Top 10 most handsome WWE Male Wrestlers

The World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE is the most famous and favourite for wrestling fans all around the globe. Both men and women participate in the WWE Championships. Everyone is a fan of wrestling. The wrestlers are not only good at wrestling but they all are multitaskers. Some of them are really good at different skills like acting. They also have a huge fan following because of their awesome looks. Let’s take a look at their personality and unique style.

So today we have compiled a list of the top 10 most handsome wrestlers in the WWE wrestling ring.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is one of the most handsome wrestlers in the world. He is a powerhouse with good looks and an amazing personality. He is a professional American wrestler as well as an erstwhile professional Canadian footballer. He is so handsome with a muscular body and full of energy and good vibes.

John Cena

The most popular and smart wrestler in the world. John Cena is everyone’s favourite wrestler, he is not only good at wrestling but he is also very popular because of his looks and sharp features. He is also an actor, rapper and an amazing host of a television reality show. John Cena is considered as the “most polarizing pro wrestler”.

The Rock

The Rock is as Rocking as his name. He is an incredible guy with a dashing personality. He was very known for his unique style. He is a good writer with awesome looks. Rock is a popular wrestler as well as an American and Canadian Actor and Producer. He is considered as the greatest wrestler in the world.

Dolph Ziggler

The most handsome American wrestler is Dolph Ziggler. He is an actor and also interested in Stand-up comedy. The multitasker wrestler is not only good at fighting but also very popular with females because of his appearance. He is also known as Nick, Nick is his Ring name of Dolph Ziggler. He is well known for his looks and especially because of his golden hair and fair colour.


Sheamus is the most handsome Irish Wrestler. He is well known for his personality and is even called Big white Man by his fans. He is tall and muscular with a white complexion. Sheamus is an amazing wrestler and smart man. Sheamus is very popular globally for his wonderful style and personality.

Randy Ortan

Randy Ortan is an amazing personality in the wrestling world. He is one of the most dashing wrestlers in the world. Randy Ortan has the title of WWE Championship 8 times and 12 times world championships. The Champion has an amazing fan following. His good looks are killer to his fans. He also won 4 times the World Heavyweight Championship.

Seth Rollins

He is one of the most handsome wrestlers in the world today. Seth Rollins is the current International Champion Colby Lopez. Seth Rollins is his ring name. His good looks and charming personality always makes his fans admire him. He is considered as one of the bestest stars in the WWE.

Finn Balor 

Finn Balor is a smart and very good looking wrestler. He is an Irish wrestler. He is an amazing wrestler while he is not very tall, but having amazing skills. He made his personality like a star. He has won the NXT championship two times. Also, he is the first WWE wrestler to hold the title twice.

The Miz 

Miz is an amazing looking person. He is very well known for his cool personality. He is an awesome wrestler, an American actor and a very popular TV star. He is signed to perform smackdown to WWE. Miz is known for his light brown eyes and stylish hairstyle. His amazing facial features make him look more attractive and stylish.

Drew McIntyre

A very handsome WWE wrestler with light blue eyes. His fair complexion with brown hair looks awesome. He is a professional Scottish wrestler. By WWE he is signed, where he performs on the RAW. His long style suits him the most. Girls are huge fans of his killer looks and style. Drew is a great person with damn hot looks.

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