5 Most Sensational & Gorgeous Black Female Celebrities

In a world as diverse as ours it is no wonder that we see the growth and success of so many wonderful women across the globe. If you are looking for women of color who have crossed all boundaries to achieve all the great things that we all know about and idolize, this list of the most beautiful black female celebrities is just the right place. From the world of cinema to the world of business and commerce these black women have defeated the barrier of racism to achieve the feats that we today idolize. From Oprah to Rihanna to Michelle Obama these black women have showed us how confidence, ambition can be sexy whilst enamoring us with their incredible beauty all this while. These women are extremely hard working, smart and independent and have left no stone unturned in swooping is off of our feet with their incredible achievements.

Here goes the list of the 5 most beautiful black female celebrities in the world.

1. Beyoncé


‘Queen Bey’ needs no further introduction. If being a media heart throb, outspoken feminist, mother and pop-icon wasn’t enough she was also voted as the hottest woman of the 21st century by the GQ magazine. With a fan base that easily crosses into the millions and with innumerable no. of singles and album hits she is definitely one of the most desirable women in the world with the astounding beauty to compliment her achievements.

2. Rihanna


Apart from being one of the most talented, beautiful, hardworking and sexy musical artists of all time she is also an established entrepreneur owning and leading her own brand known as ‘Fenty’. With 9 Grammy’s and 12 Billboard music awards under her belt along with many more she has sold over 250 million records in her lifetime making her one of the largest pop icons in the world. She has also done some ground breaking work with her non profit foundation, i.e.; the Clara Lionel foundation that works round the clock funding education and emergency preparedness programs throughout the globe. Being of Caribbean decent, it is truly a pleasure to see her as the ambassador to the government of Barbados, which is co incidentally her home country. Having worked with the likes of Eminem and Drake and owning a fortune of over $600 million, she is most definitely the #badgirlriri that she claims to be.

3. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

She is one of the most beautiful and accomplished women in Hollywood. She has never failed to impress the audience with her impeccable acting be it in MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy as Gamora or as the blue skin indigenous character, Neytiri in the blockbuster film Avatar’. She has also worked in other blockbuster films such as the sci-fi hit ‘Star Trek’ and or in ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean ‘. She has also worked alongside American cinema icons such as Tom Hanks in the critically acclaimed movie, ‘The Terminal’. With various awards and accolades under her belt she is definitely one of the sexiest black female celebrities in the world.

4. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Harvard and Princeton alumni, she held office as the 44th First lady of the United states when her husband Barrack Obama was president. An accomplished lawyer by profession, she served as a role model for millions of women during her tenure and beyond advocating poverty awareness, education and racial awareness among many other humanitarian causes. She is also an accomplished author with two best selling books under her belt. She was also regarded as the most admired woman in America as per the Gallup polls in 2020

5. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Alicia Augello Cook better known by her stage name Alicia Keys is an outstanding and accomplished singer and song writer and a trained pianist who started composing by her own at the tender age of 12 and was signed at Colombia records at 15 years of age. Her first live album ‘Unplugged’ made her the first ever woman to have an MTV Unplugged album and there has been no looking back since. With 15 Grammy wins to her name along with many more such accolades, she truly is the ‘Queen of R&B’ as the media often refers to her as. Even the Time Magazine has listed her in its list of 100 most influential people, not once but twice!

Apart from them there are numerous other glamorous and extremely talented female black actresses like Selita Ebanks, Janet Jackson, Serena Williams, Solange among numerous others. This article is a tribute to all these super talented and sensational actresses who have made their way in the world of music, sports, cinema, etc.

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