Top 10 most beautiful female ice hockey players in the world

Ice hockey is not considered the most famous sport typically in countries near the equator. But for a long time, female athletes in the rink are inviting more and more audiences to the match because of their beauty and glamour. So today we will see the top most beautiful female ice hockey players in the world.

Amanda Kessel

Amanda Kessel from the United States is the bearer of the sweetest smile of an Ice hockey player in Northern America. Now retired she is considered the sweetest and beautiful Ice Hockey female player in the NHL. She bagged a lot of TV endorsements because of beauty. She has quite a bit of fan following on social media. Her fans are still in love with her looks.

Anna Prugova

The Russian Ice Hockey Player is considered the sexiest hockey player. Her hotness has even melted the Siberian glacier. Anna represented Russia in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Ice Hockey. Her bikini photoshoot, with the ice hockey stick, has made everyone drool over her. With her stunning face, perfect physique ready to drop everyone’s jaws.

Angelina Goncharenko

The woman of every man’s dream. Angelina Goncharenko is the perfect female sports woman by looks and skills. The 26-old-year Russian Ice Hockey player is the most stunning sports woman ever. Her sizzling photoshoot is proof of that. Her facial features her smile, her eyes are second to none. She is definitely the dream girl of all the men out there.

Hilary Knight

The American Ice Hockey forward has the prettiest smile. She is the kindest and sweetest Ice Hockey player in the NHL. Her fans are way over their heads when they see her giving a smile after scoring a goal. She has a total of seven gold medals that she won at the IIHF World Women’s Championships. She also has a gold medal from the 2018 winter Olympics.

Viona Harrer

Viona the 33-year-old German Defense has the prettiest set of blue eyes and the most beautiful smile. Her smile is enough to make people fall in love with her if they miss falling while seeing her saving shots for her team. She is the girl many would say a man could fall for at the first sight. Viona doesn’t give any chance to slip of impressing others both on and off the field.

Monika Gyomber

The 30-year-old Hungarian goaltender is the cutest goaltender in the history of female ice hockey. Her facial features are the prettiest of any goaltender and fans from around the globe have fallen for her. Monika’s smile is the kindest smile. Every ice hockey fan would surely count Monika in the list of top 10 most beautiful ice hockey players.

Maggie Cory

The 22-year-old American Goalkeeper has the most gorgeous smile and a very beautiful curvy body. Her naturally blonde hair with a pretty face makes her the most favourite contender for the award of the most beautiful Female Ice Hockey player of all time. She has quite a fan following on social media and had made her fans jaw drop by posing in Bikini.

Kelly Terry

Next on our list is the 29-year-old Canadian Women National Ice Hockey Striker Kelly Telly. Kelly became famous after one pic of her smiling went viral over social media. She became an international crush even of people who do not follow Ice Hockey. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Kelly brought non-Ice-Hockey fans from around the globe to watch this winter sport.

Eveliina Suonpää

Eveliina is the most beautiful player in the Finnish National Women’s Ice hockey team. She has quite a fan following because of her skills with the stick. She plays for Linköpings HC when she is not representing her country internationally. At the age of just 4-years-old, she learned the game of ice hockey rink near her home.

Tanja Eisenschmid

Last on our list of the top 10 most beautiful female ice hockey players is the German Goaltender Tanja Eisenschmid. Tanja’s smile is considered the sweetest smile by an ice hockey player in central Europe. Her blue eyes, sweet white smile and blonde hair are enough to make someone madly fall in love with her.

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