Top 10 Best IVF Centres in India (2022)

The news of infertility is often disheartening for people. Nevertheless, this problem can be easily fixed with proper medical care and diagnosis which is found in many hospitals and IVF centers around India. The IVF specialists of India are well trained and believe in creating a partnership with the patient and it works more successfully when the patient is well-informed and hence, can play an active role in the treatment. With the increasing refinement of technologies, the success rate is increasing in every age group and the couples are able to conceive without any trouble.

Fertility Centers: List of 10 India’s Best IVF Centers

NOVA IVF Fertility Centre (Hyderabad)

NOVA Fertility Centre is one of the best IVF centers in Hyderabad. Apart from IVF treatments, Nova also offers services regarding male infertility, female infertility, PCOD, ICSI treatment, IUI procedure as well as test-tube baby center. It has a high success rate and has some of the best customer reviews that you can easily rely on.

Fortis (Delhi)

Fortis la Femme is one of the best IVF centers in Delhi located in the Greater Kailash II neighborhood. It is one of a kind facility with a core belief system that “a woman is a very special person with special needs”. With this feminist and very humanist approach towards their patients coupled with the expert medical support and practitioners that serve here, the customer satisfaction rates are indeed very high. The hospital has specialized infertility medicine teams who are specialized in the field of IVF and also provide medical services in terms of intrauterine insemination, sperm donation, egg freezing with a highly safe technological approach, and expert counseling.

Apollo Fertility (Bangalore)

Apollo Fertility is one of the best IVF centers in Bangalore and has the highest success rates in IVF cases in the city. Equipped with ultramodern operation theatres and advanced IUI, Andrology, and Embryology labs, this 35000sq.ft facility provides its patients with utmost privacy and comfort. Their team includes specialists in the field of fertility, reproductive endocrinology, reproductive medicine, andrology, fetal medicine, embryology, laparoscopic surgeons, and a supportive team of counselors.

The Bloom IVF Center (Mumbai)

The Bloom IVF center is one of the best IVF centers in Mumbai. Started by DR. Hrishikesh Pai, a highly qualified and accomplished medical practitioner who specializes in the field. They have a team of IVF specialists who have been practicing for over 25 years, internationally. With a cumulative pregnancy rate(after 3 attempts) at 90 percent and with the usage of standardized and effective procedures for their patients while being cost-effective at the same time, they have grown to be one of the industry leaders in our country. Apart from standard IVF facilities they also provide their patients with services such as egg donation and oocyte freezing.

The Chennai Fertility Center (Chennai)

The Chennai Fertility Center is one of the best IVF centers in Chennai which claims to hold a record for 25000+ IVF/ICSI Deliveries that have been completed successfully. Apart from being the largest IVF center in south India, this hospital has to offer a highly reputed team of endocrinologists, physicians, embryologists, and geneticists who use the state of the art facilities including ultramodern operation theatres to render complete fertility services from basic evaluation and testing to the very latest in Assisted Reproductive Technologies(ART) and counseling services. They also render medical services in terms of egg sharing, blastocyst culture, ICSI, embryo verification, DNA fragmentation, IUI, and many others.

The Nova Infertility Clinic (Kolkata)

The Nova Infertility Clinic, Uttam Kumar Sarani is one of the best IVF centers in the city of Kolkata. Their team of highly trained infertility specialists, gynecologists, andrologists, embryologists, counselors, nurses, and other staff are supported by their world-class infrastructure and they all adhere to the guidelines prescribed internationally such as ESHRE and also adhere to ICMR guidelines. Another USP of this facility is that it offers competitive pricing and patients can get 0% EMI through third-party providers if required. They have an incredible number of 35000 IVF pregnancies that they have successfully welcomed their way to speak for their reputation as one of the best.

Indira IVF Center (Pune)

Indira IVF center is the best IVF center in the city of Pune. It provides affordable yet credible infertility curation to patients from Pune and from all over the country. Over the past 8 years, they have had 65000+ successful IVF procedures that have been performed with the close working chamber IVF technology. They have world-class laboratories with a team of specialist physicians and nurses and supporting staff working round the clock to provide the patients with facilities such as IVF, infertility workup, laser-assisted hatching, IUI, sonography, preimplantation genetic testing, ICSI, and many others.

PRIME IVF (Gurgaon)

Run by a team of highly trained and experienced doctors and backed by state-of-the-art technology, PRIME IVF is the best IVF center in Gurgaon. They aim to provide very economical IVF treatment with a very high success rate and have a patient-centric approach with a compassionate team providing all medical, psychological counseling, and social support to the patients leading to high rates of patient satisfaction. They have centers in both Delhi and Gurgaon and provide all kinds of infertility cure and support related services such as IVF, ICSI, Endometrial receptive analysis, Ovarian PRP, blastocyst stage culture, and other necessary treatments.

Wellspring IVF & Women’s Hospital (Ahmedabad)

Wellspring IVF & Women’s Hospital is one of the most well-renowned and best IVF centers in the city. Their services are result-oriented and are not just confined to India but abroad as well, providing suitable treatment at the lowest test tube baby cost. Their services include IVF treatment, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, PGS & PGD treatment, TESE, PESA, and Blastocyst culture treatment deploying the latest medical techniques. Their embryologists have earned national and international recognition for their substantial contribution and dedication in their field. Apart from providing well-tailored treatment to all infertile couples they also organize patient-centric yoga, meditation, weight management, stress reduction, and wellness coaching sessions regularly for their patients.

Virk Fertility Services (Jalandhar)

Virk Fertility Services is one of the best IVF centers in Jalandhar and is the first IVF center in India to be accredited by NABH Safe-1. The center has state-of-the-art IVF-ICSI labs and theatre which are maintained at international standards and are designed and equipped as per the demands of NRI overseas patients. They provide all kinds of treatments to infertile couples including GIFT, ZIFT, IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, surgical sperm retrieval, artificial insemination, and the like. They also provide accommodation for out-of-town patients who can just contact their travel manager if and when necessary. They have one of the best medical teams in India who along with providing surgical, testing, and other medical services also provide expert counseling for their patients.

FAQs about IVF:

What is IVF Treatment?

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a process by which couples can get pregnant through artificial means. This process involves the usage of a variety of medicines and some surgical procedures to help the sperm cell fertilize the egg cell which cannot be fertilized naturally. It also helps to implant that fertilized egg in the uterus wall.

What is the procedure?

At first, medication is given that makes several of your eggs mature and thus ready for fertilization. Then your eggs are taken by the doctor and mixed with the sperm in a lab to help them fertilize the eggs. After fertilization, they put one or more fertilized eggs or embryos directly inside your uterus. Pregnancy only happens after the embryos are successfully implanted inside the uterus. This is a lengthy process and requires several months to complete the entire procedure. The IVF procedure increases the chances of you getting pregnant in case someone is having fertility issues.

What are the side effects of IVF?

Just like any other medications and medical procedures IVF also has some side effects. Some of them are:

1. Cramps
2. Breast Tenderness
3. Bloating
4. Headaches
5. Allergic Reactions
6. Infection 
7. Bleeding 
8. Bruising

What is the cost of IVF treatment in India?

Excluding medications, IVF treatments in India cost about 1,00,000 rupees and 3,50,000 rupees.

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