Best BTS Songs For Ringtones in 2022

Ringtones are what alert us when there is an incoming call waiting for our answer. Ringtones are also what immediately perk up our ears and draws our attention to our phone. Well, if you can hear your ringtone, so can others. So why not have something fun as your ringtone, and by fun we mean, what about a BTS song for ringtone? BTS is plain serotonin and immediately delights our mood through our ears when we hear it. Make your calls less boring and prepare your mood for a call with a BTS song as your ringtone.

If you are confused about which BTS song to have as your ringtone, here are a few suggestions; 


Fresh from their new album BE, Dynamite took BTS to a new height of fame and recognition. It was the first Korean song to get the number one spot at the Billboard Hot 100 and became an ultimate summertime hit. Well, summertime is here, and what better way to celebrate it than to dance to groovy disco-hit dynamite when a call comes in your phone?

Boy With Luv

Boy With Luv was perhaps the song that shot BTS into the Western music tapestry and from there, it is history. With Boy With Luv, the ultimate sweet and catchy pop song, people got to know that a new group named BTS is coming to town to steal everyone’s heart. 

Savage Love

The second song of 2020 by BTS got them the second number 1 at the Billboard Hot 100. Savage love is groovy and smooth dance number kind of a song that will make you hop on your feet while listening to the ringtone. 

Waste It On Me

Waste It On Me was a collaboration between DJ Steve Aoki and BTS. They have collaborated a couple of times other than this song, and have produced different releases in each of them. With Waste It On Me, you get a distinct melody and style of Aoki’s beats and BTS members’ voices rolling out smoothly and that’s what makes this song so great. 


Dionysus is a rock-infused great song that will perk up your years and catch your attention that minute a call comes on your phone. A perfect ringtone, Dionysus, aptly named after the Greek God of partying, will make you feel bold and proficient to take any call. 

Black Swan

A rich song with distinctive electronic melody and chic jam, Black Swan is a perfect ringtone year around. Its shrill tone and beat will capture your focus and drag your eyes on your phone to pick up the call.

There are numerous other songs such as Home, Spring Day, Mic Drop, FAKE LOVE, Blood Sweat & Tears, Go-Go, and more BTS songs that you can keep as your ringtone. So what are you waiting for? Go to your settings, change your ringtone to the BTS song of your choice, and make your attention perk from the tune whenever there is an incoming call for you. 

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