Checklist For Dog Owners: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Adopting A Dog

Living with a dog is one of the most fantastic additions you can make to make your life more joyous. There are numerous pets in adoption centers who are looking for a nice home and caretaker, and you could provide them with the same. Dogs are a man’s best friend. This special quote from Roger Caras encompasses in a few words how much we love dogs in this world;

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” 

While loving dogs is one thing, there are a few specifications and details that every dog owner should know before adopting a dog;

Adopting a dog? Know What First Time Dog Owners Should Know Before Buying It.

A Dogs Lifespan Is Short

The hardest truth to endure deserves to be at the top because we have to accept everyone eventually leaves this earth in spirit. Unfortunately for us humans, dogs who give us the most prime moments of unconditional love and friendship, have a much shorter lifespan than humans in general. The fact that your dog, with time, will grow and leave for heaven should not cloud your judgments, actions, and the admiration you have or want to develop towards your dog. However short may their life, dogs leave us with memories that can be cherished forever. 

If A Dog is Acting Aggressive, It is Mostly Out of Fear.

If you sense that your dog is acting strange and aggressive, check your surroundings. Dogs are known to be particularly sensitive to foreign scents, suspicious activity, and around unfamiliar people and surroundings. One of the wisest things you can do in situations where your dog starts barking at something or cowers in fear behind you, pat their back and act out encouraging steps in front of them. You should also check for your security in case your dog starts behaving strangely all of sudden in the presence of a person or at an outdoor place. 

Growing Up With Dogs Makes Your Life Better In All Ways.

If you had a dog growing up by your side, you are likely to turn out more responsible, well-adapted to any surroundings, and of quick positive judgment in any situation. Moreover, you are far less likely to be more healthy, physically and mentally, and more positive in approach towards life than your peers and colleagues in life. Dogs instill great values in people who grow up with them and are known to make them more social, less shy, and awkward around people and be patient with people in their lives. 

Engage Your Dogs In Common Chores Around The House.

Dogs are your mates as well as your house partners. To keep them at the peak of their health always, make them feel like a proper part of the house. And what better way to make someone feel a part of the household than assigning them chores to do? When we talk about training the dog to do chores for you, we do not mean any hard, impossible for a dog to do a chore, such as cooking or completing your office work. Dogs can perform several small tasks around the house such as picking up the newspaper for you and making sure no-one trespasses into your house. 

Your Happiness Is Something That Matters A Lot To Your Dog.

Dogs can sense your mood, especially when you are grieving or anxious. As your best mate, your dog will try to cheer you up by cuddling and snuggling you. The best action to do in situations like these would be to accept your dogs care for you and cherish them with treats and toys to play with later. Suppressing your genuinely hurt feelings can be detrimental for you, so don’t hold them back. Your dog will be your constant support throughout your grieving process. 

Say Goodbye To Stress With A Good Dog By Your Side.

Your dog spends a considerable amount of time with you at home. In fact, they love it when you stay at home and play with them. But faced with reality, you have to go outside to earn a living. Most of our negative energy comes from outside influences, which may be something that happened at the office or school that might make you upset for a day or two. Your habits and moods are quickly identified by your dog upon you arriving, and the sight of them happy to have you back is sure to brighten your spirit. Playing and spending time with your dog lift your mood considerably. 

You Are Your Dogs Source Of Security Too.

Dogs are of course a mate which provides security such as warning you in case of an intruder is in the house, or a suspicious human gets close to you. In a similar way, you are responsible for your dogs’ safety and security too. Dogs are often over-enthusiastic and energetic. At times, they may bite someone at the park during vigorous games or might run into traffic. That is why precaution must be taken by you to keep your beloved dog away from other people at the park, always on a leash, and away from traffic. 

Change In Environment Can Effect A Dogs Behavior.

In case you are moving or traveling somewhere for a trip or work along with your dog, you might observe erratic and strange behavior from your dog. Dogs have a hard time getting accustomed to newer surroundings and that is why everything must be approached with patience and calmness in situations like these. You might often observe these kinds of behavior from bigger dogs, who are more protective of themselves and their owner. You can also choose to leave your dog with a friend or facility for some time until you get back from your trip. However, if leaving your dog is not an option for you, make sure you will be staying in a pet-friendly residential such as these villa vicente apartments los angeles ca.

Dogs Are Pets, They Need To Be Cared For.

Dogs need to be cared for and groomed. They have hair on their skin and nails on their paws like humans too (except we have hands and legs). Bath your dogs with proper shampoos and soaps and make sure to pay extra attention to their fur. Some dogs may not like to be bathed so you have to careful and strategic in order to get them in the water, such as distracting them with a toy. Bathing your dog should be done on a lawn if you have one in your house. Also, take your dog to a dog grooming center nearby to cut their fur into shape and their nails, too. 

Do Not Leave Your Dogs Alone For A Long Hours At Time.

Dogs love you and your company. As we said, dogs consider you to be their one and only best mate in the world. That is why you may often notice they are unwilling to let you go out without them when you are living for work or school. They will either follow you outside and bark loudly at your departure. While they eventually get accustomed to this, sensing your routine to arriving later in the back to home, dogs are known to wait for their owner/caretakers to get back. That is why we recommend you not to leave your dogs for long hours and days, because they can get depressed and behave strangely sensing your absence. 

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