10 Types of People We Will Definitely Find in Your WhatsApp Contact List

Who doesn’t love texting our friends over whatsapp? But, there’s also some instances when we are forced to give someone our numbers and have to talk to them even if we don’t want to be too ‘chatsy’. There are so many annoying yet funny traits that we can find in these ‘friends’ of our WhatsApp list.

Every parent of 10th and 12th class students in India hates WhatsApp and yet in many places it has been used as an education enhancement tool. Every couple complains about it and then bonds over it! It is a magic wand. In this article we are going to talk about list of 10 types of people whom you will find on your WhatsApp contact list. Happy reading!

The ‘Chain Messenger’

These people text you everyday and never miss a single day to send you the forwarded ‘good morning’ texts or threat messages that say ‘if you don’t forward it to 5 people something bad is going to happen to you’. They are quite irritating at times and we often end up ‘muting’ them for eternity.


These were the people that used to get mad at us for using our phones and now that they have learned to use WhatsApp, they have become the dead ‘broadcasters’. They’re the people sending random fake news that they believe to be true. Nowadays we don’t even read the broadcast texts anymore and have even blocked some of them for good.

Status Stealer

These people are quite common in all our WhatsApp lists. If they like your WhatsApp status, they will simply just take a screenshot and post it as their statuses without even letting you know. 

The Groupies

They are the people who like making different groups for every possible plan they make and then add a hundred thousand friends for no reason altogether. You might end up being added to a group one day where you will see hundreds of messages but you’d not know most of them! These people expect everyone to be in their group or respond but half of them leave as soon as these are created since they’d be clueless just like you.

Meme Lover

These people just are in love with memes and will never miss to send you a single one. Also, whenever you talk to them, they would definitely have an image reply to your answer that is likely to be a meme half of the time.

The Stalker

This person manages to get your number somehow and leaves no chance whatsoever to text you at any time of the day. They check your profile picture 14 times a day and never misses a chance to admire you to your face.

The Emoji Lover

These are the people who don’t like to text much and like to convey all that they want to say by emojis or stickers. They just like to put an emoji or a sticker or even a gif for every emotion of theirs.

Sup Buddies

These people usually don’t really have anything to say in particular and just like ‘checking up on you’. They text at most of the times when you don’t usually have the mood to talk to them or in fact anybody. Although, you do like talking to them sometimes and if they don’t text you, you might even end up ‘missing them’.

The Short Repliers 

These are the irritating ones from your WhatsApp contact list. They never have anything to say or reply to your texts without an ‘hmm’, ‘ok’, ‘k’, ‘right’, ‘yeah’ etc. You will never see them sending long chats and sometimes you would feel that you are talking to yourselves.

The ‘Snob’ Ones

They are just too snob to text you first. You always have to be the first person to text them or else they won’t ever text you or even if they manage to text you, it is just because they want something from you. And when you text them, and they don’t want anything from you they will probably reply to you after a million years.

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