Top 11 Qualities Of a Good Teacher

Along with guardians, siblings, and friends, teachers can make a huge difference in a student’s life. A teacher’s teaching strategy and technique contribute to the achievement of the students in the class. A person who makes a student learn and understand things is a teacher, but a person who, along with making the student learn, leaves an impact on his or her life is a good teacher. Think about your education in life, and it is almost certain that there is at least one teacher who you will never forget. Do you know why? Because that teacher did not only teach you chapters, but life lessons, and that is how a good teacher should be. We have gathered the 11 best qualities a teacher must possess to leave an impact. Give it a read.

A good teacher has good communication skills

A good teacher must possess strong communication skills. Sometimes communication can be one way, and to make sure it is not, a teacher must ask for feedback, speak in the regional language, and create a safe space for the students. Communication can also be non-verbal. A teacher must pick up the students’ non-verbal actions. A verbal, as well as a non-verbal communication skill, makes a good teacher.

A good teacher is an active listener

Active listening is an important trait of a good teacher. Sometimes a student needs someone to talk to, and if he or she trusts you with that, you must listen. Listen and pay attention to what your student says and conclude, from that, what he needs. You can be a good teacher only if you can understand him or her.

A good teacher is empathetic

Every human should be empathetic, and empathy makes a good teacher. Understand your student and try to learn what is going on with his or her life. Understand that a student’s situation can impact his or her performance in the classroom immensely. If your student is getting low marks repeatedly, instead of being angry, try and understand the reason behind it.

A good teacher is patient

Patience is the key to being an ideal teacher. Regardless of the grade level in which you teach, you must always try to remain calm. The students are learning and being impatient will never make it better. Even after solving a problem multiple times, if your student has some other doubt, never get irritated, be patient, and try to teach him or her.

A good teacher is always prepared

A teacher must always be prepared for anything and everything. Prepare what you are going to teach your students at least a day or a few hours before coming to action. Gain as much knowledge as possible on the topic, because students can ask different types of questions. Make notes on the topic and review your lecture notes. Always try to collect visual materials because they aid in student comprehension.

A good teacher has high expectations

As a teacher, you must always have high expectations. This trait helps the students gain self-confidence. As a teacher, you should always expect good quality work from all your students. Never praise low-quality work because it sets a low expectation for the students. Also, do not de-motivate them. Always react if they don’t perform well or perform better. It helps the students know your expectations for them.

A good teacher is creative

A teacher should always be creative in some or another way. Many students get bored during lessons. To make sure they don’t lose their attentiveness and interest, you should be creative. Make sure the students enjoy taking your classes. If possible, try to be humorous. Being humorous helps create a proper bonding between the teacher and the student.

A good teacher is fair-minded

A teacher should always be fair-minded. He or she should teach all the students equally. You should never prefer a student doing well in exams over students not being able to score proper marks. It leads to a decrease in confidence, and it can sometimes affect their mental health. Try to treat all the students, who are trying hard to be good, equally. It creates a homely environment for them.

A good teacher is rewarding

Always appreciate your students’ work when you are happy. Appreciate a student even if they have done a little bit better on their last exam than they did on the last one and try to encourage them to do better. Tell them they have the potential to do much better. Trust me, this will make students’ lives much easier. A good teacher should always be rewarding.

A good teacher is engaging

As a teacher, you must always engage with the students. Try to engage the students with humor, creative lessons, and fun activities. At least once a month, try doing something fun. This will make the students love you and your class. If you are teaching toddlers, always get down on your knees while talking to them. This helps in having a nice, understanding situation for the toddlers.

A good teacher is reliable

A teacher should always be reliable and trustworthy. It is one of the best qualities a teacher can have. Reliable teachers make proper decisions. This trait helps create a proper and safe environment for students. When students open up, it gets a lot easier to understand him or her and teach him or her the way he wants to be taught.

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