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100+ Things to Do to Beat Your Boredom When You Are Alone at Home (2022)

Hey Google: What To Do When You’re Home Alone And Bored? Dealing with our boredom has been more difficult since the onset of Covid. There were months when we had nothing to do at hand and had to depend on just our phones to keep ourselves busy or more commonly, sleeping was the only resort for us to somehow spend the day. But even though the spur has decreased to a certain extent, hanging out with friends or making plans has been difficult for us.

Imagine you’re sitting at home on a Sunday without any parties to attend to or any plans with your friends. You’re feeling super bored and have no idea how to spend the day alone while having fun as well. Sounds familiar? Well, there are a number of ways how you can turn your super boring day into a super fun one with the help of some of these exciting ideas!

Productive Things to Do When You Are Bored

Free time always gives us opportunities to do something that we cannot do usually during normal days or make up some time in our busy schedules. Boredom always tend to find some potential that we are usually unable to detect ourselves and as they say: Boredom always precedes a period of great productivity.

  1. Create a Website
  2. Try Blogging
  3. Start Vlogging
  4. Read a book that you’ve always wanted to
  5. Watch a biography or a biopic
  6. Enroll into some short online courses to learn a new skill
  7. Learn a new language
  8. Start maintaining a diary
  9. Start making journals
  10. Set up a workout routine for yourself
  11. Start a skincare routine
  12. Learn Inclusive Language Vocabulary
  13. Write a play
  14. Learn Professional Way of Handshaking
  15. Set goals for yourself which will motivate you
  16. Listen to music
  17. Meditate
  18. Complete your household chores
  19. Plan Your Career
  20. Learn new words to increase your vocabulary
  21. Apply for Passport

Creative Things to Do When You Are Bored

Most summer breaks or even during this quarantine, have been very boring for people like me. Parents are not at home, no classes to attend and most friends have their semester system which leads to the breaks not lining up. But it’s nice to sometimes hang out with ourselves and liven p the creative side in us. There are a variety of creative things that you can do while alone and bored.

  1. Paint your heart out
  2. Try sketching the things around you
  3. Make something cute for yourself
  4. Make a handmade card for your loved ones
  5. Try out graphic designing
  6. Start balcony gardening
  7. Try knitting something and if you don’t know how to, learn
  8. Make homemade popsicles
  9. Try cooking something that you love
  10. Create a full course meal for your parents with the ingredients you have in your kitchen
  11. Organize and decorate your room with handmade home decors

Adventurous Things to Do When Bored

Life’s a bit duller than usual when you want to do something adventurous and exciting but you’re bored and alone at home. It’s hard enough to be motivated while bored let alone thinking about having a little adventure of yours while bored to death. Yet, that’s not it. There is a whole bunch of things that you can try out and you should always remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

  1. Try to learn Marital Arts – Indian Martial Arts Forms
  2. Start Your Own Online E-Commerce Business
  3. Try Passive Income Ideas
  4. Create Some Handcrafts and Sell Online Through Social Media
  5. Make a funny prank call to a friend without getting caught
  6. Learn to Create App
  7. Make Your Room Soundproof From Outside Noise
  8. Make Your Ceiling Soundproof From Impact Noise and Foot Steps

Relaxing Things to Do When Bored

Self-care is now an alien concept in this busy and hectic lives of ours (It’s quite evident from our dark circles ain’t it?). When was the last time that you too out some time for yourself and engaged in some self-care at home? Boredom has so many positive sides to itself other than activating your creative side or fun side as well. Like providing you with some time to self-pamper and relax. Here is a list of some relaxing things you can do while bored.

  1. Prepare your own bed with brand new sheets as if you are in a hotel
  2. Draw a warm and soothing bath for yourself
  3. Light some fancy candles that you’d probably never use and lie down
  4. Light some incense sticks and meditate
  5. Sleep with the alarm off
  6. Try Indian Classical Dance Forms
  7. Go for a walk in the garden
  8. Read Sociology Books
  9. Pet an animal (it helps generate the happy hormones in you and improves sleep as well!)
  10. Relax, lie down and listen to a podcast
  11. Start doing yoga – Try Must-Do Yoga Asanas
  12. Take an online tour of any place that you like
  13. Watch Online Cricket Match
  14. Try sitting under a tree in the park and listen to some soothing music
  15. Buy a pedicure kit, relax on the couch and enjoy your ready spa at home!
  16. Apply a soothing face mask that will help freshen you up
  17. Sit down and try deep breathing

Games to Play When Bored at Home Alone

  1. WhatsApp Games With Your Friends
  2. Try origami
  3. PUBG
  4. Temple Run
  5. League of Legends
  6. DOTA 2
  7. Minecraft
  8. Hearthstone
  9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone
  10. Fortnite Battle Royale
  11. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  12. Apex Legends
  13. Dungeon Fighter Online
  14. Free Fire
  15. Play online games on Telegram

And the list goes on and on. There are numerous things that you can try out while you’re bored and want to feel like yourself at the same time. And, boredom isn’t so difficult as it seems. We have forgotten to be in our own company. It’s high time we start spending more free time with ourselves and maybe even embrace some boredom!

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