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21 Ways: How to annoy your teacher?

Teachers and students have a love-hate relationship. They both want to get along with each other, but they sometimes find it hard. Teachers have always been a target of pranks, and people tend to enjoy them. If you want to get on your teacher’s nerves by annoying them, first you need to give them a reason to be annoyed. Then you can do something annoying that will make it worse. There are several ways to annoy your teacher. Here are some ideas of the annoying things you can do in class to annoy your teacher. Go ahead and give it a read if you desperately want to annoy your teacher.

1. Come late to the class.

The first way is to be late for class. This is something that makes teachers very angry because they have to wait for all of their students.

2. Exit the meeting, enter again, and repeat.

If you don’t want to get into trouble, you could try to exit and re-enter the online class continuously. Your teacher will be super annoyed at having to admit you continuously. If they ask you about this, you can say it is because of low internet connectivity, or you are not aware of the technical issue why it is happening.

3. Teacher, you are not audible.

While your teacher is taking online classes, tell them that he is not audible even if he is. Tell it to him continuously. He will be irritated and might even stop taking classes.

4. Unmute yourself while they are teaching.

After joining the online class, keep your mic unmuted and talk loudly or play music in the background. Your teacher will be super annoyed at not taking the class peacefully.

5. Eat crunchy food during class.

When your teacher starts writing on the board, eat something crunchy. They will never guess who it was and will be so angry.

6. Raise your hand.

Raise your hand whenever your teacher asks the class a question. When she asks you, say that you were stretching your hands because they were aching.

7. Ask her to explain again.

Here is an epic way to annoy your teacher. If she is explaining something for a very long time, after they are done, ask them to explain once again because you did not get it.

8. Do not say the correct answer.

The other way would be not to give the correct answer. Whenever your teacher asks a question, raise your hand and deliberately say the wrong answer every time.

9. Say your parents have not finished the homework.

When your teacher asks you to submit the homework, tell them that you will submit it as soon as your parents finish it. She will be super annoyed with this, and you can have a good laugh.

10. Do against their permission.

Hide their stuff somewhere else. When the teacher tells the student not to touch his or her property, but clearly, you’re touching his or her property without permission. 

11. Ask for the washroom.

If you are a student, you must be very well aware of the rules and regulations that the respective teachers set for taking permission to go to the washroom during their lectures. Here is what you can do next time your teacher asks a question to the class; raise your hand in a way that makes you seem very excited to answer the question but when they pick you up, say, “may I go to the washroom?” This will probably not annoy him if you do it the first time. Do it daily or do it 2x or 3x in the same class. For example, After returning from the washroom once, ask your teacher if you can go again and say it’s an emergency.

12. Highlighting the whole chapter.

You’re a student and you have this one teacher who just gets under your skin. To be honest, you’ve thought about annoying the heck out of them at least once before. But did you ever stop to think about how it would affect your grades? So, Whenever your teacher asks you to highlight the important parts of a chapter, highlight every line and say that everything is important.

13. While they are taking attendance, stay absent.

When your teacher calls your roll, instead of answering ‘present,’ answer “absent.” Trust me; she will be very irritated.

14. Toss your pencil as far as you can across the floor.

While the teacher is teaching the classroom very seriously, throw a pencil or pen on the other side of the classroom and when they ask, say that it slipped.

15. Start packing your things 10 minutes before the class ends.

If your teacher is the one who goes on teaching even after the period is over, pack all your things 10 minutes before the bell and make sure they see it.

16. Read a different subject.

If you want to irritate a specific subject teacher, for example, an English teacher, solve math problems during their class and make sure they notice it.

17. Tap the pencil on the desk.

When your teacher is teaching any topic seriously, tap your pencil continuously on the desk. She will not concentrate, and she will be annoyed.

18. Do not answer when they call.

If your teacher calls your name during your online class, do not answer. Answer only when they call your name for attendance. They will be super annoyed.

19. Talk to the wall when punished.

The next time your teacher punishes you and asks you to stand facing the wall, and you want to annoy them, start talking to the wall.

20. Borrow a pencil from the teacher and chew it.

If you want to annoy your teacher, here is a way. Tell your teacher that you forgot to bring a pencil and borrow it from them. Then return the pencil all chewed up, and she will be irritated as well as disgusted.

21. Don’t listen to the class.

When we don’t want to listen to a teacher, we can find other bored people and have fun with them. We can do this by making funny faces, whispering, or drawing on our desks.

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