Best 25+ English Songs That You Can Dedicate To Your Mother.

If I ask you who loves you the most in the world, what name comes to your mind? The answer is always your mom, isn’t it? Mothers are the most valuable and the most beautiful gifts that God has given us. Our mothers are the one that taught us that love can be unconditional and pure. And you don’t really need an occasion to celebrate your love for your mother. You don’t need a different ‘Mother’s Day’ to show your mother affection. Every day should be ‘Mother’s Day’ to us.

Everyone in the family should equally divide the household chores among themselves. Apart from helping your mothers, you can also do something different to make them feel special. Show them how much you love them and how much you value them in your lives. We have set the perfect melodic and emotional English songs to help you turn around your mother’s day. Here are some of the best new and old English songs that you can sing on any occasion to put your love and appreciation for your mom into words.

List of 25+ English Songs with Beautiful & Meaningful Lyrics To Express Your Love To For Your Mother.

  1. I Love My Mommy (The Kiboomers)
  2. A Song For Mama (Boyz II Men)
  3. Brandi Carlisle (The Mother)
  4. The Mother (Brandi Carlile)
  5. Mother (Kacey Musgraves)
  6. The Perfect Fan (The Backstreet Boys)
  7. Turn to Me (Justin Bieber)
  8. I Hope You Dance (Lee Ann Womack)
  9. Don’t Forget to Remember Me (Carrie Underwood)
  10. Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) (The Chicks)
  11. Always on the Run (Lenny Kravitz)
  12. Oh Mother (Christina Aguilera)
  13. Mother (Kacey Musgraves)
  14. Baby Mine (Alison Krauss)
  15. In My Daughter’s Eyes (Martina McBride)
  16. The Best Day (Taylor Swift)
  17. Like My Mother Does (Lauren Alaina)
  18. Mom (Meghan Trainor featuring Kelli Trainor)
  19. Momma (Bob Seger)
  20. Oh Mother (Christina Aguilera)
  21. Ring Off (Beyoncé)
  22. Like My Mother Does (Lauren Alaina)
  23. Mama’s Pearl (The Jackson 5)
  24. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (BB King)
  25. Two of Us (Louis Tomlinson)
  26. The Blessing (Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes)

Cheers to all the mothers!

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