This way we can look forward to a better future generation.  

Helping to Identify Their True Passion

Teachers should be more supportive and encourage students to find their true passion even if it means that they are not good academically. For example, one can be an amazing musician who is weak in maths. Teachers should teach them that it is best to explore and understand their true passion and work on them from an early age so that they can shine in that particular field. 

Taking Household Responsibilities

Students should be taught to help their parents at home and take charge or household maintenance and responsibilities.  They should also be taught basic cleaning skills as well and the fact that it is their equal responsibility towards their household just like their parents.

Learning How to Cook

Earlier schools used to provide home economics classes but those days are far gone now. Although, cooking is a very important life skill that every student should learn. It is not just for sustaining oneself for the times when they are away from home only. Cooking enhances certain skills and even reduces stress levels at large. So school teachers should encourage students to make healthy food at home and maintain a healthy lifestyle thus. 

Self Defense

This is very important for all the children from all ages and they should learn self defense techniques from an early age.  It is better to know how to defend oneself and never need to, rather than to need to, and not know how.

Time Management

While schools focus on taking tests, assignments etc. within a certain time limit, they fail to teach the students how to actually manage their time. Time efficiency is not just helpful for test purposes since as we get older and are tied in our schedules, it becomes necessary to manage our time efficiently and increase productivity in this manner. 

So, these were some of the like skills that every student should be taught in schools by their respective teachers. So it is time that teachers become more encouraging and help students make their lives more efficient as they grow older.

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