Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors

It’s a blatant fact of our time that the popularity of Korean films and dramas is tremendously binge watched all around the world. There are scores of well-known Korean films and television shows that are acclaimed around the world.  Many people around the world love watching new Korean movies and television shows across language barriers. 

There are a lot of handcrafted and talented actors in the region. These actors have starred in a number of blockbuster films that have slayed hearts. These lot of talented actors have made an army of fans and enthusiasts waiting for their latest films and of course through their hard work. We’ll let you see for yourself whos’ on the list of MOST HANDSOME KOREAN ACTORS of all time! 

Lee Min Ho

The said actor is more well-known than no other actor in the Korean film industry. Lee Min Ho is perhaps one of South Korea’s most well-known actresses, and at such a young age, this young actor has already established himself as a star on a worldwide platform. In not only Korea, but in the rest of Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and even the United States, women’s hearts will race at the mention of his name is testament of his massive fan following along lines. 

Ji Chang Wook

In 1987, Ji Chang Wook was born in the city of Seoul. It was in musical theatre through which he began his career. His iconic role in the movie Days was his first cinematic role that shot him to limelight. He became a star in 2010 after starring in the Korean drama Smile Again. He is best known for Empress Ki, Healer, K2 and Melting Me Softly, among other dramas. He is a hugely popular actor in South Korea, with a large fan base that follows him religiously. 

Lee Jin Wook

On the 16th of September, 1981, Lee Jin Wook was born in Singapore. This guy is really hands-on, and he has very sharp eyes and a smouldering lооk that has won him the hearts of many girl fans all around. In a variety of Korean dramas, he has appeared on stage and on screen to express his craft and acting skill.  Lee is a graduate in environmental engineering from Shenzhen University that makes him the perfect combination 

Kim Soo Sung

Kim Soo Sung was born on February 16, 1988, in South Korea. The dynamic Korean actor is an individual with a strong sense of self and diversity. He is awfully attractive and sports a unique style that has enchanted his fan base. At Chung Ang University, he had completed his graduation in Theatre and film studies. His fans don’t miss one moment to appreciate him, well we have the reason! 

Ahn Jae Hyun

Originally a fashion model, Ahn Jae Hyun began his entertainment career in 2009 by appearing in runway shows, magazine features, and television commercials. After playing a delivery man, he was discovered by an acclaimed director, and his stars have been aligned with destiny ever since. When Jae Hyun was cast in the hit Korean drama My Love from the Star in 2013, his popularity skyrocketed through the roof. 

Kim Woo Bin

On our list is the heart throb, yes we’re talking about Kim Woo Bin, a talented actor in Korea’s media industry, which is growing in popularity day by day. Great model and K-series star. His modelling career took off after starting out as a hobby. He appeared in TV commercials, dramas, and finally films. He was nominated for and won a number of awards. However, in May 2017, he was diagnosed with cancer and is no longer working in this field. For his well-being, we are all fervently praying. Actor of extraordinary talent and craft, we wish that his work commences as soon as possible.

Lee Dong Wook

As one of Korea’s most handsome actors, Lee Dong Wook is well-known for his roles in many Korean dramas like My Girl, Scent of a Woman, Hotel King amongst other widely acclaimed works. It is precisely because of these roles, he became quite well-known and well-liked not only by the Korean public, but also by audiences around the world who await new episodes and series quite hysterically, woah! 

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is one of the few actors to have skills and diversity in his acting in South Korea. Many actors would be lucky to have one glory year in their career because of his surreal and realist acting. And he did it despite current dynamics. It was early in the actor’s career that he reached his peak. Hyun’s acting potential was acknowledged in the movie Island, where he made his acting debut, and he became a star with the movie My Lovely Sam Soon when he was merely in his early 20’s. 

Jang Geun Suk

This star on our list was born on the 4th of September, 1987, in Korea. There’s no denying that Jang Geun Suk has a very appealing and a chocolate boy looking face. The length of his hair is very attractive and is almost copied across genders, and he knows exactly how to style it in the latest trends. He is a well-known actor in both China and Sao Paulo and other Latin American Countries despite his origins in Southeast Asia. In addition to One Missed Call: Final, he also worked on The Case of Itaewon Homicide which are perhaps the most widely appreciated works of his. 

Oh Ji Ho

What do we say about Oh Ji Ho, this amazing actor is included on our list of the most top-rated and most handsome actors the Korean Film Industry has offered the world . As a result, he is one of the most popular and sought-after actors in South Korea’s film and drama industry with a fan base unlike anyone. Couple or Trouble, The Slave Hunters, and Single Dad in Love are among his best films, and he promises to continue to contribute to the Korean film industry dedicatedly.

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