Top 5 Most Handsome Israeli Actors in 2022

In addition to Jerusalem, the birthplace of Christ, Israel is a holy country with the riches of culture and tradition still running at arm’s length with the sands of modernity. Amongst other things Israel is in the talks for quite some time, not for its rich culture but for the Actors who are upcoming and are also getting wide scale recognition and applause around the world for their impeccable acting talent and looks. The world is watching out for these Israeli actors who are now conquering the entertainment industry with their hard work, craft and appeal. 


Yaniv Moyal

Born on April 30, 1980, in Israel, Yaniv Moyal is an actor and a writer. This actor on our list is dynamic in his own way and is well known for his widely acclaimed movies, Why Did I Get Married Too, as well as Yossi & Jagger which garnered him quite a sizeable number of fans and admirers amongst the conniving and ruthless Film critics too, wow!

Yehuda Levi

In 1979, Yehuda Levi was born in Herzliya, Israel, and grew up there to see his future acting career in the making. His admirers found him to be both an engaging actor and an approachable, kind person in real life who regularly catches up with his fans. His fans love him for the TV series Cheers for Love which was a big hit amongst his Israeli fan base. 

Raz Degan

The Israeli city Kibbutz Sde Nehemia is home to Raz Degan, who had it briefly as his hometown before commencing his youth in the stretch of Israel. After serving three years in the Israeli Army, he became a male model at the mere age of 21, which sparked his acting career. In 1994, he made his acting debut in a famous Israeli thriller movie as a cameo actor with a short role which was ironically noticed the most by various film enthusiasts, than the main actor’s role. Many TV commercials were shot the same year with Raz as the prime face of all these advertisements. Raz continued to appear in many films in a variety of roles, ranging from hero to antagonist among his many diverse roles. 

Avraham Aviv Alush

On this deserving spot in our list we have Aviv Alush, one of the most known Israeli actors who was born in 1982 in Northern Israel, and grew up in the city of Karmiel. After serving in the army for three years, he moved to Tel-Aviv and started building his career as an actor in the thick of struggle. Since then, the acclaimed actor Israeli actor Aviv Alush has been involved in Israeli TV, cinema, and theatre for the past few years while producing the best works that are widely popular. His role in Allenby and The Shack was a major breakthrough for him in the Israeli celebrity scene, much like the other actors on this list. 

Tomer Capon

The Israeli actor, Tomer Kapon, was born on July 15, 1985 in Tel Aviv. The Israeli Defense Forces initially recruited Kapon, who then enrolled in Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio to pursue acting. He has appeared in widely known Israeli television series such as Hostages and Fauda, which is a political thriller on Netflix. An Ophir Award for Best Supporting Actor in One Week and a Day was given to him in 2016 to commemorate his art of acting. When Heroes Fly, in which he has a leading role, has received critical acclaim amongst its many viewers and fans.

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