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Macbook Accessories to boost your user experience

Apple’s MacBook is a serious investment, and like all investments, you need to tend to it with the best accessories possible. No matter which variant you buy the pro or air or any other, Apple Macbooks are a productivity beast. To take care of this beast and to bring out its best performance, various accessories are essential. Here is a list of all the accessories you’ll need with a Macbook.

Incase Textured Hardshell

As aforementioned, Macbook is a serious investment, so to protect that investment a case is very very important. The hardshell case by incase is the best pick for you as it protects your macbook from bumps, impacts and scratches.

This case is made out of a polycarbonate material which makes it both durable and lightweight while also providing reliable protection. The material is also resistant to water, tear and fading over long periods of time. It is precisely cut around all the ports for easy access. It is molded in a way to avoid overheating while the rubberised design lets your macbook stay in place firmly.

Verify your macbook size before buying.

Satechi Thunderbolt dock

Macbooks are brilliant machines but one thing they lack are the number of ports. Many of the accessories that you’ll need to use will need a port and the macbook just doesn’t have enough ports.

This issue is wonderfully solved by the Satechi thunderbolt dock. It provides many different types of ports, which are:

  • 4k HDMI at 60Hz
  • Ethernet
  • USB-C charging upto 60W
  • SD/Micro Card Reader
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports with upto 5Gbps

All this in just one simple and slim device, which is very easy to use and equally easy to carry around with you.

Dual Drive

To quickly transfer files between your macbook and any other computer we recommend the Sandisk dual drive. This connector comes in a 2-in-1 design, meaning it has both USB-C and the traditional USB-A connector. It goes upto 1TB in storage options. With this seamless transfer of files between your macbook and any other device is ensured.

Sightpro privacy screen

Sightpro privacy screen values your privacy even more than you do. So by using this you can rest assured that no one gets a side glance. This privacy screen allows for the screen to be seen only when looked straight on. It is magnetic in nature which means you can put it on your screen and peel it off whenever you wish to do so without any adhesive or extra efforts.

Airpods Pro

Everybody knows how amazing the airpods pro are. Offering a customizable fit, sweat and water resistance and active noise cancellation. Seamless connection with any apple device and giving upto 5 hours of listening time on charge with a great audio quality. Just like any other apple product, the airpods pro work excellently with the Macbook.

Anker Portable Charger

To be better safe than sorry, make sure to get a portable charger. It will make sure to keep your macbook running even without a power outlet. It has a massive 25,600 mAh battery which is enough to completely recharge your macbook. It also comes with 3 ports because of which you can charge 2 devices in parallel to your macbook.

Anker Car Charger

Another important type of charger one needs while traveling is a car charger. Using the anker car charger gives you upto 49.5W speed charging which works on any device. This is a certified safe device which ensures protection to both you and your device.

Bellroy campus backpack

Carrying so many accessories together can be a hassle. To avoid that hassle we recommend using the Bellroy campus backpack. 

It has a comfortable shoulder strap with back padding making it super comfortable to carry. It has ample space to fit your macbook as well as most of its accessories and extra stuff. The water resistant design protects your macbook and all its accessories from all sorts of liquid while the sustainable fabric makes sure the backpack lasts long.

Twelve South Curved Stand for Macbook

Maintaining a good posture while working especially for long intervals is crucial for your body. To get to the posture a stand might be required to elevate the macbook to the proper height. For that we recommend the twelve south curved stand for macbook. 

As this stand is specifically made for the macbook it allows for proper airflow which keeps your macbook cool even after long use. It holds the  macbook at an ergonomic height which relieves strain. Its anti-slip silicone pads make sure that your macbook is held firmly in its place.

Logitech Craft Keyboard

The macbook has a great keyboard and the keys have a nice travel to them which makes typing fun but there is an important thing which they miss out on and that’s the number pad. Also while using the stand is necessary to maintain posture, it makes it very hard to use the keyboard properly, hence you’ll need another keyboard. For this we recommend the Logitech Craft Keyboard.

The Craft has a unique feature which is known as the “crown”. The crown is a dial on the upper left hand corner which lets you map different actions on it, upto 3 actions. The crown can even be configured to work on a per-app basis. This makes your work super efficient and only your imagination is the limit on how to use the crown. 

The keys have a matt finish on them which allows the fingers to move effortlessly between each key. A spherical design coupled with pretty large keys ensures that you are typing with extreme precision.

Logitech mouse

The inbuilt trackpad of the macbook is good no doubt, but to get the best accuracy, you will need a mouse. Hence we recommend the logitech mouse. 

This mouse can last a full day with just 3 minutes of charging and with full charge upto 70 days, how amazing is that? It has a 4000 DPI sensor making it capable of working on virtually any surface even on glass. It has a comfortable and intuitive design, providing a thumb wheel as well.


There are three main things to keep in mind while looking for accessories to your macbook.

First is protecting your macbook as they are not cheap. Second is to make sure they don’t run out of power while you are working. Lastly, to get the most out of your macbook that is to make it most efficient while being the most easy to use. This list is made by keeping these three things in mind. 

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