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23 Ways to Annoy Your Girlfriend

Isn’t it a blessing to have a girlfriend? A girlfriend is like a one-stop destination for everything. When you need someone to listen to you whine all day, she is your best buddy. When you get sick, she looks after you and acts like a mother. Girlfriends are the cutest little people on the planet. But, as fortunate as you are to have her, you will undoubtedly adore her charming faces even more when she is irritated. Doesn’t she look cute? And you could definitely stare at that face for a long time. So, if you’re looking for fun ways to annoy your girlfriend, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the 23 most effective methods to annoy her. Keep scrolling.

Do not reply to her messages

See all her messages but don’t reply for the entire day. Seen zone her. And after the day, just reply with ok. This thing will annoy anyone.

Reply just with emojis

Whatever she texts you, simply reply with emojis. Do not type a message for at least an hour or two. This thing will get on her nerves.

Typing very slowly when texting

While she is texting you, type very slowly. Like one word at a time. She will think you are typing a very long message, but you are just typing very slowly. This will surely annoy her.

Pretend like you forgot her birthday

If you want to annoy your gf and her birthday is coming up, then all you need to do is pretend like you forgot her birthday. Be ready with the present though.

Interrupt her in between everything

Do this if you want to annoy her. Whenever she is talking, interrupt her and start talking. Do this continuously and she will be so irritated.

Tell her what she does not want to hear

Next time she wears her favourite dress and asks you how she looks, tell her that the dress doesn’t look nice on her. She will be so annoyed. Later, do tell her that she looks nice.

Keeping her curious for the day

Just call her or text her and tell her that you need to tell her something very important and when she asks, do not say anything. Trust me, this is one of the best ways to annoy a girl.

Say whatever she says

Once again, repeating everything someone is saying is a traditional way of annoying people. Repeat everything your girlfriend says. This will annoy her so much that she might even stop talking to you.

Set random alarms in her phone

When you see your girlfriend sleeping peacefully but you want to annoy her, just take her cell phone and set an alarm. This will wake her up from her beauty-sleep and trust me, she will be so annoyed.

Take the worst pictures of you gf

Take her worst pictures and post them on social media. Caption it with “1 like = 1 prayer”. She will be annoyed as hell, and she might even delete her account or yours.

Whisper whenever you are talking

When she is talking to you, do not reply with your normal voice. Instead of that, whisper everything. She will finally get annoyed at repeating “what?” five times.

Take your photos instead of hers

When she asks you to take her photos, open the camera, and pretend like you are taking her photos, but take yours instead by opening the front camera. When she sees them, she will be annoyed as hell.

Putting the toilet seat up in the bathroom

If your girlfriend does not like when someone leaves the bathroom with the toilet sat up, there is your cue. Always keep the toilet seat up when you are done. This will definitely annoy her.

Eating food which was ordered for her

If you want to annoy your girlfriend, order some food for her, and eat it all. This will bother her so much.

Ruin all the selfies

If your girlfriend takes a lot of selfies with you, you’ve got to do this. Make weird faces while she takes selfies. Do this until she just puts her phone back. Trust me, she will be so annoyed.

Put all her makeup in good use by drawing on her face

If you really, really want to annoy her, then here is the perfect way to do so. Draw on her face when she is asleep. She will be so freaked out when she sees the mirror after waking up.

Change the ringtone of her phone

Change your gf’s ringtone whenever she is not around. This way, she won’t be able to guess when her phone is ringing. She will be annoyed as hell after she figures it out.

Is there anything worse than spoilers?

If you guys decide to watch a series or movie that you have already watched, give her all the spoilers she needs to know. This has the potential to annoy anyone.

Ask questions continuously

Whenever your girlfriend is saying something, ask her questions like ‘what?’, ‘why?’, ‘when?’. It is almost certain that she will stop talking to you.

Eat all the popcorn from the basket

Next time, when you are going to watch a movie with your gf, eat all the popcorn. Just empty the basket. She will be so freaking

Say their name continuously

If you want to annoy your gf, we have just the idea. Say her name continuously while she is talking to someone till you get her attention.

Sit in front of the TV and stay put

Another traditional method of annoying someone is sitting in front of the TV when they are watching it. Do the same to your girlfriend and do not budge.

Replace contact names in her phone

Take your girlfriend’s phone and replace your number (only the number) on her phone with her parents’. She will be so annoyed once she calls you and, mistakenly, her parents receive it.

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