Best 10 Korean Dramas About Ghost in 2022

Horror Korean dramas with spirits, dead people, evil or funny ghosts – are exciting and thrilling to watch! Korean dramas are popular because of their distinct ability to connect the viewers with emotions. Every dramatic sequence attracts the audience, which is why people like to watch Korean drama. They are well known for their fashionable themes & sassy styles, which makes it more addictive for the viewers. If you are in the mood to watch horror, try some K-dramas listed below. Some are very mysterious, serious, and emotional, while some have lots of comedy.

List of must watch horror Korean dramas with ghosts and spirits.

1) Hotel Del Luna

It’s not a normal hotel. It serves the dead and ghosts are their customers! The owner is a cold and ill-tempered young woman (IU/Lee Ji-eun), who actually got a punishment to serve the ghosts. Along with her, is a young man (Yeo Jin-Goo), who is a Harvard Graduate but has no choice other than to manage the haunted hotel. Watch them deal with some creepy ghosts and their unfinished desires.

2) Sweet Home

The drama is about a loner high school boy (Song Kang) who lost his entire family in a terrible accident. Therefore he moves to an old apartment complex called ‘Green Home.’ While in deep distress, he gradually realises that monsters are roaming out everywhere trying to end humanity. Watch him and the residents of Green Home trying to survive this monster apocalypse.

3) The Uncanny Counter

It’s a drama where four noodle shop employees fight evil spirits. Interesting, right? It’s based on a webtoon named “Amazing Rumor’ by Jang Yi. The drama is more of a sci-fi adventure series, which is why you will almost feel like watching X-Men! It has some romance, thriller, mystery and lots of action.

4) Master’s Sun

If you still want to fall asleep after watching some horror, try this one. It tells the story of a greedy businessman (So Ji-sub) who doesn’t believe in ghosts, but apparently, he meets a woman (Gong Hyo-Jin) who is cursed to see ghosts. The plot is very interesting as they encounter many ghosts with different stories. It has fantasy, horror, romance, mystery, and comedy.

5) Strangers from Hell/Hell Is Other People

The story revolves around a country boy who gets a small job in Seoul. So he moves into a cheap apartment, but with a common bathroom and kitchen for everyone. He is suspicious about his neighbors, as each and everyone is so strange and creepy! Watch him deal with some weird neighbors and wonder whether it’s an apartment or asylum?

6) The Ghost Detective

This one has real horror. It’s the story of a detective (Choi Daniel) who catches ghosts, with an assistant (Park Eu Bin). They try to unfold the mysteries behind the death of their loved ones. While solving every case and investigation, they come across a mysterious woman (Lee Ji Ah). Is the woman connected to these mysterious crimes?

7) Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight

The drama is about a university student (Taecyeon) who has the ability to see ghosts. To earn money, he becomes an exorcist and helps people vanish the ghosts that are haunting them, but with only a 50-50 success rate. Meanwhile, there is a 19-year-old girl (Kim So-Hyun) who died in a car accident but is wandering on Earth for 5 years and is unable to go into the afterlife. Apparently, they both meet, and together with their abilities, they help dead souls move on to the afterlife. However, they don’t know that they are being stalked by an evil spirit who was the reason behind the girl’s accident, and the reason why the boy can see ghosts.


8) A Korean Odyssey

The drama is about a modern-day Monkey King (Lee Seung Gi) who is exiled to the human world due to certain reasons. He wants to finish his exile with the help of a special woman (Oh Yeon Seo) who can see spirits. Apparently, the two end up working together to fight evil spirits. The story is actually a modern adaptation of a classical Chinese story ‘Journey to the West’ which was published in the 16th century. It has been adapted by many films and television.

9) Black

The story revolves around a detective (Song Seung-Heon) who is possessed by a Grim Reaper and a woman (Go Ara) who has the ability to predict death. Together they’ll unfold crime cases and murders. It has horror, thriller, and mystery!

10) The Cursed

An enthusiastic reporter (Uhm Ji-won), investigates a company called ‘Forest’ which is the biggest IT company in South Korea. The chairman (Sung Dong-II) of that company practices shamanism. During the investigation, the reporter finds out that the company is being controlled by an evil spirit. While trying to reveal the secret, she meets a teenage girl (Jung Ji-So) who has the ability to bring death just by using names, photos, and belongings. The drama has thriller, mystery, and horror.

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