Why It Seems Like Bullies Are Everywhere – and How to Stop Them?

Underneath the guise of ordinary faces, bullies have been wandering the face of the earth for an indefinitely long period of time. Bully; A person who takes pleasure in oppressing the vulnerable. This is how traditional experience broadly defines these people. However, in contemporary times, oppression is not just limited to exploiting people and their interests evidently.

A seemingly normal remark on people, their body type, preferences, or anything that either explicitly or by implication, relates to them, can give the impression of bullying, if it makes them feel immobilized in that given situation. With such intricate details governing bullyish behavior, it won’t be that farfetched to recognize the pervasiveness of bullies.

Why It Seems That Bullies Are Everywhere

Being social animals, humans inherently derive pleasure and sorrow from their counterparts. Plainly, they manifest vulnerabilities, owing to this tendency. This practice, however, also grants people undue authority over themselves, which they can effortlessly exploit. Our world is afflicted with sadist people, who don’t have their morals in place. Feeding off others’ fragility, these people portray extreme parasitic behavior.

In an attempt to camouflage their insecurities with robustness, they tend to prey on the vulnerabilities of other people, till it makes them feel better about themselves. Narcissism, the trait of holding oneself in unreasonably high regard, also makes people drain others, especially the ones who they deem a threat to their ego. Considering the pervasiveness of vulnerabilities and egotism, it’d be naive to expect people to be morally precise. Thus, it’s clear that bullies are present everywhere, and we’ll meet a few in every facet of life.

How to Stop Them

Eradicating bullying from the planet is highly unlikely as of now. However, it can be prevented by executing these three major steps.

1. Being Comfortable in Your Skin

Bullying is sheltered by fragility, which arises from a lack confidence. Bullies are often seen applying their tactics on easy targets. If we start holding our beliefs strong enough, and are sure about are preferences, unsolicited criticism won’t convert to bullying. Although it isn’t always possible to be at the top of one’s game all the time, knowing when to shield your emotional self, can come in handy in such situations.

2. Being Aware

As mentioned in the last paragraph, being aware of a bully’s presence, or motives, comes in handy while facing tough situations. A lot of times, the bully isn’t explicitly taking advantage of a situation, but subtly mentioning things that might turn out to be major triggers, when consciously thought about. This subtlety often goes unnoticed.

Being aware of your trigger points, can help build walls to emotionally shield themselves, whenever a person is trying to exploit these.

3. Calling Them Out

The last step revolves around calling a person out, whenever they’re making you feel uncomfortable. This isn’t as easy as it sounds! People tend to over evaluate situations and to avoid embarrassment, they ignore bullyish behavior, and prefer to suffer in silence.

Thus, after recognizing this behavior, bullies should be called out, and put in their place, as soon as possible. This will put a stop on their immature foolery, and will forbid them from repeating it.

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