Short Online Courses: Learn New Skill During The Quarantine

Quarantined? Want to make the best use of this COVID-19 lockdown and learn new professional skills for career growth and to increase your job prospects? Do you want to prepare yourself to deal with all the possible uncertainties in the post-epidemic period?

This lockdown can do many many things to many people. For you, it could be some much needed free time and for someone else, it just is a boring chore. But at some or the other point a question like ‘what am I supposed to do with this much free time?’ must have pooped in your head. So here we are to help you make total use of your lockdown period at home.

With sites like Edx, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Skill Share, Upgrad, NPTEL Swayam Courses, Khan Academy, Udacity, Code Academy, Amity University, Harvard Online Courses, etc gaining popularity it has become very easy to acquire skills or knowledge. Today we have compiled a list of courses you can take in order to improve yourself.

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Learn Blogging

To learn Blogging, you need writing skills. If you are good at writing you can go this Free Online Blogging Course and learn blogging. You can blog in any language. Don’t do things for certificate, better learn the skills and execute what you learn from a course. Create a blog website like Count Shout, write quality content for your blog after proper research and publish it. Apply for AdSense and start earning passive income just by writing content on your own website. You can take help from your family members, you can ask them to write content for the website. If you want to earn certificate go to Google Digital Garage and give the test and get the certificate but it is useless if you don’t know how to create a blogging website.

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Learn Languages

This is one of the most important languages. We’re living in a time with great influence of globalization. Most of the time you have clients from different countries. In a situation like this learning, a new language will prove to be very helpful. It will also give you an advantage while getting recruited in an MNC. Or you could just learn new languages with the aim of becoming a polyglot.


Coding has always been a much sought after skill by many companies. Languages like python are still in demand.  We’re living in a time where many employers prefer proficiency in coding matters more than a degree in computer science. It’s not that difficult, just a bit time taking for you to understand the basics and to get used to the syntax, and you’re good to go. It can also be a very lucrative skill with people choosing to freelance and code from home rather than going to work in an office. So get your Laptop out and code away.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the leading fields of technology and the demand will only rise in the future. AI is applied in everything from games to robots and even self-driving cars. Getting yourself acquainted with the topic will surely give you an edge over your competitors when applying for your next job. Udemy has many paid courses on the AI but it is also one of the best free online courses websites.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of AI. It is also a skill that is in demand. It is one of the most sought after skills at the moment and it is highly recommended for you to learn the skills as they will help you in landing a job in any IT company.

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Data Science

Data science is the new trend. It basically involves you analysing the statistics and getting to know what affects the performance of your product. It sounds a bit complicated at first but its simple to get into. This is another skill that will give you an edge over your peers in getting job opportunities.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is such an area that will always stay relevant no matter what, and also has the potential to grow. With almost everyone having access to the internet digital marketing is and has been a very lucrative business. Coursera, Linkedin learning, SkillShare, Upgrad, etc all have amazing courses related to digital marketing.


Technology has come a long way. Now, we don’t have to carry bulky cameras around to take good quality pictures, we can just do it with our smartphone. If you’re skilled, photography can be done with any kind of camera, and still make the pictures look good. Many of us have that tiny worm in our head which craves capturing beautiful moments, so why not take this time and put it to use? There are loads of free courses available, even on youtube for both professional cameras and smartphones. Just grab your phone and start clicking.

Game Development

If you’ve always leaned towards games of any sort this might be the course for you. Game development is a pretty huge field, it has many different aspects to it and you can do anything. Ranging from working in a team to create a massive open-world game to creating a small Hyper Casual game. Create a game to your liking and when you play the final product you will be immensely proud of yourself.

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Yes, Cooking! Cooking is a very important life skill and those people who are living alone in this lockdown might’ve realised the importance of being able to make your own food. It is never too late to start learning how to cook. There are many ways of learning how to cook, either ask an experienced family member to teach you or learn from the free courses available online.


This is also a good time for those who have wanted to get back into shape but have always been restricted by their busy lives and schedules. There are many videos online on sites such as Udemy and Youtube teaching you about the right diet and nutrition and the type of exercise you need to do get into your desired shape.

Self Help and Mental Health

All of us have busy and hectic schedules which take a toll on us both physically and mentally. We give our body enough attention but we neglect the amount of stress our brain handles. This lockdown period can be a blessing in disguise for you to learn to care for your mind as well. Sites such as udemy offer courses like meditation help you heal your mind and relax.

Final words:

That was our list of courses you can take up during the lockdown period to help you improve yourself, hope that it helped you out. Happy Learning!


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