10 Different Types of Kisses and Their Meaning with Pictures

Intimacy has a lot of actions to show for itself. Kissing is one of the major farms of intimacy that we crave from our loved ones. But we often feel confused about the true meaning behind these kisses. What did a kiss signal and how it points to the future in a relationship? Kisses can be friendly, romantic, and passionate but we often have trouble finding out the genuine meaning of a kiss.

Let us decode what different types of kisses mean and how you could identify the essence behind each of them. 

1. Quick Kiss

how to do quick kiss

These are the kisses that we generally give or receive from our people close to us, mainly our partners. Quick kisses generally do not point to any significant intimacy or passionate expression towards one another. These types of quick kisses are generally best suited as the lightest form of PDA or when you are in a hurry to be somewhere. Of course, what mainly matters is what is the current relationship status between the receiver and giver of the said quick kiss. A quick kiss mainly lasts for about a few seconds and involves a short tap of lips against each other. 

2. Forehead Kiss

how to do forehead kiss

Forehead Kisses is one the major ways to show your love, admiration, and care to someone close to you. These forehead kisses are not only common between lovers, but also prominent in familial and friendly relations. What matters is who’s giving the kiss and what’s their relationship with the receiver. Whatever connotation may be behind a forehead kiss, what can not be ruled out is that everyone loves receiving them. 

3. Kiss of an Angel

A prominent show of tender affection that you might have often witnessed on TV and in movies is the kiss of an angel between a couple. The kiss of an angel mainly involves two-person getting close to each other, and one of them giving the other tender kisses on their eyelashes or the temple on the face. Do not be mistaken as the kiss of an angel can be platonically given by parents to their children too. 

4. Hand Kiss

what is meaning of hand kiss

A rare trait of chivalry and greeting that we wish would come back is a hand kiss. The European trait which has passed down since generation is the sign of gentleman who presents a hand kiss to a maiden or beautiful woman to show his admiration. It may well be platonic, mainly for flattering purposes, or a sign of genuine attraction. Who knows, but that’s what makes this slight touch on the hands from the lips suggestive and gives you the benefit of doubt. 

5. Passionate Kiss

Passionate Kisses are the primary form of intimacy and romance between a couple. Kisses of passion could signal french kisses, single lip kisses, or neck kisses. Whatever kind of kiss it may be, the depth of the same should signify mutual passion between two consenting partners. Passionate kisses also signify that your partner is ready to get close to you and move the relationship forward. These passionate kisses should hold the meaning of mutual want and attraction towards each other. 

6. Air Kiss

Air kisses are beautiful and mainly reminiscent of romantic movies from the Golden age of western cinema. You press your hand against your lips, kiss it and blow the imaginary kiss that you now hold within your hand towards the person of interest. If they manage to act out a play of catching the air kiss and pressing it their heart, you get transported straight into a Disney fairy tale movie. 

7. Eskimo Kiss

An Eskimo kiss ironically does not involve any lip action. Moreover, Eskimo kisses are generally platonic in nature. This does not mean Eskimo kisses can not be given to a romantic partner as a sign of love and intimacy. To give someone an Eskimo kiss, all you have to do is bring your face close to your partner, rub their nose with your side by side and it’s done. Eskimo are adorable to look at and babies love receiving Eskimo kisses from their mothers. 

8. Bite and Nibble Kiss

Bite and nibble are tensing and intimate kisses that you give to your partner or receive the same to show a willingness to romantic time. These kinds of kisses are immensely popular in old-French movies from where the art of seduction and romance has supposedly originated from. These kisses often make us closers than ever to our partners and make future romantic moments more intense and memorable to hold and cherish in our memories. 

9. Spiderman Kiss

The iconic kiss between Peter Parker aka Spiderman (played by Tobey McGuire) and his crush, Gwen in the rain left a mark on every young and old couple for generations to come. You could do the same with your partner to bring in a romantic moment. All you have to do for a spiderman kiss feel is have yourself facing your partner upside and kissing them on the mouth. If you do not have spiderman’s ability to hang from a spider web to the same, worry not. You can simply use the sofa side or bed to hang half your downwards for a spiderman kiss. 

10. Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly kisses usually signal a tender and vulnerable moment between romantic partners. As the name suggests, these types of kisses feel reminiscent of a butterfly landing on your skin, thus the name given is Butterfly Kiss. Kisses like this could also suggest the gradual progression from a moment into something intense and passionate. Butterfly kisses are often called fairytale kisses for they look straight out of a romantic movie and manages to display the tender love we feel for the ones we fancy.

There are a few other types of specific kisses common between lovers such as neck kisses, leave-a-mark-of-lipstick kisses, drink kisses, secret message kisses, and more. Kisses often manage to show your true emotions to your loved ones when words fail to describe what we feel about them. Tell us what is your favorite kiss in the comments and do share with us why you like them the most. 

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