Top 10 Short K-Dramas for Busy Workaholics or to Binge-watch in One day

There are many short K-dramas for busy-bees who don’t have time to watch a 16-episode long drama. These dramas can also be binge-watched in a single day! They are perfect to watch after a long and tiring day. They are of many genres like comedy, romance, mystery, etc and each episode is usually 5-10 minutes long. So here are some worth-watching short K-dramas for you!

Love Playlist (2017)

This drama has over 300 million views, and is a must-watch for every K-drama fan. It has multiple seasons and stories which revolves around college students and their adventures in university. The drama shows how they struggle for their dreams and face love, friendship and other problems.

Gaduri Restaurant (2020)

The story is about a young, beautiful, and charismatic owner (Lee Joo-bin) of a huijib (Korean sliced raw fish restaurant). She’s also known for giving dating advice through tarot card readings. Apparently, she comes across with her new, mysterious neighbour (Hyuk), who doesn’t care what others think and lives his life his own way.

Be Positive (2016)

The story revolves around an aspiring filmmaker (Do Kyung-soo), who is preparing for his graduation project. However, he faces difficulties when he is asked to hire his ex-girlfriend (Chae Seo-jin) to play the lead in his movie. The drama’s aim is to send a message of support for young generation through an accessible platform.

Nightmare Teacher (2016)

Kang Ye Rim (Kim So-Hyun) is a top student and president of the class. But she is concerned, when she feels something is strange with her teacher (Uhm Ki-Joon) and other students in the class. Since the new teacher arrived, all students have fallen into a trance and whatever they dream eventually turns into reality. Can Ye-Rim uncover the reasons of these strange occurrences?

The Boy Next Door (2017)

This drama is probably the shortest and easiest to binge-watch as each episode is only 5-10 minutes. The drama is a webtoon adaptation in which two university students (Choi Woo-shik & Jang Ki-yong) are initially neighbours, but end up living together due to certain circumstances. They often fall in certain situations which make people think that they’re in a relationship. Their awkwardness and chemistry adds a humour, and also shows sensitive issues and misconceptions which LGBTQ youth may experience.

A-Teen (2018)

Much like Love Playlist, the drama tells about a group of friends and their ups and downs, friendships, fights, love, heartbreak and struggles as teenagers in school. This drama has over 300 million views with 2 seasons. Watch them experience how it’s like to be 18 year old!

Amanza (2020)

A 26 year old man (Kim Ji-Soo) is diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. As he struggles with pain of his treatment, he realizes that he never truly lived his life. So he travels into his imagination, to a magical forest where answers and miracles can be found.

Color Rush (2020)

Because of color blindness, Choi Yeon-Woo (Yoo Jun) sees the world in grey. He finally meets his fated love Go Yoo-Han (Heo Hyun-Jun). Whenever he’s near him, he can see the world in color by experiencing a sudden rush of emotions and flashes of color. Yeon-woo will try to find his long-lost mother and solve mysteries along with his fated soul.

Twenty Twenty (2020)

Twenty-Twenty tells the stories of 20-year-old college students and realistic problems they face as they just became adults. Watch them experience freedom, love, friendships, dreams along with responsibilities.

Best Mistake (2019)

A female high schooler (Lee Eun-Jae) who is irritated and tries to get rid of a boy from her past who just won’t leave her alone. Therefore, she posts a picture of another boy (Kang Yul) on social media hoping that he won’t admire her anymore. But the boy she put a photo of was an extremely popular schoolmate. Eventually, the photo gets viral and she ends up getting to know the popular boy, despite the fact that her best friend has a crush on him too.

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