Top 14 K-Dramas with Fantasy & Supernatural Elements in 2022

K-Dramas always have a wide variety of genres, and some of the most prominent genres are Fantasy and Supernatural. Time travel, alternate universe, supernatural abilities, etc. can always make the drama more addictive. These genres can make you escape the reality and sometimes take you to a totally different world. So if you are in mood to watch, check the list below.

here are some top recommendations:

I Can Hear Your Voice/I Hear Your Voice (2013)

The story revolves around a lawyer, Jang Hye-Sung (Lee Bo Young), and a young man, Park Soo-Ha (Lee Jong Suk), who has an ability to read people’s minds. They both went through a terrible incident together in childhood, but eventually got separated. Soo Ha wants to meet Hye-Sung again and imagines a fantasy of what she will be like. But when he finally finds her, she is a complete opposite of what he had imagined. Also, there is a man from their past who threatens her, and Soo Ha is ready to protect Hye-Sung no matter what it takes.

About Time (2018)

A musical actress (Lee Sung-Kyung) has a special ability to see people’s lifespan clocks. Eventually she meets a man (Lee Sang-Yoon) who can stop people’s clock time, which means he can extend lifespan. Two people with different abilities when it comes to time. What will the story lead to? Watch and find out.

That Man Oh Soo/Evergreen (2018)

A young man (Lee Jong-Hyun) in his 20’s is a promising engineer in the IT field, and also a cafe owner and barista. He plays as a cupid by making men and women fall in love. He does that by using mysterious pollen of a magical tree. Although he makes people fall in love, but he himself is lonely and has no love life. But all is about to change, when the pollen works on himself and he meets a young and beautiful police officer (Kim So-eun).

‌When Time Stopped/That Time When Time Stops (2018)

A man (Kim Hyun-Joong) has an ability to stop time, but is actually having a lonely life because of it. When he needs a place to live, he rents a basement which is owned by Kim Sun-Ah (Ahn Ji-Hyun). The building owner Kim Sun-Ah lives a happy and joyful life, even though she has to pay her father’s debts and is financially struggling. The man discovers that even though he stops the time, Kim Sun-Ah is not affected and continues to “live” happily in a stopped world. With bubbly and bright Kim Sun-Ah by his side, can lonely Moo Joon-Woo learn how to appreciate time and live his life?

The Girl Who Sees Smells/The Girl Who Sees Scents (2015)

A detective (Park Yoo-chun) lost his younger sister in a murder case and lost his ability to taste, smell, and feel pain. Eventually, he meets a girl (Shin Se-Kyung), who is the only witness to the murder case and has a special sixth sense. She has this strange ability to see patterns of smells in the air. But there is a problem, she has lost her memory. Watch this team solve and work together on a series of barcode murders.

Are You Human Too? (2018)

Laura Oh (Kim Sung-ryung) is a top scientist and genius on brain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). She has also married into one of the richest families in South Korea, and her son Nam Shin (Seo Kang-Joon) is about to inherit the family’s massive business empire. However, one day, Nam Shin is brutally assaulted by someone and he falls into a coma. His mother takes a risky decision of creating an android, which will pretend to be her son. After two failed attempts, she manages to make an android named Nam Shin III, which is an incredible success. But things will get complicated, as everyone falls in love with the charming, handsome, lifelike android. Also, she has to protect him from the people who once tried to kill the “real” Nam Shin.

Bride of the Water God/The Bride of Haebak (2017)

The story is about a God of the Land of Water (Nam Joo-Hyuk), who has to collect sacred stones from the human world in order to become King of his Realm. He tries to get help from a neuropsychiatrist So-ah (Shin Se-Kyung), who is the only descendant from a middle-class family which is fated to serve the Water God. Initially, she doesn’t believe he’s a god and assumes that he is suffering from mental illness. However, when she meets the goddess of the Land of Water, Mu-ra (Krystal), god of the Land of the Sky, Bi-ryeom, (Gong Myung), and the demigod Hu-ye (Lim Ju-hwan), she decides to help him find the sacred stones.

My Love from the Star (2013)

This one was a massive success in the Hallyu world. The story tells about a famous actress (Jun Ji-Hyun) and an alien (Kim Soo-Hyun) who landed on earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Era with some supernatural abilities. It has romance, comedy, fantasy and science-fiction. The plot and chemistry is really a hit!

Tale of the Nine-Tailed (2020)

The story tells about a nine-tailed fox (Lee Dong-Wook), who takes a human form and settles in the city. Meanwhile, there is a girl (Jo Bo-ah) who is a TV producer specialized in supernatural investigative programs. When she knows that there is a nine-tailed fox living in the city, she is determined to make him appear on her TV show. And there is a step-brother (Kim Bum) of the fox, who is a half-human and half-fox. But he hates humans and misuses his powers to take advantage of them.

He is Psychometric (2019)

The story is about a boy (Park Jin-Young) who has a special ability. He can read memories, just by touching someone. Using his ability, he wants to end evilness from the world. But fun fact, he is not smart at all. Meanwhile, there is a girl (Shin Ye-eun) who has a scar in her mind and tries to it. Apparently, they both happen to meet and struggle to solve the cases!

Extraordinary You (2019)

What happens when a high-school girl (Kim Hye-Yoon) realises that she does not exist in real and is just a character from a comic book? She can’t do anything she wants and has to follow the story of the comic book all the time. So all she can do is convince the author. There is an extra character too (Rawoon), who will help her survive this crazy comic world.

The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

This drama portrays parallel worlds. Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) crosses the border between two worlds and is able to meet detective Jeong Tae-eul (Kim Go-Eun). The drama shows the conflict about lovers from two different worlds & time-travel moments that could change the present & future. This one will make you think, discuss and hence a lot of theories may come.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020)

Another popular web-comic adaptation! The drama is about a woman (Hwang Jung-Eum) who runs a Mystic Pop-Up Bar at night. Due to her actions in the past, she got a punishment to solve the grudges of 100,000 people or she will go to hell. She also has the manager Guibanjang (Choi Won-young) by her side. Because of the less time left, she becomes desperate and asks help from Han Kang-Bae (Yook Sungjae) who can make people spill their secrets by just touching them. Watch the trio solve people’s grudges and help each other reach their goal.

Beauty Inside (2018)

The drama is a remake of 2015 movie “The Beauty Inside”, but with some major different elements. It’s a love story and acceptance is the main theme here. There is this woman (Seo Hyun Jin), who is an A-list actress but she lives one week out of every month with a different appearance. Meanwhile, the male lead (Lee Min Ki) suffers from prosopagnosia, which means he has an inability to acknowledge people’s faces. But he hides his disability and remembers people by their habits and manners. What kind of a love story will it lead to? Watch to find out.

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