Ditch The Pimples in 1 Week with These Effective Home Remedies

We all are fond of surprises, but when the package contains a pimple, it is a big no from everyone. Unexpected pimples are no less than a nightmare, particularly before a special event or occasion. It seems as if they come out of nowhere and land right onto your face, quite like a surprise package, that nobody wants! To deal with pimples, it is imperative to have Knowledge of what causes them to appear on your skin.

It is a well-known fact that excess oil production contributes greatly to pimples. Your skin has small pores and oil glands that get clogged with dead skin cells & dirt leading to infection, swelling and redness. These pimples are mainly seen in areas with a large number of oil glands, like the face, back, shoulder, neck etc. Apart from this, unhealthy lifestyle, be it in terms of food or lack of exercise, and hormonal changes impact your clear skin too. The imbalance of hormones in your system causes your skin to breakout.

Before we discuss home remedies for bidding adieu to pimples within 1 week, let us acquaint you with lifestyle changes to address the issue from the very core, by following these crucial habits to avoid getting a pimple in the first place:-

  • It’s said, “We are what we eat”. This implies that the food you take impacts your skin & is reflected clearly on it & that is why choosing the right kind of food is necessary. Minimize the intake of Oily food & junk food and stick to a healthy diet.
  • Take proper sleep & become habitual of doing a skincare routine to keep pimples at bay.
  • Use the right kind of cosmetics. Avert using the products that clog your pores by reducing oxygen supply to them on application. Let the pores breathe every once in a while by not using makeup.
  • Facial massage is yet another tool that increases blood circulation in the face and keeps the skin healthy.
  • Address the problem of hormonal imbalance by consulting Doctor
  • Be tender with your skin & take care of it daily.
  • A huge mistake that is commonly made is popping the pimple. It increases infection and leaves a pimple mark forever.
  • In addition to these, Yoga & meditation have a far-reaching influence on the health of your skin. These habits increase the level of oxygen in your body and allow your skin to become healthier with time.

Now, here we share some quirky home remedies to put an end to those pimples in 1 week. Repeat them more than once a week to have moisturized, glowing and pimple-free skin.

1. Peculiar yet effective 4 step home remedy:-

1, Start with steaming your face to open the pores & follow this up with cleaning the pimple area with rosewater & cotton balls.

2, Then, moisturise your skin with aloe vera gel & avoid using anything on your skin for 1-2 hours. This is an essential step to let the moisturising power of aloe vera work on your skin before proceeding further.

3, After 1-2 hours, in a bowl, make a mixture of 1 tablespoon Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth clay & 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Add half a teaspoon of honey & rosewater or simple water to it. Apply this on pimples and the area surrounding them.

4, Wash after 20-30 minutes & observe the difference in the intensity of pimples.

2. Yoghurt & black pepper:-

Black pepper increases oxygen in the skin and causes a reduction in inflammation & infection. Combine black pepper & yoghurt & put this paste on your face for no more than 20 minutes. Then, in a massaging manner, scrub it off the face.

3. Cinnamon with turmeric & lemon juice works wonders for pimples :-

Make use of the antiseptic & antifungal properties of cinnamon & the antibacterial & healing aura of Turmeric to ward off those pimples. Combine these two with lemon juice & apply directly on the pimple. The ascorbic acid in lemon juice dries up the pimple & avert its growth.

4. Overnight pimple mask:-

Take leaves of mint plant & crush them well into a paste. Then addition of aloe vera gel, 1-2 teaspoons, is done to this paste of mint leaves. With cotton earbud spread this on the pimples and the area around it. Keep it on overnight & wash it in the morning. Use this mask 2-3 times a week for a face clear of pimples.

5. A mixture of Tea leaves in aloe Vera Gel:-

To see a clear difference in pimple reduction, take some tea leaves in a bowl that contains a spoonful of water. To this add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Blend the fusion well & using an earbud or a cotton ball, put it on the pimples. This remedy reduces the intensity of redness around pimples & brings swelling down even of the harshest pimple.

6. Garlic & rosewater fusion:-

Take a few cloves of garlic & turn them into a paste. Put in a few drops of rose water. Combine well & smear on your pimples. 

7. 2 oil combo – Tea tree oil & Coconut oil:-

To visualise a pimple-free face within a week, melt 2 tablespoons of coconut oil & smear 2-3 drops of Tea tree oil. This home remedy works effectively on application to the pimples. 

Do NOT work with tea tree oil alone especially on sensitive skin as it may lead to undesirable dryness.

8. Raw papaya Juice:-

Squeeze out the juice from the raw papaya into a bowl. With the aid of a cotton ball or earbud, use it on pimples to get rid of them quickly & effectively.

9. Potato juice & cinnamon:-

Take a cinnamon stick & crush it well. Add a teaspoon of potato juice to it, working the two into a paste.  Apply this to the pimples to clear them out.

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