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How to Send Christmas Stickers to friends on WhatsApp in 2022?

Christmas is a festival of joy, serenity and gifts. There are several ways to wish Merry Christmas to your friends and family like sending them surprise gifts, making cards for them, etc. But, in this digitally connected world, how can one forget sending cool Christmas stickers on WhatsApp to their friends and family? If you think you do not have Christmas stickers, read and follow the following steps to get access to hundreds of such WhatsApp stickers:

Step 1: Open Play Store or App Store and in the search bar, type or directly click on the link below.

Apple (iOS):

Step 2: Install the app on the phone. 

Step 3: Open the app and Sign in with your Google Account or Facebook Account.

Step 4: After successfully signing in, click on the search icon (🔎) at the bottom of the app.

Step 5: A search bar will appear. Type ‘Christmas’ in the search bar at the top.

Step 6: Select any sticker pack of your choice and then click on ‘Add to WhatsApp’ button at the bottom. Then, the app will automatically download the Christmas stickers.

Step 8: Then, a pop-up will come – ‘Would you like to add Christmas to WhatsApp?’ Click on ADD.

Congrats! You have successfully added the stickers to your WhatsApp.

Step 9: Open WhatsApp and select any friend or contact you want to send stickers to.

Step 10: Then, click on the emoji icon at the bottom-left of the screen. Click on the stickers option which comes with a folded-paper icon. 

Step 11: In the top row, you will find your chosen Christmas Sticker pack. Click on it and then, choose any sticker that you wish to send to your friend.

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