10 Easy & Effective Ways of Reducing the Power Consumption of Your Refrigerator & Save Money

Refrigerator is a very common appliance that more or less all of us use in our homes. It has immense benefits that we can enjoy in our daily lives. But one thing that may bother us is its power consumption. A refrigerator does its duty for almost the whole day but often you may think about how you can reduce the power consumption of your refrigerator.

So, today we will talk about some effective ways that can help in this matter. These methods will be very easy and if you keep them in mind while using your refrigerator, they can save you from the burden of high electricity bills. 

Here we have discussed 10 most effective ways. Read them carefully and you would leave the page having some beneficial knowledge.

1. Buy an energy efficient product

The first move that you should make is when you are buying the refrigerator. There are products in the market that come with energy ratings. So, when you are buying a refrigerator you should pick a product that has more energy ratings. 3-5 stars will be good in this case.

2. Check the door seal frequently

A strong door seal always keeps the refrigerator gas into the machine. For this reason you should always check the door seal of the product. If the door seal gets loose, you should change it with a new one without any delay.

3. Set the temperature properly

A low temperature in the refrigerator will consume more power. So, when you do not need to run the refrigerator on a lower temperature, you can increase the level. For example in winters the environmental temperature is already low, so you can keep the temperature high in your refrigerator during winters. This is another factor that can help.

4. Use power saving mode

Not all the refrigerators have this feature in them. but if you have one, use it whenever possible. This method can bring much change in the electricity consumption. Also, defrost your refrigerator frequently if you have a single door refrigerator. This will also make your refrigerator consume less power.

5. Do not open the door wide

When you open the door wide, the refrigerator gas gets out very quickly. To capture maximum cold air into your refrigerator you have to open the door slightly and you need to close the door as soon as you take out the food.

6. Keep your refrigerator clean

Clean your refrigerator regularly. Keep the coils and interiors of the refrigerator clean. This will help you to reduce the power usage.

7. Do not put hot food inside

When you put hot food inside, the refrigerator needs more power to cool down the food. So, before keeping something in the refrigerator, cool it down first.

8. Keep your foods in a glass or steel container

Glass or steel containers retain more moisture and cold which plastic containers cannot. Glass and steel containers get cold faster therefore, they can keep your food cold even in the power cuts. So, try to use such containers.

9. Keep the refrigerator at a cool place

When you keep your refrigerator exposed to indirect sunlight or any hot area like near the gas burner, or any heat emitting device, it needs more power to cool down the interior. Therefore, it needs more electricity. So, when you are selecting a position for your refrigerator, choose it carefully.

10. Keep the foods in an organized way

When you keep your food in an organized way, you get things fast when you need them. Therefore, you do not have to keep the door open for a very long time. And when you keep the doors open for a shorter time, you automatically save a lot of electricity. Therefore, organizing your food properly is another way of saving energy.

So next time when you are using your refrigerator, try to keep all these factors in your mind. Maintenance of the refrigerator should be done very frequently. With this process you can not only save electricity but also keep your appliance stable for a very long time. So, these are the factors that you can follow to reduce the power consumption of your refrigerator.

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