Best 7 BTS Songs To Listen While Studying

Every BTS fan (or ARMY, as they call themselves) knows that while BTS has released not only numerous songs they can dance and vibe to, but they have also given us songs that increase our concentration and motivation to study. In fact, all BTS members in various appearances said how important education and learning are. But we are humans and our mind does not always agree with us when we seek to focus on the texts right before our eyes. So to boost your enthusiasm to study and learn, we present you some of the popular BTS songs that you can listen to while studying.

Best 7 BTS Songs To Listen While Studying in 2021


What better song is there to listen to when you are worried about your stressful and hectic academic life? Take the words of Paradise straight into your heart and learn to breathe when needed. After all,

“All the breaths you breathe are already in paradise”

Love Maze

The melody of the love maze takes you on a beautiful journey and the amazing voices of the BTS members make you feel right up in heaven. A perfect song when you are taking a break for a few minutes whilst studying. 

Magic Shop

A genuine heartfelt song was written by BTS members where they offer consolation and understand your stress and trauma by sharing their own experiences with you through a song. The song makes you feel like it was written just for you and it is all you need while cramming the last pieces of information into your brain.

Go Go

We often envy the lifestyle of the rich and wealthy, right? It must have happened to you when you see a certain classmate of yours spending their time enjoying without having a worry about studies. Well, this song addresses the so-called party-lifestyle of the rich and how it is all just layer to cover their insecurity. 

Spring Day

A lyrical masterpiece in form of a song stands testament to the words and melody of BTS’s Spring Day. An eternal hit of the group, Spring day consoles your worries and makes you feel peaceful while making you appreciate life altogether. Spring day is a great song by BTS to start your study time with. 

21st Century Girl

A song that makes you feel empowered, happy, and ready to face any challenge life throws at you is the 21st-century girl song by BTS. This song compliments every one of your attributes and makes you feel motivated to open the textbook and study. 

Life Goes On

Life Goes On is a staple from BTS’s latest album called BE and it draws for us a picture of the famous phrase about how ‘life goes on.’ This song is has a great emotional feel to it and you can prepare yourself to study while listening to its groovy beat. 

A few other BTS songs that you can listen to while studying are –

Black Swan, Moon, Make It Right, and Paradise among their massive collection of song releases. So put those earphones on, open your textbook, turn the BTS song on, and start studying. 

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