Top 10 English Songs to Dedicate to Your Wife

Marriage is a beautiful thing and the idea of spending your whole life with that special woman is exhilarating to say the list. Marriage means, you get to spend most of your leisure time with your partner and when you spend so much time together, things are bound to get a little messy now and then. But that only means, you get a chance to make up for it by doing something special for her! The little gestures such as writing small notes or playing your favorite songs on radio can go a long way to tell her how much she actually means to you. 

So whether it is a small fight you are making up for or you are just trying to be romantic, dedicating some good old songs is definitely going to melt her heart. And with so many songs and the various genres that exist, sometimes it can get tricky, sorting out just the best ones for her but don’t worry, we will surely help you out with that! 

So here is a list of 10 English songs to dedicate to your wife

  1. Perfect (Ed Sheeran)
  2. Love (Taylor Swift)
  3. Every breath you take (The Police)
  4. Cloud number 9 (Bryan Adams)
  5. Leaving on a jet plane (John Denver)
  6. Last night on earth (Green Day)
  7. I’ll come back to you (Powfu)
  8. Endless Love (Lionel Richie)
  9. Ribbon in the sky (Stevie Wonder)
  10. Still the One (Orleans)
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