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Best 5 Certified Portable Unisex Nebulizer for Adults in India (2024)

Carrying an eclectic compressor nebulizer machine while traveling is a real headache. It occupies a lot of space in your bag and if you have to use it then it requires electricity and it looks very odd when you use it in public. But now we have easy to use portable nebulizers which are small in size and run on batteries also fit for all genders (male or female). There are a wide range of nebulizers available in Indian market but we have listed the best prescribed and certified portable nebulizer machines. Entair and Omron are top selling, high-quality nebulizers available online at affordable prices but definitely we recommend you to check features/specifications of other nebulizers as well.

Before we begin to buy the best product, it is very important for you to know ‘how many types of nebulizers are there?’

There are three types of nebulizers-

  • Ultrasonic type, which makes aerosol through high frequency vibrations. It has the largest particles of all nebulizers.
  • Jet spray type, it first compresses the liquid into gas and then uses the gas to make the aerosol. Its particle size is smaller than that of ultrasonic type.
  • Mesh type, which is the best type as it provides the tiniest particles of all my passing the liquid through a very fine mesh.

List of Best 5 mesh-type portable nebulizer machines that are available in India (2021).

1. Entair Portable Mesh Nebulizer

It is a portable mesh nebulizer that is battery-operated. It can carry approximately 8ML of medicine at a time and it takes the nebulizer 20 minutes to get empty. You can use it anytime and anywhere due to its pocket friendly size and also you can use it in two different ways –

  1. Directly taking the mouthpiece into your mouth (mouthpiece comes with the nebulizer) and then inhale from your mouth and exhale from your nose.
  2. To use it is to hold the mask near your mouth and it will give all the mist in the mask and it would be easy for you to breathe it, here you have to inhale from the nose and exhale also from the nose.

It is operated with the help of two batteries (AA type)  and it also has a USB port. It comes with a mouthpiece, one adult mask and one child mask. It also makes very less noise and its biggest advantage is that it’s very easy to clean. It has an automatic cleaning mode in which you just have to long press on or off button for five seconds and it will enter the automatic cleaning mode. The bottle in which you have to pour the medicine is also detachable which makes it easy to detach it and clean it.

-battery operated
-mesh type
-auto cleaning mode 
-can pour only 8ml of medicine 

2. Agaro 33178 Portable Mesh Nebulizer

It has a very compact design and it comes in a combo with a digital thermometer. It is very small in size and does not make any noise.

It can be charged using the USB port given. It comes with one method of using and that is a mask, a mouthpiece is not included in the package. So you can buy it separately from any medical store if needed.

It can carry 15 ML of product at a time. It comes with a flow adjuster with which you can adjust at which flow you need the mist to be blown at you. It also comes with one year of warranty which is a great deal.

-mesh type
-comes with a thermometer
-less noise
-batteries not changeable
-don’t come with a mouthpiece 

3. Omron Microair Pocket Sized Nebulizer

The Micro air NE-U 100 portable pocket sized 360° silent mesh nebulizer is according to me the best nebulizer available. It comes with a mouthpiece that you can directly put in your mouth, an adult mask and a paediatric mask. It is battery operated and needs two batteries to operate (AAA pencil batteries). It’s unique feature is that it provides 360° operation by being so flexible that you can use it from any angle and the micro-particles or aerosols will reach your respiratory tract.

It comes with a Long warranty of three years. It gives out the mist in the most fine manner by keeping a particle size of less than 4.5 micrometer and leaves minimal residue of medication which makes it most efficient and easy to clean.

-battery operated
-3 years of warranty
-compact portable design 
-360 degree operation
-almost no noise

4. BPL Medical Technologies Breath Ezee N10 Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer

It is operated with a battery and you can also charge it using the USB cable provided. You can pour a maximum of 8ML of medication in the medicine Chamber. You have to take some precautions while using it like maintaining the contact between the medicine liquid and the mesh plate in order to avoid mesh plate air shock. It comes with a light indicating system.

  • If the nebulizer is working the light is blue
  • If the nebulizer is switched on without any medicine liquid inside it the light is yellow.
  • If there is a low voltage supply of electricity then the light is red indicating that the batteries need to be replaced..
  • If all three lights – blue, yellow and red are on it shows that the cleaning mode is on.

Cleaning this nebulizer is very easy. You just have to long press the start stop button for five seconds and the cleaning mode will be on and you just have to pour a small amount of warm water in the medicine chamber and the product will clean itself automatically.

-light indicating system
-easy cleaning mode
-mesh type
-very little chances of mesh plate air shock
-can take 8 ml of medicine at a time

5. MCP Mesh Nebulizer Rechargeable with Ultrasonic Technology

It is a portable mesh nebulizer that is battery-operated and rechargeable using the USB cable provided.

It consumes very low power and it also has a light indicating system where green lights indicate that the process is normal and red light indicating that operating voltage or battery battery is low.

The product however is not very lightweight as the other ones. It comes with a mouthpiece, mesh, an adult mask and a child mask.

-Battery Operated
-Mesh Type
-Power Saving 
-Heavy in weight
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